Gwen and Cindy

by Bree (NY)

“This is so scrumptious,” Cindy said.

“Scrumptious?” Gwen questioned.

“Yes. The two of us sitting here in the nude together like we are, having coffee and a cigarette, and just enjoying life.”

“Yes.” Gwen smiled. “I guess that is pretty scrumptious.”

“It’s just nice to have a friend to enjoy these things with,” Cindy remarked. She gave her friend a thoughtful look. “To be romantic with.”

It was romantic being nude together as friends, to share that sort of openness and honesty and to feel so comfortable with that. It was not such much like being in love. They had been friends for four years, and they were not really in love. But they were romantic together. They were both in their early forties. Cindy was forty-one and Gwen was forty-two.

They had been married and were now divorced. They had done all of that. Cindy had a daughter and Gwen had a son and a daughter, all of them grown and living on their own. And it had all been only too typical and expected, and the romance had just not been there after a while. That had become forgotten about as it did. Again, it was not love, but a quality. An essence. A view point and a lifestyle. The enjoyment of being romantic.

That they had managed to become bisexual in their friendship had been romantic.

Certainly that had been unexpected. Neither had ever felt any lesbian tendencies, as being attracted to other women instead of to men. But the idea that they could enjoy each other as women was quite tantalizing and alluring. Something which women were often surprised to discover, and as so many did as they became older and after being divorced. It was just so convenient and fun. No complications, no commitments. Just a shared understanding and desire that took another woman to appreciate.

Certainly Cindy appreciated Gwen in ways which at one time she would have dreamed possible. Finding Gwen’s bare physique appealing, as she did her sexuality. Just as Gwen did with her. Discovering that it was ok to be aroused by another woman and that it was not always a man’s hard penis which could do that.

Cindy reached out a hand and touched Gwen’s bare breast, feeling it supple softness, and Gwen showed no objection, but instead enjoyed the fact that she could let another women do that. Neither had overly large breasts, but with each other that did not matter, it was feminine and nice and attractive. Cindy’s fingers danced over the firm deep pink projection of Gwen’s nipple, and Gwen liked that, too.

Leaning over, Gwen gently touched her lips to Cindy’s. They kissed.

“Oh,” Gwen sighed as she drew back. “If my son and daughter knew that I was doing this … with another woman … they would think that I was lesbian.”

“We’re not lesbians,” Cindy said. “We’re just two friends who enjoy being bisexual. There is a difference.”

“Yes. I know,” Gwen admitted. “But I don’t know if they would see it that way.”

“I know. Neither would my daughter, probably,” Cindy admitted. It was all a matter of perception. People automatically thought that if two women were sexual together that they therefore had to be lesbians. That idea was changing as more and more women were discovering and enjoying the freedom of bisexuality, and men as well, but it was difficult to get away from such misconceptions. Bravely she added, “But so what if we were lesbians? Our kids have their own lives.”

“True,” Gwen agreed.

Cindy smiled and did so somewhat mischievously. “Maybe we should become lesbians. You could move in here, there’s lots of room, and we could just live together. Openly. Who cares what people think.”

Gwen laughed. “Ooo. That does sound quite lesbian, doesn’t it?”

“It’s just a label. We’d still be just two friends who enjoy each other’s company.”

“But being a lesbian does have certain connotations,” Gwent pointed out.

Playfully Cindy said, “Maybe it would be fun being lesbians.”

Gwen had to smile. “I really don’t know what the difference would be. I’m mean, we are fucking together and fucking is fucking.”

“Mmm. And I love it when we fuck,” said Cindy happily.

“Me, too,” said Gwen. She looked at her friend, “Shall we fuck?”

“I thought that you would never ask,” Cindy relied.

They were sitting on the futon that was off on one side of the living room by the sliding glass door that let out onto the deck and showed a view of the green trees beyond. Cindy fell back against the cushions with Gwen on top of her.

“It feels so good when two friends fuck,” she said, feeling and delighting in Gwen’s smooth and warm nakedness pressing against hers.

“I couldn’t agree more,” said Gwen and she smiled.

And they fucked right there on the futon.

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