Her Next Door: Part 3

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Berl's pussy was bare, not hair in sight, plump a deep slit, pink lips poking out, shiny wet, inviting. Exposed like that I bent to seize the moment but with a girlish giggle she forestalled me and her hands were suddenly covering and hiding her jewel box, I looked up at her questioningly?

"Freddy loved this, he adored my little lady, but it was very very hairy then, he said he hair held the pussy smell he like....do you like he smell of pussy my love??"

What a silly question. Gently I reached for her hands and carefully move them away then gaze wide eyed at that beautiful bald cunt. Then in flash I swooped like a Hawk and fastens my mouth over her slit.

"Oh God!...oooooooooo!!...Oh lovely...lovely...mmmmmmmm!.....Oh darling there, just here..Aaaaaaaahhh!........Oh GodOhGodOhGod........!

Beryl was in raptures, she spread herself as wide as she could, her hands were on my head and gently mashing my face into her sticky soft warm wetness. Licked and lapped, tonguing her open hole as deeply sI could before shifting to attend to her clit which only my nose has been involved in. She cried out.......

"Yes, yes there....ooooohhh don'tstopdontstop!! Hard hard, suck sucksucksuck!!!Ooooooh this wonderful darling just wonderful.....I'....I'm having little cums....mmmmmmmmmmm!!"

Beryl was having more than Mini Cums, she was dribbling freely, tasteless liquid but ambrosia to me because I greedily slurped noisily and swallowed all. Then suddenly she was pulling me up off her cunt and along her quivering body until my face was by hers and the head of my cock was being kissed by her wet slippery cunt lips. I moved my hips just enough to knock gently on her gaping door, she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to look at me with fevered eyes....

"Now...now my lover...Do it, o it.......Do it to me now.....get inside me, stick your cock right in me.....OH!!.....JEESUS!.........Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

And then I was shagging her dementedly, pounding her cock starved cunt with fast hard thrusts which she received by just as energetically humping up at me in a fury. It was a glorious copulation, wet, slippy, messy, hot, so very hot but totally joyous, and soon we we perspiring with our enthusiastic efforts, our bodies slithering together but keeping us conjoined and my dick lodged firmly up inside her greedy yearning hole.

There was a madness in our fucking, her relieving her sex starvation and me, mind blown with her frenzy. It was was more ten I could take, she was really fucking me, she was in another world with my cock jammed firmly and deep in her body, I felt my crisis building, I was going to cum, my spermy load was boiling inside me. I leaned up and grabbed Beryls wobbling tits and pinching her nipples hard I rammed ever harder into her until..........

"Ohhhhh FUCKFUCKFUCK!!! cumming...cumming!! Uh! Uh! Uh!....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"

And I was spurting gout of spunk into her in a paroxysm of spasmodic heaves which she answered in like fashion until we were bot spent and panting for breath. After a bit I slithered out of Beryls cunt and rolled off her to lay beside her. We said nothing no words were needed, she lay quietly, only little aftershocks jerked her body. She was sprawled spreadeagled and I leaned up to look at her pussy, it was leaking my spunk and her sluggish drool, it was running into the crack of her arse and making her shiver.



"I'm going to leave now, you have my mobile number, call me"

"You're going? why?, oh lover please don't go yet, we can do it again, stay darling stay Pleeease"

"Beryl, s they say in Show Biz, Leave them wanting more, and besides,my good lady may well be on her way home and I don't think sh'd appreciate me smelling of our sweaty grappling, let alone your dried love juice"

"Oh you bastard, you utter fucker......I suppose I'll ave to be content with his little interlude then, but I warn you, I'll have you between my legs again if I have to rape and get your lovely warm spunk in me"

I rolled off the bed and dressed then bent to kiss her and at he same time feel the sticky mess between her heavenly thighs.

"Don't forget, call me"

She smiled at me, blew a kiss and said softly....

"You are going to be my male whore if you only knew it...go on then....fuck off before I rape you"

The End

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