Her Next Door: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

We are not the most agile of people due to our age, but there was a sense of urgency that had us scrabbling at each other, Beryl was feverishly groping my crotch and panting, while I mauled her big fat tits after unbuttoning the top of her dress.

She enjoyed it when I pushed her bra up and tweaked her thick cherry nipples before bending over to suck them hard and press each in turn onto he roof of my mouth and then pull hard, making her groan.

Beryl had my trousers undone and busied herself fishing my dick out of my boxer shorts and sighing when she closed her fingers around the thickening shaft. I dragged her dress up to her waist, she was wearing yellow panties, which came as a pleasant surprise because I imagined she'd be wearing big granny knickers.

I swung a leg over hers and pressed it against her vulva and she growled softly but the she dragged me to lie on her. Beryl spread her legs under me and clamped her milky chunky thighs together and began humping me and in reply I ground against her.

Suddenly she grabbed me tightly, her hot mouth on my neck, she threw her legs around my waist and heaved up against me gasping brokenly.......

"Oh God!...Oh God!....Oh no..no..dear God no.......Not yet, not yet....Oh please not yet.......Ohhhhh FUCKING HELL!....I'm going to cum...ohnonono!! Gaaaaaahhhh" cumming..cumming....Aaaaaaarrrggghhh!"

And then biting my shoulder she orgasmed intensely then promptly passed out under me, her legs slaying apart limply as did her arms, but what shocked me had been the look on her face as she came, it was a look of someone experiencing severe torture, her eyes screwed tight shut, her lips drawn back revealing her gritted teeth as the orgasmic sensations burned through her.

Thirty seconds must have passed before Beryl came to, she blushed and smiled......

"Sorry, its just that its been so long since I've had a man being cradled between my legs, you're the fist since Freddy died, I'm dreadfully sorry if it put you off........"

In answer I got up and helped her up, we embraced and kissed fervently and then she murmured that perhaps we could go upstairs to her bedroom so still in a state of partially undressed we made our way to her very feminine bedroom and closing the door behind her, Beryl started to undress, I did the same until I was naked but sporting my very erect, very threatening penis.

Beryl stripped down to her sexy skimpy panties, which now showed signs of dampness on he crotch. We slipped into her bed and pulled the cover over us then spent some time kissing fondling stroking and fingering...

"I've really missed this sort of thing...just laying here together and relishing the feel of someone else body"

"I love it too my dear, especially with someone different and as responsive as you. I love your body, Beryl, so full, so rounded, so...so....so fuckable, those big soft tits, hose big thick nipples, your soft warm belly, your shapely legs and those smooth milky thighs, man crushing thighs."

"What about my Bum?"

"Ha! when I get round to investigating your Glutenous Maximus, I'll comment on it"

My hands were roaming freely all over her now, my dick rearing and impatiently. I pushes her legs apart and knelt between them, Beryl was breathing quietly but rapidly. Carefully I hooked my fingers into the lacy waist of her panties and ever so slowly I gently pulled them down to her knees to feast on the first sight of her pussy.

End of Part 2

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