Healthy Or Unhealthy

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Summer was blindingly hot, draining people of energy, pressing and oppressing them day after day, and the nights were as suffocating the same so sleeping naked was obligatory rather than by choice.

One night in particular I woke up wet and perspiring freely, the bed beneath me was damp, I went downstairs for some water from the cooler. Passing the living room I heard muffled noises, noises of unmistakable sexual pleasure.

The door was slightly ajar and peeking in, there on the sofa was my sister, naked, her heavy young tits joggling as she was riding someone she was straddling, her head thrown back in ecstasy and 'uhnning' with pleasure shocks as she rocked to whoever was under her and stuffing her.

Not wishing to interfere I crept back to my room, leaving my door slightly open. In the dimness shortly after I heard feet padding on he landing and my sisters for flitting past my door.

I got a shock when the next form I saw briefly was that of my Dad, naked and demonstrating his huge fat swinging dick, soft but still eye popping.

He had been the one under my sister, he had been the one she was riding, she was the one who had been engulfing his penile engine and very likely taking is spunky load or else sucking him to a final eruption in her mouth and quenching her thirst.

I felt disgusted and deflated that this sort of thing went on in our home, my Dad and my Sister in an incestuous relationship, what if she got pregnant, what if my Mum found out, what if, what if??

The more I thought about what I'd seen the more strangely aroused I became in spite of my disgust, aroused erect, and gently massaging my cock. It didn't match my Dads but it was still a good thick seven and a half inches long and I was a very heavy cummer according to my several girlfriends.

I began to wonder how long Dad and Sis had been sex partners, or did Mum know about it and encouraged it, did she in fact have secret lover in the knowledge of my Dad, I ended up fantasizing about the whole thing and having a hefty spunk streaming want spurting my pearly effusion onto my body and rubbing it into my sweatiness.

A week passed the heat wave wore on and wore us all down, except for my Dad who paid regular visits to my sister’s bedroom and their energetic trysts.

I believed my Mum must have known what was going on, I couldn't believe she would sleep so heavily not to miss him leaving their bed to go and shag their daughter. In the end I came to a decision that would be a life changer for us all.

End of Part 1

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