Happy Sister At Long Last

by Anonymous

Devon looked at his sister and could see that she appeared to be perfectly happy, which he had not been expecting. She had phoned him the day before and said how she had her husband had split up and that she was getting a divorce. Dedra was thirty-two, slim and very attractive, with short dark hair. She was a year younger than him, and she had always been quite capable and strong. Still, Devon had not been sure how she would feeling over what had happened. He could understand, of course. He had gotten divorced two years ago himself.

“Well, you seem to be doing okay,” Devon remarked.

“I’m doing just fine. Couldn’t be happier to tell the truth.” His sister grinned. “In fact, I was just about to have a naked martini … care to join me?”

“A naked martini? What’s that? One without an olive?”

“No. One without clothes. I feel like celebrating!”

Devon was not quite sure what to say, or if his sister was being at all serious. Right then she was wearing a floral top and jeans and was barefoot, looking her usual spunky self.

“You mean, like … what? Just take off our clothes and have a martini?” he questioned.

“Sure. Why not? We’re both over twenty-one.”

Devon blushed just a little. “What would mom and dad say?”

“Well, they won’t know,” she said happily. “You’re my brother. The man I have always felt the closest to and the most comfortable with. I think it would be nice to be naked with you of all people.”

“Oh,” Devon said. He was admittedly a little taken back by his sister’s uninhibited attitude.”Are you sure that you haven’t already had a martini or two?” he jested.

“Not a drop,” she retorted. “So, let’s have that naked martini, shall we?” She snickered. “Or do I have to wrestle you out of your clothes?”

“Isn’t that usually the other way around?”

“Well, in your case … no,” she chided. “You have always been so proper. Maybe it’s time that you stared being just a little improper and started having some fun.”

With that Dedra began to slip off her top and then her bra, allowing her shapely full breasts to tumble freely out. Not pausing her jeans and panties came off next and these, her panties, she twirled on one finger on flung aside.

‘Tah-dah!” she said triumphantly.

Devon just started at her and then, not sure if he should, he started to follow her example. In another minute there they were – naked together for the first time. He found it to be an exhilarating experience being naked with his own sister. Dedra was already busy pouring out two glasses and handing him one, taking a large swallow of her own.

“Nice, isn’t it?” she teased.

Devon did blush this time as he involuntarily felt his penis becoming stiff and pushing visibly upright in a bold display.

“Oh, my!” his sister exclaimed. “I never knew that you had such a handsome one!”

She put her glass down and did the same with his. Then she embraced her brother, pressing her naked body up against his, their bare smooth skin touch seductively and invitingly

“You know …” she happily confided, “I always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by my brother.”

Devon was again surprised, having no idea that his sister had ever thought about such things. Down below he felt his erection being teased by her wiry mound of dark pubic hair, while her erect nipples brushed against his chest. He let his hands slide down to feel and fondled her shapely haunches.

“Oh, Devon,” she breathed with anticipation, “I don’t care if you think I’m a whore … not any more. I’m not sixteen. I want you to fuck me. I’ve always wanted you to fuck me.”

Devon realized the secret passion which he had always had for his sister, like so many brothers did, but dared never think about. He maneuvered her over to the sofa and she willing laid back. In a moment more he was on top of her, his hips between her legs which she held wide apart, and in another moment his erection was pushing into her receptively wet vagina. He could hardly believe that he was doing this with his own sister, nor just how wonderful and good it felt. Slowly and gently his organ began to move within hers.

Dedra closed her eyes and savored the pleasure of the moment. And it was so pleasurable to finally feel her brother’s stiff penis in her vagina. She could hardly wait for him to ejaculate his sperm into her to make it complete.

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