Guy Friends in Love

by Vic (OR)

“Oh, geez, Dale,” Josh laughed. “I can’t believe that I have my dick in another guy’s butt.”

“I can’t believe that I have another guy’s dick n my butt!” Dale laughed, feeling his friend’s sexual stiffness penetrating him.

It was only the second time that the two of them had done this, but it was deliciously all-male and both of them were captivated by doing this together as guys.

The first time they had both been nervous and unsure. This time it had been much more deliberate and quite straightforward. Dale had gone over to Josh’s house that morning and they were all grins over the two of them being interested in being bisexually friendly again. They had gotten naked right there in Josh’s kitchen, and hugged and kissed, letting the stiff boners they got rub and slide together with a pleasing male intimacy.

Then with Josh slicking his hard penis with some lubrication, Dale had bent over toilet him slide his boner in.

“Oh, man,” Dale exclaimed, “your dick feels so hard!”

“My dick’s hard with you,” Josh said.

Gently and smoothly Josh slid his boner in and out of his friend, loving how it felt to be in him as another guy.

“Oh … Oh, yeah …” Dale breathed as Josh fucked him. His own boner was thrusting out from between his legs, straining with its stiffness. It was so hard that it practically ached.

“Man …” Josh moaned. “It feels so good doing this with you.”

“Ohhh … Ohhhh …” Dale moaned, too. “I love how it feels to have your hard dick in me.”

It was much more, as they were discovering, than just physical. It was how emotionally rewarding this felt being sexual together as guys. It was just so fulfilling masculine in a way that neither had ever experienced before. Now they both understood how two otherwise perfectly straight guys could enjoy letting their friendship have a bisexual side to it, and why this was becoming so much more common these days as guys were becoming free to no longer attach a gay stigma to it.

As Josh stood leaning over his friend, he let his hands rub and caress his nipples, feeling their erect points jut out and Dale was enthralled by this as his arousal increased only that much more.

Again and again he felt Josh’s naked boner thrusting into him, stimulating his sensitive butt hole unbelievably.

“Oh! I’m Going to cum!” Dale gasped.

Suddenly is boner was ejaculating, and his semen was squirting out in rapid powerful pulses that launched his discharge through the air to land wetly on the kitchen floor over six feet away. Dale felt his butt hole tighten and grip Josh’s boner.

“Oh, yeah!” Josh said, excited to think that he was fucking the cum out of his friend like this. That his hard boner was making Dale ejaculate.

Then his boner was ejaculating too, doing so deep inside of his friend.

“Uh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh!” Josh grunted with his throbbing orgasm, as his stiff penis spewed his semen out in repeated surges that were so satisfying to delivered into Dale.

“Oh!” Oh!” Dale cried out as he felt Josh putting his sperm into him with a thrilling biological male intimacy. “Yeah! Yeah! Do it in me!”

The culmination of being fucked like this by another guy took Dale’s breath away.

As they both finished climaxing, all they could do was to gasp for breath.

It was such a wonderfully satisfying moment to share as guys.

With his penis fully still in his friend’s butt, Josh leaned all the way over to kiss Dale, and Dale turned his head to kiss him. Their lips came together fully and quite unashamedly with a shared male-love.

“I never realized how good it could be with another guy,” Dale confessed.

“Me, either,” said Josh. He smiled and laughed. “Do you think this makes us gay?”

Dale had to laugh, too. “No,” he said. “Just two friends in love.”

I was boning my friend the other day, for about the millionth time, and this was the conclusion that we reached.

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