Hanna's Lust

by Jacqueline Alexander (Caribbean)

Hi this is my first time writing and I will give it a try. My stories are completely fictional.

My name is Hannah and I love cock. From the day I saw my daddy's cock I've been craving dick. Long before my eighteenth birthday, I've been flirting with daddy. I hug him when he leaves for work every morning and these get more sensual every time. Mom's new job as a business assistant to business typhoon Alex Mare puts her out of the house for two or more weeks at a time. There was this one time, their company was in Aruba for over a month.

I've been taking these opportunities to flash my pussy for my dad. He sometimes stares and I can see a bulge growing in his crotch area. Most times I would also kiss him on his lips and he smiles gently at me. After school I run all the way home so I can clean up and shower, put on my best naked outfit and go watch tv. When dad comes in I find some way to expose tits and pussy in a clearly visible way. I can tell he wants to fuck me, just the same way I saw him fucking mom when I was twelve.

I'll woken up to per one night, hearing niggling grunts I being quite intuitive, realised the sound was coming from my parents room, peeped through a tiny hole in the wall. I saw my mother spread bald eagle and my father cock in her rammed all the way slowly coming out out rapidly rammed in over and over again. I got wet just hearing her moan. "Fuck me frank ,fuck me harder..yess! ! Fuck me baby." From the hole I can see him pinching, squeezing her nipples on her perfectly round tits. Her eyes glowing with lust, her tongue writhing in sexual motion as dad slammed into her sweet, wet, twat.

From that day I knew I would be next. I wanted to be a cum slut for daddy. It's my eighteenth birthday and I'm aiming for my father's dick in me. He's been lusting on me for too long. I see his eyes piercingly staring at my hot teen ass. Little does he know it will soon be his for the fucking. As I walk in from school my father's in the living room watching tv. "Come here baby, I haven't forgotten, you're eighteen today huh!" . I happily blushed while he continued. "Daddy's been watching you, little whore", and dug his tongue deep into my mouth. I felt shivers up my spine and sudden moisture in my virgin pussy. This was it I'm gonna get fucked by my dad tonight.

As his kiss lingered on, one of his hands found my teen tits. He squeezed it gently and fondled my nipples. I was now in his lap and his hands moved to my pussy. He didn't talk he just lifted me up and took me to his and mom's room. I wanted him so badly I craved it. He lay me on the bed and proceeded to eat my bare pussy. I felt his warm tongue searching my cunt,I was in heaven. Every inch of me trembled with lust. I held on to his head and he lapped like a wild dog at my pussy, giving me serge after serge of orgasms.

He then lifted his head after almost thirty minutes of sucking my cunt and kisses me passionately on my lips. I moan in ecstasy as the man who's known as my dad now sucked on my tits like they were grapes. He devoured and I felt my sweet mound overflow with its juices.I have never felt so overwhelmed with lust before and I loved every moment of it. His rock was getting bigger as i feel the bulge from him leaning on me on the bed. Mom won't be home till next week I thought. We can Fuck all weekend long.

I soon decide to ask "can I lick your dick daddy? " and dad said "go right ahead honey I know you can do it, it's just like eating lollipops". I gently took his right or so much sick and placed it in my mouth he gave a loud groan of pleasure. I started to lick from the shaft up. Giving gentle strikes them submerging it into my mouth mercilessly sucking on it. My father kept moaning saying, "yes sweet little whore, daddy's whore!! Yes!! Ahh yess!! " I sucked in his balls gently one after the other the both same time and it felt good.

Daddy then pulled me up flip me over into the bed and started to put his cock into me. I felt the head at the entrance while his hand guided it into my tight cunt. "Don't be afraid sweet heart, daddy's been wanting your sweet upset a long time " with one thrust he was deep inside me, I felt pain in the beginning but while he fucked me harder and harder it turned into pleasure. I gradually spread my cunt wider and wider while I moaned to the now rhythmic strokes from my dad's right inch cock. He kept sucking my breast one after the other hard and I just wanted more of him. We fucked and I came multiple times and so did he.

Dawn broke and by then we had many organisms between us. I got up to go to the shower but he woke up almost immediately, grabbed my hands throwing me back into the bed. He then fucked me from the back with his rock hard cock. His fingers lingering on my ads hole. "Don't worry baby",he said , "I need that virgin ass too!! " I hear that really hurt daddy! " " I will be gentle okay honey! " "okay" I replied and spread for daddy. What I felt was a warm tongue licking my asshole. It felt so good, I held his head in there and practically moaned in ecstasy. Wiggling my ass as my dad eat it, I yelled loudly, " Oh God yes, oh good yess... Suck me daddy, please Fuck my ass all you want, I'm your whore".

Then and there he leans over my back and slowly thrust his meat into my ass hole. I felt the right to stretch I almost blacked out. After a few seconds the pain was gone and I was being fucked relentlessly in the ass by my father. It felt so good I moaned for more cock every minute that passed. He went up to his balls into me, then pulled out then rammed that cock deep into my fresh tight pussy. With every stroke I felt pure pleasure and wanton lust. I then heard a loud groan and him saying, "I'm cummming sweetheart", before off loading his semen into my tight ass.

After showering together we came downstairs. He said he would be going to tonys house for a bit. Tony was one of my dad's many buddies. "I've got big plans for you my sweet whore, big plans."

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