Guy Coffee

by Mark (OR)

“You’re welcome to join me,” Devon grinned and said.

Randy had stopped by Devon’s apartment that morning. It was summer and the weather was warm and nice. He as just wearing a t-shirt and shorts and flip-flops. The door to the apartment had been open and Devon had called for him to just come in. To his surprise Devon was standing there naked in the small kitchen.

“Oh,” Randy had said, not expecting this.

Devon just grinned, not looking in the least embarrassed.

“Don’t mind me,” he said.”I’m just fixing some coffee. It’s summer and I just didn’t feel like putting anything on. You’re welcome to join me.”

Randy was clearly not expecting the offer to be naked, too.

“No one’s coming over?” he asked, cautiously.

“No,” assured Devon confidently.

Randy had to admit that Devon’s nakedness did present itself as being inviting.

“I … I guess that I could,” he said.

Devon continued to fix the coffee and Randy kicked off his flip-flops and tugged the t-shirt he was wearing over his head. Taking a breath, he went ahead and slid his shorts down and off. In the next moment he was just as naked as his friend. Devon gave him an approving smile.

“Well, like you said – it’s summer,’ said Randy.

The openness of their maleness felt surprisingly good to Randy. It would have been one thing to be sharing that in a locker room, doing it without thinking. But standing there in Devon’s kitchen made it seem more personal and like something that was nice to together as friends.

‘Uh-oh,” Devon said as he became aware of a physical stirring.

Randy saw that Devon’s penis was starting to show signs of becoming erect. Its slightly darker brown length pushed out, thickening visibly, as the head increased in size. Very quickly Devon found his penis becoming sufficiently stiff to push boldly up right.

Devon grinned a little self-consciously. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to greet you with a boner.”

Randy quickly found himself getting one, as well. He was helpless to prevent it from happening or to hide the fact. His own penis pushed visibly up just as large and handsomely stiff in its presentation, do so with almost embarrassing ease.

“Geez!” Randy said over the extent of their matching arousal.

Devon laughed. “Just two friends having a boner together.”

“I really hope hat no one will be stopping by,” Randy said a bit nervously. Being naked was one thing, but being naked and having boner was quite another for a guy.

“No. No one’s going to stop by,” Devon assured. Quite calmly he said, “It feels good having one.” He grinned some more. “Kind of nice with a friend.”

Randy grinned back. He was anything but used to letting his male-feelings show like that with another guy, but it did feel good as well as exciting to be seeing Devon’s pleasing large stiff cock and to be showing off his own. “Yeah,” he confessed.

They looked at one another. Devon stepped over and simply because it seemed like something that they could do, they touched their lips together. It was sweet doing that as friends and as guys. They then looked at one another, pleased with the shared feelings of closeness. Down below their erect penises touched with a suggestive intimacy that was no displeasing.

They kissed again, this time holding one another in a close embrace, and let their erections rub and slide together. It felt so wonderfully masculine in a way that was great to experience.

“Oh, man …’ Randy breathed.

As he stood there, he felt Devon’s hands slip down to hold and fondle his aroused organ. Motivated, he did the same, taking a hold of Devon’s hard dick. They stood there gently stimulating and masturbating one another.

“Oh, man …” Devon breathed. “You could put that into my butt.”

Randy was once more surprised by his friend. He had never been like this with another guy before, and he had no idea that Devon was so open to that. Obviously this was something that he had been indulgent of before.

Devon looked around and saw the butter dish on the counter. He reached for it and smeared some onto his fingers, which he then slicked Randy’s boner with. Devon then turned, placing his hands on the edge of the counter, spreading his bare feet well apart on the smooth floor. Randy stepped up behind him. taking a hold of has rigid organ, he carefully and slowly guided the swollen head to pres sit up against Devon’s tight anal pucker. With remarkable ease randy found his penis pushing inward.

“Oh! Yeah …” Devon breathed with Randy’s insertion, and feeling penetrated by his maleness.

Slowly Randy pulled back and went inward again, feeling Devon’s warm, soft rightness caressing his sensitive length.

“Oh, man … Oh, man …” Devon panted, encouraging Randy to increase his rhythm.

Randy was only too willing to oblige. He began thrusting his erect penis back and forth through Devon’s butt hole. He could hardly believe that he was actually fucking Devon as another guy and enjoying it. It was exciting to be doing that, using his boner in that way, with his friend as one male to another.

“Oh, shit! That feels so good!” Devon exclaimed.

“Yeah …’ Randy breathed back, His hands holding Devon’s hips to give him the leverage to thrust his fucker in deep. “Yeah … yeah …”

Devon was groaning and practically overwhelmed by his friend’s sexual penetrations.

Quickly, too quickly, Randy was ejaculating, cumming deep inside of Devon, and doing so with a naked fullness as he filled his friend’s anal sheath with a huge amount of semen.

Devon was masturbating his boner excitedly and he started ejaculating, shoot streams of white male liquid against the side the counter. The thick liquid impacted again and again and flowed down to the floor in a pool of ale release.

“Ohhhh …” Randy sighed heavily as he finished ejaculating.

Although his sexual urge had been satisfied, he enjoyed the pleasure of just having given his friend his sperm. It was so great to be able to use the function as well as the pleasure of the reproductive process like that with another guy and to achieve that level of male intimacy, to say nothing of discovering that it did not always have to be with a female. That it could be just as significant and even more so between two guys.

The last thing that randy had been expecting was to fuck his friend that morning, but now he was so glad that he had.

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