Healthy Or Unhealthy: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I felt very very nervous, but the whole sleaziness was chewing at me and I needed to know how it felt to be doing it. My bedroom door was always slightly ajar and it afforded me the sight of my Dad making his way quietly from their bedroom and either to the living room or my absent brothers room in the converted loft.

1:30 in the morning his figure flitted past my door, I heard my sisters bedroom door open and close, it had to be now, my cock had been semi hard and just rolling around lazily but giving me fluttery thrills in my tummy.

I stood up beside my bed and softly grasped my hot crotch, my cock started hardening, I peeled back my flashy foreskin, my knob was slippery wet, my balls descended and swung in their sack as I padded to the door and along to my parents bedroom door which I quietly opened and slid quickly inside.

She was laying on their bed I could see she was stark naked and laying on her side her big arse gleaming white even in the dimness of the room, I moved silently closer and gazed at my, hopefully, quarry the dark dividing cleft separating he twin globes of my mums arse drew my eyes fixedly on it and my dick lurched and beat.

Gingerly I lay on the bed behind her, behind my mother, my naked mother who I was hopefully going to have illicit incestuous sex with, just as my dad was doing with his daughter, my sister.

Laying behind her I moved closer until my body was lightly touching hers, it was cool, cool and soft, so incredibly soft, woman soft, woman in bed naked and wanton soft. I could smell her, a different smell than I recalled during the day, it was a sort of meaty odour, sharp as well musky, he sort of odour that says, I'm here, I'm a river in flood, I know you want to dip into it.

"mmmmmmmm!!, you're finally here took your time."

Before I could respond through my shock my mum flipped onto her back, pulled me on top of her and spread her thighs under me.

"Do it now, fast, hard and really give it to me, get you cock right up me and really fuck me harder than you have ever fucked your girly fuckheads......come ON!...DO it! for fuckssake........"

It was unbelievable, this was my mother, my mum, the woman who had bore me and now wanting me to stuff my body back inside where came from.

"Mum...I.....what’s all this about..."

"Are you going to dick me or start a question and answer forum, you are here, on my bed, naked, you're hard, I'm wet, WELL???"

Mother nature tripped in, my cock knew what its purpose was apart from pissing. I felt those familiar hot wet silky soft fleshy folds that guarded the entrance to paradise and I thrust savagely, pushing my manhood deep inside my mum who gave out a breathy "pfwoaarrrr, you fucker" before humping energetically to my pistoning.

It was a gloriously frantic fuck, savage in its intensity, the two of us, mother and son conjoined and shagging like rabbits. She was sticky wet, cunt juice seeping freely from her hot cunt, it was almost too much I needed to cum, I could feel that slow white hot sensation starting to consume me,

My mum had hooked her heels around my thighs and her arms were holding me tightly, pulling me hard against her as her whole body went into overdrive, she began convulsing madly, she was losing it fast she was out of control, she bit into my shoulder, I shagged her as hard as I could, driving my body against her.

There was no screaming or wailing, he two of us, mother and son, cumming spontaneously, she arching her body while I released my pent up load of sperm, shooting it deep into her womb.

The aftermath was breathless and sweaty. I rolled off my mum, my dick limp now and wet with her juice. We lay there side by side until I suddenly moved to kneel between mum’s spread legs and bent to lick her cunt. Her hot odour tingled in my nostrils, I pressed my face into her wetness, reveling in the soft gaping cleft.

I licked her cunt delicately and she caught her breath, I tasted my spunk as it drizzled out of her body, I slurped the cocktail of it and her juice and then gently sucked on the protruding nubbin of her clitoris. Mum grabbed my head and ground her hips up into my face, her breath harsh and broken.

Mum came twice while I was down on her and after that climax was over she whispered that I needed to go back to my room as my Dad would have finished servicing my sister, and she cautioned me to keep my mouth shut about our rendezvous.

I kissed her, then stole a kiss on her darling cunt lips and slipped silently back to my own room heady with perverted delight at what had happened and knowing full well there was more and better to come.

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