Her Soft Cotton Dress

by Darrell (Cobb County, GA)

We'd been dating for a month or so. We were both 18, just after high school and out on a warm Sunday afternoon. We saw some friends, then drove around. She had on this simple dress, soft cotton, nothing too revealing.

I loved the feeling of her sitting next to me in my old car. Finally as I turned onto a small country road I asked her if she wanted to stop a while. Sure she said. We cuddled a bit and softly kissed each other.

I moved my left hand over her shoulder and down her arm. She smelled so good. I put my hand on her side and gently slid it down the side of her hip. I could feel the edge of her panties as I did. I brought my hand up and cupped her face and kissed her lips and sweet face.

I put my hand on her tummy, not moving it that much. Then I slid down just to the side of her crotch, not touching it. We moved a bit and I put arms around her again and kissed her more. Then I felt her arms moving, and she drew up her knees and then I realized she was taking off her panties. My dick was really hard now.

I moved my hand back on her tummy, gently moving it around, getting ever so close to her mound. Then I felt her put her hand on mine. She pushed it gently onto her mound. I expected to feel her pubic hair under her dress but I couldn't feel it. It wasn't there. I pressed down a little further until I touched the top of her slit. She whispered softly, "Just for you". She had shaved her pussy.

I gently pulled her dress up some and my fingers found her slit. She was really very wet. I touched my middle finger to the entrance to her vagina, then in a bit and out several times. She sighed a bit, her eyes were closed. She had some tiny beads of sweat just under her eyes. God, she smelled so good.

I continued to finger her and she rubbed my crotch finding my hard dick in my jeans. She pulled up and slid back against the passenger door. She spread her legs and my heart skipped a beat. Just how beautiful a half naked girl can be, I don't know but this was magic. She helped me unbuckle my belt and I got my jeans off. My cotton briefs looked like a teepee. She ran her hand on the tip of my dick and gently squeezed the shank. I pulled my briefs off and moved toward her.

She lifted up her hips somehow and I slid the tip of my dick up and down her slit. She pushed toward me harder and I felt the tip of my dick slip in. She was very, very wet. My dick seemed to just fall in, all the way. She moaned lightly and then we went at it for about 10 minutes. She said she liked my slippery dick in her.

Yeah, like I caused that. Maybe I did. I was just about to come going in and out so fast and I started to pull back. NO, she said, leave it in. Deeper she said and then I exploded inside her. I'm glad I didn't have a heart attack.

Two years later in college we got married. Two kids and 51 years later, I still love her madly.

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