Growing Up: Part 3

by Bryonny (West Cheshire, UK)

Helen's fingers were busy doing magical things on my pussy (as she called it) and I was aware of wetness coming from it. Her finger slowly penetrated me and I flinched at a sudden white hot stinging and tried to squirm away.

Helen soothed me and told me to try and relax and in saying so penetrated me again with two fingers which stung very much for several seconds and then she started pushing her fingers deeply inside me which made me move my hips to meet the slow thrusts.

Then she seemed to touch a certain spot inside and I was transported somehow to a higher plane of sensuous delight and great shocks rippled through me, sheer pleasure that I never knew could exist in me.

The sensations seemed unending, I was consumed by them and then I was screaming into cupped hands as Helen’s mouth was on my pussy and her tongue was flickering on a hard little bud, which was new to me.

Helen made me Orgasm so many times it became almost more than I could bear and I begged her to stop, she did and then her flushed face loomed over me her glittering eyes gazing lovingly at me. There was blood on her chin, blood from my body, I started and leaned up on my elbows and whispered what had happen and why there was blood.

Helen smiled gently and said that I had been a Virgin but now my Virginity was no more, that she had taken it and the blood came from my hymen which her fingers had torn and which was perfectly normal and that now as a result I Bryonny was on my way to womanhood and that she and I had now become lovers, lesbian lovers.

I asked her if that’s what I was, a lesbian, she said that was for me to decide and there were differences, Lesbian, loving only women, Bi loving both male and female, or Hetro, loving only males and it was for me to choose my direction in life.

I kissed her fervently and rekindled my arousal. Instead though Helen still in her tee shirt, took me to the bathroom and there introduced me to a vaginal douche which was lovely and cleansed me of any residue of my former virginity, blood etc.

Back in bed we huddle together kissing and fondling until I felt confide enough to suckle at Helens heavy boobs and her thick brown nipples, she loved me doing this and sighed and cooed her pleasure. When I wriggled down to get my head cradled between her glorious warm rounded thighs I was amazed to discover her hairless pussy, compare to my thickly thatched groin.

Her smell there was heady it assailed my senses, a mixture of vinegar ammonia and something nameless but which I later found out would became ambrosia to both sexes. When I tasted her pussy she gasped and sighed loudly and I felt a hot surge of passion flare through me and then she was pressing my face into her wetness, her pussy was incredibly soft between her thick dark outer lips and she moved my head until my nose was rubbing on that little knot of her clitoris after which I think both our world mould together into one.

I lost count of how often we used and deliciously abused our bodies that night all I recall was being in a sort of constant state of orgasmic passion which I could not seem to satisfy and it was only my much older lover who finally stopped us and admitted her own exhaustion.

We slept the remaining few hours of the night until it was time for me to leave, my mum being due home off shift. Dressed and at the front door we kissed and kissed, reluctant to stop but stop we did and I departed the cold morning air making my wet knickers feel uncomfortable. I'd be back in a day or so for more but meantime I hugged myself as a new person on a new pathway in life.

The End

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