Helping My Son Urinate

by Anonymous

Marcus was a senior in high school. He was an excellent soccer player and his team was playing in a large tournament. The tournament was about six hours from home, so I rented a hotel room for us. On the second day of the tournament it began to rain. I headed to the car to wait for Marcus. The rain became coming down very heavy. Marcus wasn’t at the car and I could see people leaving. Soon I saw two men helping Marcus to the car. His hands were bloody and he wasn’t able to move his right leg. The men said he fell and that I should take him to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital. Marcus was in pain and couldn’t walk. A nurse brought out a wheelchair to take him to an exam room. Over the next several hours doctors and nurses took him out then back to the room. The final outcome was he had a severe sprain in his right leg and his hands were cut badly from falling in the gravel parking lot. His hands were wrapped like a mummy. His ankle was wrapped and they gave him crutches. He tried using them at the hospital, but wasn’t able to master them at all. A wheelchair was used to take him back to the car.

We drove to the hotel to get our things and make the long drive home. Marcus didn’t get out of the car, so I packed up our belongings and we headed out. Marcus had me stop and get him a Gatorade and a few waters. He was drinking a lot while I was driving. While in the hospital, they gave him an IV. Maybe an hour into the trip, Marcus stated he needed to urinate. A few miles up was a rest area that I pulled into. I walked around the car and tried to get him up on his crutches. He was not proficient and the fact his hands were wrapped, he asked me to help him urinate in the parking lot.

There were people around and I knew we couldn’t do it there. I helped him back into the car and moved our car away from the other vehicles. There was a large Gatorade bottle that I emptied the contents. By this time, Marcus was only wearing shorts. I explained that he needed to pull down his shorts and urinate into the bottle. He understood, so I stepped out of the car. A few minutes later I opened the door to find Marcus saying he needed my help.

Marcus leaned up to allow me to pull down his shorts. He was wearing a jockstrap under that and I pulled that down. Realizing that both would have to be pulled down low, I had to lean down to reach. I felt his cock pushing against my face. When I leaned up, I gasped out loud. Marcus was very well endowed. He knew what I was shocked by and he smiled to me. As he smiled, he told me to hold his cock and the bottle for him. It was the largest flaccid cock I had seen before. I willingly grasped his cock and held it while he proceeded to fill the bottle. I could feel the urine flowing through his large cock. My nipples began poking out through my shirt as I was very excited. When he finished, Marcus told me to shake it off. Realizing I would spray using all over the car, I explained that I wanted to keep the urging in the bottle and couldn’t shake it off in the bottle. Soon, I realized that I would simply stroke his cock to push the urine out. Five or six strokes and I stopped. Marcus was smiling and said I didn’t get it all and to keep stroking. I willingly complied and stroked his large cock for another fifteen seconds or so. I stopped, but Marcus wanted more.

I told Marcus that was enough and we needed to leave. He asked that I take off the jockstrap as it was uncomfortable. Down I went with Marcus pressing his cock against my face. Off came the shorts and jockstrap. Now I had to pull the shorts back up. I leaned into his cock more as he moved it around pushing it against my face. I was getting wet as I wanted his cock badly. Finally, his shorts were back up. We drove away from the rest area and headed back home.

Marcus asked me to stop and get him more to drink. When I said we were only five hours from home and if he drank more, he would need to urinate. He gave me a smile and said with a sad face, “please.” We pulled over at a gas station and I went in to get him another Gatorade and several waters. With his hands wrapped it was difficult for him to hold the drinks, but one by one he was drinking them fast. There was a part of me wanting him to need to urinate again. An hour from home and he informed me had had to urinate. We pulled into a truck stop and I parked the car away from the other vehicles.

Marcus leaned up and I reached over to pull off his shorts. His cock was pressing and grinding against my face. He was moving a lot to make sure his cock rubbed against me. I grabbed his cock holding it firmly. My nipples were erect and I positioned myself so he could see them. Marcus smiled while looking at my tits and smiled. I held his cock as he proceeded to urinate and fill the bottle. When he was done, I began stroking his cock. I could feel his cock becoming erect in my hand. I kept stroking harder and harder. He was now fully erect. I stopped and put the lid on the bottle. Marcus asked me to keep stroking. I grabbed another empty bottle and stroked his cock until he shot cum inside the bottle. Once done he had cum on the tip of his cock. Marcus asked if I would clean him off. I leaned down and slid his large cock into my mouth and began sucking up the cum. He pushed my head down further onto his cock. Soon I was giving him head. He was now hard again.

I stopped and asked if that was clean enough. Marcus smiled and asked if I wanted a ride. My pussy was extremely wet and I wanted his huge cock. I pulled off my shorts and panties and straddled Marcus. Slowly I slid his cock between my legs and moaned as it went inside me. Up and down I went. Marcus could see my hard nipples and asked to suck them. It was still light outside and people could see us. I didn’t care and pulled off my top and bra. Once he began sucking and licking my nipples, I began moaning. I was riding his cock hard and rough. Marcus said to slow down as he was about to cum. He was thinking more than me as he asked if I was on birth control. Not being with a man in over five years, I said no. He wanted to know where to cum, but in my excitement, I told him to shoot his load inside of me. As he came and I could feel it, I began having an orgasm. We were both moaning and cumming in unison.

As we finished and got our wits about ourselves, Marcus said he saw several people looking over toward our car. I didn’t look back at them and leaned in to kiss Marcus as I said I hoped they enjoyed the show. Figuring we better leave before someone confronted us, I drove away while we were both nude.

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