by Carol (Florida)

Many years ago, my hubby, Rocky comes home and tells me we’re going to Hedonism in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I say to myself oh boy what does this pervert have on his mind. We arrive in Jamaica and out or you should say my adventure is about to begin. We hail a cab and the driver adjusts his mirror so he can stare at me.

I have a tube top on and white shorts and sandals and I’m naked underneath. Rocky says to the driver doesn’t my wife have nice big tits. He licks his lips and says yes she does. Here we go as I know what Rocky is up to. He asks the driver would you like to see them. He says sure why not and Rocky pulls my top down and my big tits are.

The driver says holy shit you’ve also got very big nipples. I’m getting nervous not knowing what’s next. Rocky says would you like to touch them, pull over so we don’t get in an accident. The driver pulls over and turns around facing me and I grab his hands and let him feel my tits. He says they’re very nice.

He grabs one of my tits and puts a nipple in his mouth and begins to suck it. Ricky is unzipping my shorts and I feel his two fingers go inside me. I’m so wet as Rocky is now finger fucking me. The driver says by the way I’m George and I tell him I’m Carol and my hubby is Rocky. I’m so wet and horny and I know both Rocky and George have to be hard.

Rocky now pulls my shorts down and George is staring at my shaved pussy. George says Carol you’ve got a beautiful looking pussy. I tell George it’s deep and wet and George laughs. Rocky gets out the can and says George get in the back. George gets in and his cock is out and it’s not big and not to small.

George is between my legs rubbing his cock against my pussy and I look at him put a nipple in my mouth and say fuck me George. He sinks his cock into me and he’s fucking me hard and fast. I tell him that’s right George fuck my white pussy. I’m cumming and I feel George cum inside me. Rocky says ok George fun time is over we need to get to Hedonism.

I get dressed and so does George and Rocky pulls out his big cock and puts it in my mouth. He says suck it you dirty bitch, which I gladly do. Rocky cums deep down my throat and now we’re back on the road. We get to Hedonism and George gives me his number and says call anytime. I laugh and say anytime and he’s yes anytime.

We check in and our suite is absolutely gorgeous. We take a shower and Rocky slips his big cock deep inside me. Yes Rocky fuck me, did you enjoy watching George fuck me with his black cock and Rocky doesn’t say anything he just keeps fucking me. We have dinner and go to sleep.

The next morning we shower have breakfast and head down to the nude beach. There is no one there so the beach is basically ours. I hear a noise and it’s a Rasta on a jet ski. I’m laying on a lounge chair and he pulls up and I put a towel over me. He looks at me and says to Rocky would you like to ride it.

Ricky asks how much and he says today for you it’s free. Rocky grabs a life jacket and takes off leaving me with this Rasta. Rocky is now out of sight and the Rasta says you can lose the towel your husband is gone. I said no I think I’ll keep it in and he stands up and says suit yourself and pulls his shorts down, exposing the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty. I said that can’t be real.

The Rasta grabs it with two hands and says it’s all real. OMG I can’t stop staring at his cock. He notices and says do you like what you see. I tell him I’m amazed on how big it is. He says all you white women come to Jamaica to be fucked by big black cock. I can’t even speak. He starts to jerk his cock and now it’s beyond huge.

He goes to grab my towel and I say not so fast. He laughs and says you’ve seen me naked now it’s your turn. I say ok and drop my towel. He looks at my naked body and says my god you’re gorgeous. I tell him thank you and he says I’m Timothy and I tell him I’m Carol. Timothy grabs my tits and starts pulling on my nipples and then he starts to suck on them.

I grab his cock kick it and then put it between my tits. I ask Timothy do you want to fuck my tits and he says yes and much more. Oh god let see how this plays out. He’s ducking my tits and I’m licking his cock to make it wet so he can fuck my tits. He stops and puts his huge cock in my mouth and says now suck it. Yes Timothy I’ll suck it but I can’t get it all in my mouth.

Timothy is now finger fucking me with not one or two fingers, but three. I tell him I’m about to cum and when I do he takes his fingers out and tastes them and then puts them in my mouth. I’m licking and sucking his fingers tasting his cum when I feel his cock trying to push inside me. I open my pussy and tell him fuck me Timothy and he puts his huge black cock inside me.

Now there are people on the beach and Timothy says Carol by the end of the week I’ll be fucking all these women. I tell him yes but now you’re fucking me so don’t stop and make me cum. I feel Timothy’s balls banging against my ass as I cum like crazy. Fuck me Timothy I scream and all the women on the beach are now watching us.

Timothy says he’s going to cum and where do you want it and I tell him deep in my pussy. He explodes inside me as I cum again and he collapses on top of me. He grabs my hand and we go down to the water to wash off and Rocky is back. He looks at me and he knows Timothy fucked me. Rocky says to Timothy was the pussy good and Timothy answers yes excellent.

Timothy puts his shorts on and disappears and Rocky asks was his cock good. I tell him yes beyond good. Rocky says Carol maybe he’ll come back tomorrow and I say I sure hope so. I love Rocky and his big cock, but I’m a slut for big black cock. I hope I’m fucked by more before the week is out.

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