Her Next Door

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I never would have suspected that my neighbour was anything other than an extremely respectable lady, widowed, retired, fairly well off, comfortable in her own company, but I was so wrong.

Beryl, and my wife, got along famously and often visited with each other for long chats which held no interest for me and consequently I spent those visits inn my den with my laptop. I read an article on a website about loneliness particularly in late middle age and especially after losing a loved one, and I wondered if this affected our neighbour.

My wife never indicated that Beryl ever complained about loneliness and so I gave it no further thoughts, that is until she came calling at our kitchen back door. I invited her inside where she asked me if I had any AA batteries, of course I said yes and how many did she need to which she replied, two, if I could spare them. I gave them to her and asked if the remotes on her tv and mouse had packed up and oddly, she blushed brightly and smiled conspiratorially.

I had been about to brew coffee and asked her to join me, I was alone for the day, my wife was visiting her sister in another city. Anyway there we were sitting and sipping our coffee when I asked Beryl how she occupied her days on her own, again she blushed scarlet then stood and said she needed to leave, thanked me for the batteries and left looking very flustered. What was to follow was a revelation, and a lot of quite piquant enjoyment.

Feeling a bit worried I followed her after a while and knocked on her rear door and looked at me questioningly, I asked if she was feeling ok and to my surprise she invited me inside.........

"Those batteries seem to be dud I cant seem to get them to work on my device"

"Show me, I'll just check the terminals out"

"Oh errr, I'd rather not, it.....its...well its a bit embarrassing really"

"Beryl dear, we've been friends for a long time, I wont be embarrassed or embarrass you I promise"

She hesitated for long moment before going to her sideboard cupboard and fishing something out, and turning around she was proffering a really fearsome dildo, very lifelike, very flesh coloured, a real body thumper. I asked Beryl if the batteries were for it and she nodded. I took it and opened the base, the batteries were in the right place and making contact but on twisting the thing on there was nothing.

"Well Beryl, I think the little motor thing is burnt out. Tell me, do you use this implement a lot?"

Beryl nodded and told my shyly that she used it two or three times a day, then having admitting that she seemed to gather herself and said that she missed sex and that her late husband had always been happy to service her needs any time she demanded and she had not had another man between her thighs since he died.

I sensed she was waiting for a response from me.........

"Errmm! look, Beryl, if you like and if it would help then maybe.......well what I mean is.....look I'm sort of offering to..............."

"If you're offering to bed me my dear, the answer is Yes....I thought I'd never get an opportunity to get round to.....well to....oh God! you must think I'm awful behaving like this, I......."

She got no further, I took her in my arms and kissed her, her response was immediate and our tongues were in each other mouths while we stood there holding each other and grinding our pelvises together. I grabbed her arse, squeezing the big soft cheeks through her dress while she moaned softly.

The next moment the two of us were on the carpet, writhing and mauling each other, completely surrendering to the moment.

End of Part 1

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