Handy Man

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Handy Man

Suzy here, of course my Dad calls me Suzy-Q, first day after college ending I laid on bed no hurry to get up, Dad knocked on my door. A carpenter by trade, Dad operates a small crew of handy men crew, he calls it. Dad said he didn’t want to be a full Contractor, too many headaches. It’s been Dad and I since I was a newborn, Mom taken in a horrid accident I survived of the back seat, of the baby carrier.

Dad has always made us a good living and without a clue, what I wanted to do after graduating. May just work for him, I already do his books and payroll. High Tech Dad is not, though he does use a Desktop PC making estimates and bidding jobs. Mostly in areas I have taught him and sometimes he making errors, changing things he shouldn’t and calls on me.

“Having some issues with my computer,” Dad has learned not to open my door, he may find me nude, the way I like to sleep and I could very well become an exhibitionist for my Dad. He says I look so much like my Mom.

“Have you changed any passwords,” I called out throwing the covers back to see my naked body of my dressing mirror.

“I use your name for all my passwords,” my Dad is a hunky guy, of his early forties, working out and keeping his body in great shape.

“You can come in,” of course I knew he wouldn’t, smiling to myself, hefting my double-d’s before pulling on a t-shirt without bra. My latter years I’ve had school complaints of my large nipples, showing through, hated the extra padding I was forced to wear. Only the loose fitting t-shirt covering my hairy pussy, rather like my dark haired pussy, where my head is blonde. Blonde with dark roots, you know the type, have a girl friend who is a natural blonde and you can hardly tell, she has pubic hair.

Quickly hank opening my door to find Dad gone, no surprise there, went to the kitchen for a class of coke. Here in Texas we’ll ask you what kind of a coke do you want, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, etc, etc. To Dad’s home office I tapped his PC keyboard to come alive, he never shuts it down properly. Using the password Suzy-Q, I knew what he meant when saying he uses my name for all passwords. Rebooted, he never gets it or thinks to do but I like very much, Dad depends on me.

Though I’m not a virgin I have been called a tease, cold fish, all those sort of things, my first time was of an older man and no one needs details, certainly not my classmates. Second time was of summer vacation, a boy my age visiting his grandparents, both were enjoyable but neither was all that. Not of what every girl hears and wants sex to be, making me think the love factor, has to come in somewhere.

Cleaned up all Dad’s spam and trash, going through e-mails, came across a folder I’d not seen before. Protected of password, tired my name, folder didn’t open, tried hacking with every name or common password, I could think of. About to give up and thought to what Dad had said, “I use your name for all my passwords,” typed in Suzy-Q backwards, q-yzus didn’t work until I caped, the Q-yzus and pop.

Nude pictures of Dad, many from every angle, not any with a hard cock but a nice piece of meat hanging. I examined every one very closely, my pussy was wetter than it’s ever been, by the time I finished looking at Dad. Opened e-mails of women with nude photos, some were from men I saw Dad never opened, some were from younger women than I, Dad never responded to.

Everyone Dad responded to I studied and noticed a pattern, each one resembled me or pictures I seen of my Mom, when she was near my age but with Mom’s life cut short there were no pictures of Mom, other than near my age.

Never had I been one to masturbate a lot but in the moment I needed getting myself off reaching to my hairy naked pussy covered only by t-shirt. My pussy screaming to be touched, looking to Dads pictures, I revisited often. Sent all of Dad’s nude pictures to my laptop, wishing like the women of Dad’s e-mails, wanted to see photos of his hard cock. Every e-mail was from some adult dating website, amazed I was of the offers, of eating Dad’s cum. How much these women wanted to love Dad’s cock and eat his cum.

After getting off a second time, playing with my pussy and looking at my beautiful Dad, I thought. Where have I been, seeing e-mails thanking Dad for hook ups and telling what, a great fuck he was. Caught up in my own little world, one day after high school done, I was all caught up in. All the drama of whose who, actives I was involved, just seemed like history passed and a new life, was before me.

Devised a plan, knew what I wanted in my life, all my life. Rushed to retrieve my laptop downloading a movie maker app, took some very erotic poses before my laptop camera, rising up my t-shirt to partially expose, my dark hairy pussy. Had noticed the majority of those Dad’s picks, were blondes like I with near black, pubic covered pussies. Dad apparently loves a bushy, hairy dark pussy, I could oblige. Turning this way and that, half raising t-shirt showing off my ample rounded butt, before pulling up above my belly button.

Getting into it, I exposed one breast at a time, pinching my huge nipples to show through the thin material, back turn when exposing my lovely ass. Believe me, if I’d learned anything of my Cheer Leading, was all the boys and men teachers loved my ass and big tits. My hairy pussy only Dad would get to see. Displayed my large puppies making sure I had a video long enough to get an arousal, if not a full blown erection from my beautiful father, I loved so much.

Really good I felt thinking exposing my young body to Dad, thoughts of his cock big and hard sustained me throughout the day as I awaited, his return home of the evening. Sat up Dad’s Desktop Computer to where all he had to do was hit the space bar and my video would run, knew the first thing Dad would do was to hit the shower. Displayed a large handwritten note of his keyboard reading, “Just hit any Key!”

Turned up the volume, I’d added one of Dad’s favorite love songs, listening outside his bedroom door totally and completely naked I waited the video to end, before opening his door. Dad stood with towel wrapped about making a huge tent in front, so focused on my video I’d sat to loop, playing over and over. I had to clear my throat getting Dad’s attention, up and down Dad looked as I turned completely around, my long blonde hair flowing.

“You sure you want this,” his towel Dad let fall to the floor, his huge beautiful cock had to be nine inches, I couldn’t close my hand around.

“Yes Dad, I’ve not been able to think of anything else, the whole day long.”

Up to Dad, my monster tits swaying I walked taking his hard cock of my hand and tiptoed up, kissing my Dad as never before. Up Dad lifted carrying me to place of his bed, my pussy so wet I knew I would need not lubrication taking his monster cock. Never I thought have I ever seen a cock, I thought was beautiful as his huge hard cock, swayed climbing onto the bed. Gently of cock in hand Dad rubbed the monster helmet head of my wet flowing juices, easing in slowly, I began crying.

“Is it too much,” Dad seeing my tears.

“No Dad, it’s just so beautiful and feels so fanatic, I didn’t know what I truly wanted until this moment,” looking to each other eyes, Dad made gentle slow love to me, letting me get use to his huge cock.

“I want to eat your cum, Dad. Show you how much your baby girl loves you. I want to do all things with you, all the women in your e-mails, tried to entice you with.”

I wasn’t about to let Dad just fucked me and be done, I wanted Dad in love with me, not just love me. After watching me, having a huge orgasm, many I’d had during the day thinking of Dad. Dad slid down eating my pussy, another huge orgasm, I never knew I could have. All the orgasms of my limited love making never produced orgasms, I was receiving from Dad’s, love making.

Over onto his back, I begged Dad, I needed Dad’s cock in my mouth. In the middle of his king sized bed and my wanting pussy in back in his face, my breath caught, sweet taste of his cock soaked of my juices, I had another huge orgasm. Work at it I would have to, taking all of Dad’s cock but having as much as I could take sent huge shivers, throughout my entire body.

Dad came and I savored every once, every spurt, there were much loving his beautiful cock. Orgasm after orgasm, Dad eating my cum and I his, Dad mounted me again giving me orgasms, I’d so desired. Crushing my hard nipples and huge tits into Dad’s chest as we fucked and kissed. Knew I’d never want to make love to another. Three hours we fucked, until my pussy was sore to the touch but wanted more, fell asleep in Dad’s arms, dreaming to wake and love Dad more.

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