Growing Up: Part 1

by Bryonny (Cheshire West, UK)

As a growing kid I regularly had to spend a lot of time on my own, my Dad being away at sea for months on end and my Mum working shifts as a nurse at the local hospital.

Usually I was left when younger in the care of my aunt Helen, not a true aunt but one of my mums best friends. She would come and stay at our house or I at hers and we became more like sisters, obviously she the older one.

When I stayed at hers I got spoiled rotten, there was nothing too good for me even at bath time she would light small tea lights and burn Joss sticks and have the bathroom light dimmed low, all very effective.

There was one night in particular that made me think, it was when we stayed up late at our house watching television and cuddling up on the sofa. I became aware for the first time of the softness of Helen's body and the warmth radiating from her, I leaned back kind of languorously against her and she promptly wrapped me in her arms and held me close.

My aunt Helen was what might be termed a Well Padded Lady, not floppy fat but firm and rounded the way some men prefer. She had rather a full bosom and I loved leaning my head in the softness of her twin globes, Helen would sigh and gently press my head firmly into the softness and once or twice I distinctly felt her whole body tremble when she held me thus.

As I moved into my late teens my body started to change and fill out later adolescence, but if she noticed, Helen never commented or seemed to notice. Then came the night when realization dawned like a burst of gunfire in my head. I was at her home, my mum was on nights out and dad had sailed a few days earlier. We had supper together, she said she was going to run a bath and left me reading a book.

The house was snug and warm and I felt very safe when the first flashes of lightning happened followed several seconds later by the rolling thunder. The storm increased and suddenly I felt frightened then one terrifying crash of thunder had me fleeing upstairs and into the bathroom where Helen was just about to step into the bath.

She held me tightly, she was naked and irrationally I let my hands wander down her smooth warm back to the beginning swell of her bum. Helen said softly in my ear that if I wanted too then we could share the bath together. She helped me undress and together we sank into the hot sudsy water.

She sponged me all over and suddenly commented that I had certainly filled out and that I was developing into a very attractive young woman and then she touched my breasts and thumbed my nipples which made them sort of tingle and harden. I was a bit taken aback at the sudden intimacy, but it went no further than that, then.

Drying off, Helen peeked out of the window where the storm was still raging, we wrapped ourselves in bath sheets and padded into her bedroom. Helen said we could sleep together if I still felt scared and so we pulled on some tee shirts and scrambled into her bed where we snuggled up, cozy and warm. It was at that point although I did not realise it that Helen and I became Lovers.

To be continued...

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