Growing Up: Part 2

by Bryonny (Cheshire West, UK)

I felt safe in Helens bed, spooned into her as the storm carried on outside the thunder crashing and the rain battering on the windows. We lay on our sides Helen holding me with one arm across me between my breasts and one leg pushed between mine.

As I lay there thinking how lovely it would be to live here with my aunt I began to feel strange sensations glowing inside me, it made me feel kind of squidgy in my tummy and fluttery, I felt hot between my legs where my naughty bits were.

Suddenly Helen moved her protective arm and then her hand softly pulled across my chest and cupped my boob, I swallowed hard and then my throat went dry as her thumb kind of twanged my nipple which was tingly anyway.

To say I had led a sheltered life would be a crashing understatement, when meant I knew nothing at all about sex or sexuality and I didn't know what Helen was doing touching me the way she was because the next thing was her hand reaching under my loose tee shirt to touch my bare breast which made me gasp loud.

Actually it felt quite nice, her hand was soft and warm on my skin and she gently fondled it and pinched my nipple made me kind of arch my back. At this, Helen nuzzled my neck and kissed me there, it felt marvelous, and then her hot breath was in my ear as she whispered how baby soft my skin was.

I felt myself sinking back into my aunties soft round form as if trying to be absorbed into her. My head was full of flashing lights whirling at great speed, great jolts of heat seared through me, my tummy was tumbling and I felt sort of watery in my naughty bits which alarmed me.

Now I became confused and nervous and something in my head was telling me to stop what was happening, but something else was insisting I sink further into the warm pool of sensuousness I was afloat in.

Suddenly I was on my back, Helen was beside me, one hand was lightly stroking my legs and gently parting them and then came a shock as Helen was touching my naughty bits, I knew it was rude to do that, my mum always told me never to touch there and not to let anybody else, especially boys touch me there as it was sinful, yet now here was my auntie doing it and I was feeling the strangest sensations that were surging right through me.

Helens fingers were doing amazing things to me that I felt sort of carelessness and let my legs drift apart to allow my auntie a kind of freedom to do as she wished.......and she did.

To be continued...

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