Hardly a Victim

by Anonymous

I’m woken from my drug induced sleep by feeling my hands behind tied behind my back. By the time I realised what happening it was to late, I was helpless to stop him and now I have a ball gag in my mouth and now I understand what he’s telling me about being obedient. I refused to open my mouth so reached under my bra and squeezed my nipple hard enough to make me open my mouth to protest but instead had that ball gag shoved in and pulled tightly into my mouth.

I had learnt my lesson to be obedient from now on or be punished. He pulls my legs together and ties my ankles so now I’m completely helpless. He is telling me what a slut I must be to sleep in my lingerie and leave all these pics from the night before left laying around. My Master was here last night and he photographed me in very degrading and humiliating poses as his slut with various dildos in both my mouth and arse, masturbating for him, his cum in my mouth and to prove what a slut I am he tells me get my arse up in the air so he can see the butt plug goes all the in me.

I know what will happen again if I don’t do as I’m told so I push my butt up and wait for the humiliation of being arse plugged again. The plug slipped in easily because I couldn’t stop moving my arse to get more of it in me. It was a natural thing to do after having all sorts things shoved into me and made by my Master to fuck on every one them for his entertainment.

I know I’m a slut and I think he knows I enjoy being humiliated and used as a cum dump he ties my wrists to my waist to keep my hands out of the way while he whips my arse to make sure I know what he can do to me if I disobey him again. Every time the whip hits me I squeeze on the plug which pulls it deeper into my arse. I’m still fucking on the plug after he stops whipping me because I want him to have a good view of what is waiting for him when he eventually fucks me.

I want his cock in me so bad I moan and groin while I wriggle my arse and imagine what it would feel like to have that beautiful cock in me, and that final deep thrust just before he starts pumping his cum into me. I can’t beg him to fuck me which frustrates me ever more because of that ball gag he used to silence me. He said it to train me keep quiet so not to disturb the neighbours but I don’t want to be rescued, I want him go on enjoying my submission to him.

He tells me he is going to take the gag out but I have to promise not say a word unless I’m given permission. Know what he will to me if I disobey him so I nod my head. When I’m told to open my mouth and put my tongue out I obey immediately and I feel his cock on my tongue but I not lick it with out being told. He slowly goes deeper into my open mouth with his cock to tease me then tells me to suck it deeper into my mouth until i have all 7inchs and the knob of his cock in my throat.

He pulls my head back forth to fuck my mouth until I learn how he likes it then releases my head so I can continue sucking like I have been trained to do now so he can sit back to enjoy my mouth sucking his cock. I have to get used to having his cock in my throat because that is where it be when he pumps his cum into my other hole. He has used both my holes now and feeling a little exhausted and I know I have pleased without using my hands.

He orders me to open my mouth and I accept the ball being pushed into my mouth again then he takes out his phone and talks to his mate, telling him about the whore he has tied up and gagged at his feet and how he trained me to do what ever he tells me to do now and sends him pics of me to humiliate me even more. Then I hear him offer me to him but when I try to protest through the gag he slaps my face and tells to stay quiet and I obey while he tells his mate where he is.

He says his mate’s cock is bigger but I will get used to it eventually and even enjoy having a cock that size fucking both my holes. I am a cock slut so I know he is telling me truth, I will get used to having his cock in me but first I have to get used to having his cock. He pulls my cheeks apart and the plug is pulled out then the cold lube being applied prepares me for his cock to be driven into me but he takes his time to enter me by rubbing his cock around my hole, teasing me, making me even more eager and needy to be taken to slut heaven.

He fucks me like a true Master would, feeding me a little bit at a time, encouraging me to push further onto his cock until I have it all inside me then he trains me the same way he did with my mouth, hands on my hips to control my movements then letting go so I fuck for him as he likes it, slow and deep so I feel every inch of his cock fucking me until he grabs my hips again and holds me down on his cock while he pumps another load of his cum into me. He tells me later that I won’t disappoint now that I have been trained to suck and be fucked like a trained whore that I am. I have cum on my face and now it is running down the inside of my leg and I can’t wait for his mate to add his share.

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