Happy Happy Happy

by Tom (Illinois)

I was browsing the old craigslist casual encounters and something new and interesting caught my eye. An ad from a bi guy stating that his whole body from head to toe was hairless. He had always fantasized about being with another male. It seemed a little strange but intriguing.

He stated that he wanted to dance and tease a guy. He would only be wearing ladies stockings and wanted the guy to masturbate while watching him dance. OK you got my attention. I answered his ad and he emailed me wanting directions to my place.

I was happy to oblige and anxiously awaited his arrival. I was naked and watching porn when he arrived. This was starting out a little too quick but I was into it. He didn’t waste any time getting naked had his own music turned it on and started dancing.

His skin was so soft bare and smooth. His cock was beautiful erect and throbbing. He danced in front of me bent over and spread his ass cheeks exposing one of the most perfect manholes I have ever seen.

He pressed his puckered ring against my face pushing it to my lips. I began licking it sticking my tongue as far inside as I could. It was unbelievable the deeper I pushed my tongue inside him the harder he pressed his ass against my face.

I had his hole wet with my saliva and inserted two fingers inside and he started fucking and clenching my fingers with a rhythm that went with the music. I thought the skin on my cock was going to split.

I pulled my fingers out of his ass and he sat on my precum soaked dick and it slid all the way inside him in one steady thrust. I sat there and he was riding my erection up and down. This guy was amazing. He wanted to be fucked as much as I wanted to fuck him.

I just sat there with my hands around his waist as he effortlessly rode my throbbing shaft. I told him I was getting close to cumming and did he want me to pull out to shoot my load. No answer just the steady motion of his body with his manhole gripping my penis.

Fuck I was going to cum and there was no turning back now. Two more bobs on my prick and that was all I could take. I tried to hold back and I could feel my cock spasm deep inside him as spurt after warm spurt of my man milk shot against the walls of his colon. He just sat there and kept clenching me with his anal muscles.

Finally he got up and my still erect cock popped out of his ass. My dick was shiny covered with my cum. He bent over in front of me and I started licking my cum from his hole as it leaked out. When I had devoured all my juices he started licking my cock clean.

I was still erect when he finished and he turned and showed me his beautiful cock and then inserted it between my warm lips. He started a slow thrusting treating my mouth like a delicate pussy. In and out and I was enjoying every bit of it.

His precum was flowing and it’s sweetness was coating my tongue. Fucking unreal beautiful erect cock filling my mouth with salty sweetness. I gripped his balls tugging on the sack that encased them. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into me until I gagged.

I could feel him tense up and his stomach muscles tightened with the first release of his sperm into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of man cream jizzing into my mouth and down my throat. Yummy cum filling my mouth and belly. I wanted every drop of this milk not a drip wasted.

Amazingly we were both still hard and I told him I wanted his cock inside me. I bent over the arms of a recliner and he walked up behind me and slid his wet dick into my gaping man cunt. Damn this felt good and with each thrust deep inside me I could feel myself getting closer to another climax.

Fuck me dam it fuck me harder I want you to make me cum again. With each thrust I could feel my asshole loosen up a little more as I was taking his full length into the depths of my colon. The moment was now I could feel my cum starting to flow rope after rope of my cream shooting from my piss slit.

Just as the last bit of my cock juice spewed his phallus blew its contents and his cum was filling me with its creamy warmth. I felt completed full of cum. Pleasured to the maximum yet drained and ready for rest.

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