Happy Family

by Anonymous

“Oh! We’d better hurry … you father’s going to be home,” Barbara breathed as she felt her son’s stiff erection sliding in out of her wet vagina.

Brad smiled, enjoying fucking his hard dick in his mom’s hairy cunt, watching her large bare tits jiggle up and down with his thrusting efforts.

“Okay, mom …” He panted back.

The two of them had started fucking six months ago. He knew that it was because his mother had been feeling bored and had craved some excitement. And of course what could be more exciting than a mother and son having sex? It certainly gave him the biggest and hardest boners, and it made her unbelievably sexually responsive.

“Oh! Oh … I’m going to cum!” she gasped.

She felt her clitoris suddenly erupt with intense spasms as she shoved her vagina as far down on her son’s male length as she could get it to go.

“Ohhhhh!!!!!” She struggled unashamedly with her release.

Brad loved to see his mother nakedly climaxing. Her large full bare breasts, with their ends wrapped by an expanse pink-brown nipple, heaving, as he looked down and saw his penis pushed into her hairy vaginal opening.

In another moment, as her spasm began to retreat, he felt the urgency with in his hard penis building to the point of no return. He grunted as he ejaculated, feeling the satisfying release of his sperm-filled liquid pulse forcefully deep inside his mother.

“Uhhh …Uhhh…” Brad always savored the pleasure of taking his organ all the way inside of his mom.

They were both recovering, drawing in much needed breaths.

“Oh, shit …” his mom moaned. “We have to get dressed.”

Brad felt just as disappointed by the thought. He would have been perfectly happy to spend another naked hour with his mom, making love and enjoying the sheer pleasure nd fun of their fucking. So with some resolve they got dressed.

It was fifteen minutes later when his father came in. He smiled at the two of them.

“So … how did everyone’s day go?” he asked.

“Oh. Just fine,” Barbara replied, smiling back. Happily she kissed him on the cheek.

Bad smiled, too. “Hi, dad. Just thought that I’d stop by and see mom.”

“It’s always good to have you here,” his father said, glad to see that his son and mother were close and got along as well as they did.

“You know,” his father said, “I think that I should take us all out to dinner this evening. How would that be?”

“Great, dad,” Brad answered enthusiastically.

“That would be wonderful, darling,” his mother said.

They really were a happy family, and Brad realized that his mother really did love is father, and perhaps even more so now that she had been given the opportunity to get past her boredom, and could appreciate what a good life that she had. That they all had. Of course already he was thinking of how tomorrow morning he and his mother would be back at it.

He would come early and his mother would wantoningly be ready to spend the day naked and fucking. Sure, she could have had an affair, and she would have felt badly about doing that. This was way she was free to lustfully spread her legs and have her pussy fucked and fucked repeatedly, and to do so all with the enjoyment of doing it with her own son and making it a family affair. It was best that way. It really was.

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