Helpless and Submissive

by Donna (Las Vegas)

On a rare occasion one morning, my wife, my sister and myself had nothing specific to do the entire day. We were not needed to be anywhere or do anything, nor did we even want to do anything.

I decided I would simply hang out at the house in my boxers. When my sister saw me, she decided that panties and a bra were plenty for her and my wife followed suit. I made a batch of “Bloody Mary’s”, grabbed some fruit and bagels then headed out to the pool area for breakfast.

The girls joined me and after a while the drinks were taking effect. My sister asked Jennifer “what is your deepest fantasy or desire in the whole world”?

Jen’s reply was this; “I have my husband that loves me to no end, we both are very successful in our careers, we have a wonderful house that is very private from the outside world, I have a childhood BFF and she still is, I have a wonderful “sister-in-law” with two beautiful daughters. I’ve traveled everywhere I have wanted to go and seen all I have wanted to see. I don’t think I have any that haven’t been fulfilled already.

I then asked my sister, “What is yours”? She said” well mine’s kind of dark”. “I want to be the object of desire for as many guys as possible for one night”. I asked, “How many”? She replied, “I don’t know maybe 100 or so”. Just as she was about to ask me, I got up to make more "Bloody Mary’s". When I returned, she and Jen asked what mine was.

“Mine is very sexual and dark, with all the escapades we’ve had I still fantasize about being dressed as a girl and have several guys rape me in every way imaginable”. “I want to be helpless in stopping them and just submit to them and what they want to do to me”.

Jennifer giggled and quietly whispered “I’ll set that up for you”. I heard this but as I looked her way she was looking directly at my sister. I thought she was going to set up my sister for her 100-lover fuck.

Several months later my BFF was coming over for a visit and to watch some football. Jen suggested that I dress as Donna would. (Donna is my female name) Since this wasn’t a strange thought, I decided to do it, after all it was only me and my bud today. I dressed in a red bra, panty and garter belt set, black fish net stockings with a red top and black short skirt. I did full make up and pinned my hair back. I had on 3” red high heels to finish the look.

My wife came up to me saying, “Oh sweetheart, you look so good. I hope you two boys have a good time today”. “I’m taking sis out and getting her to fulfill her fantasy today”. We’ll be home sometime tomorrow”. They both went out and drove away. Just a couple of minutes later I heard the front doorbell ring.

Thinking of my BFF I swung the door open, he was standing with several other guys and said “hi sweetheart, I thought these guys would enjoy watching football too. I was dumbfounded for a few seconds, standing in my best “whore look” outfit. All I could stammer out was “um, ok come on in”.

As they came in BFF grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, kissed me deeply shoving his tongue deep in my throat. He didn’t let me up or move as he grabbed my crotch then whispered in my ear, “I want you to suck my dick, right now”. He pushed my shoulders down and I then realized, Fantasy here we go!

I looked around and told him, “Honey, right here? Right now? with all these guys watching”? the reply was, “Yes you whore, suck my cock NOW”! and shoved my head down to his zipper. I started resisting his advances saying “no, no, don’t make me do this”, “please stop”, “I don’t want to do this”.

As he shoved his now exposed cock in my mouth, he told the other guy’s “See I told you this bitch would suck me off” “She loves having a dick in her mouth”. He grabbed my head and was moving it up and down on his boner so fast that I couldn’t speak. All I could get out was a moan. He said, “See she loves it”.

I looked around the room and all the guys were nude and beating off getting their dicks hard. Then I felt someone lift my skirt up and say, “This bitch really is ready for a fucking”. And down came my panties. A good amount of lube was smeared in my butt crack. He then got behind me, put his knees outside of my legs and started rubbing his dick in my crack. I tried to pull up off BFF’s cock, but he held my head down and said, “Suck me good bitch”, I’m going to cum”.

That’s when I felt a hard dick enter my ass. It “Popped” in and was shoved in deep and hard. I felt like a real girl being raped by several guys. I felt so helpless and submissive. The feelings of being feminine and violated were overwhelming. I felt so humiliated and dirty, also my strength to fight them off seemed to be gone. I was getting fucked hard in both holes.

My BFF started to cum. He said, “Swallow it you cunt” Swallow it all,” “drink my cum”. I slurped as much as I could. He let go of my head and pulled out his dick when another man instantly shoved his dick in my mouth. This guy says, “I gonna cum down your throat, now suck me off bitch”, grabbed my head pushing his dick down my throat and making me deep throat him.

The guy fucking me started to shove it in so harder and harder, I thought he was going to split my ass in two as he rammed my ass hole. He pulls it almost out and shoved it back in deep then as held it as his dick in deep, he was pumping my ass full of cum. I wasn’t ready for this, but I orgasmed right then. I shot my jizz on the carpet and it felt like more than I had ever cum before. I thought to myself, OMG, I’m loving being rapped.

I swallowed the guys cum that made me deep throat him and was so tired that all I could do was lay down on my side. I didn’t even know what was happening at this point then they lifted me up and laid me on the pool table face down. My ass was up, and my legs were hanging over the side when another guy comes and shoves his cock in my just fucked hole.

This guy says, “I love a used ass hole” and his dick went right in. Another guy pulls my neck and shoulders over, so my head is now hanging over the side. He pulled down his underwear and started to rub his dick on my face. He had pre-cum oozing out and got it all over my face. I was trying to resist these guys but didn’t have the strength. He managed to stick his boner in my mouth.

I tried to lift my mouth off his dick, but he held my head down with his hands on the back of my head. He was fucking me in the mouth and shot his load in my mouth. As I swallowed his cum the guy fucking my ass shot his load inside me. He held it in place for what seemed a long time. As he slipped out, instantly another huge slab of man hard flesh replaced him.

This new guy was so huge I thought he would tear my butt hole open. He worked it in and out and soon I was fucking him back, pushing against his thrusts. His cock began to feel wonderful as he bottomed out inside me. This time I started to feel the urge come on and withing a couple of seconds I orgasmed for the 2nd time.

They told me I started to “coo” and without a dick in my mouth for a minute, I started saying, “You bastards want to fuck me? “You don’t even know how to satisfy a girl like me”. “I can take all of you and more”. That’s when the big dick in my ass shot his load inside me, I felt every pulse of his cock pumping his cum in my ass. Then they rolled me to the floor and on my back.

Then they started calling me names like Whore, Slut, Cunt, Pussy boy. All these men (8 in total) were surrounding me when one knelt beside me and shoved his dick in my mouth. Others had lifted my legs up and fucking me in a missionary position.

They would fuck me that way until they were ready to cum and pull out just to unload all over me. They would beat off while I was sucking them and pull out their cocks and shoot cum on me. They were saying things like “Take that you little whore, or Bitch, or Cunt.

I was so covered in cum that I could only see out of one eye. They rubbed their cocks all over me. I had cum oozing out my ass, dripping off my face, in my hair, all over my chest and all I could think of was, this must be how a woman feels after being gang raped. The only difference is, I loved it”.

The next day when I woke up on the couch everyone was gone. The cum had dried all over me. I went to shower, and my BFF came in with me. He had me sit on the seat and said, “Your almost done you little fuckin cunt”, then proceeded to piss all over me. He peed on my hair, my face and I even got some in my mouth.

After we soaped up, rinsed and dried off, we got dressed only minutes before my wife and sister came home, Jen looked at me and said, “Your lips look as swollen as your sisters do, I bet your ass is sore too”. My sister and I just smiled at each other.

This was a fantasy that came true. I found out that my wife had asked my BFF to set the whole thing up and I love him for doing it. I truly love feeling feminine and want to always be able to act as a woman that satisfies men’s needs whenever ask or force me to do so.


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