Groped in Crowded Train

by Liz (Australia)

At my mature age of mid-40s with a bit chubby stature I don’t mind my heavy breasts bouncing when I walk or move around and most people feast on my treasure with their eyes. I love it when traveling on crowded metro train. I love being pushed up against unknown persons male or female. The women would give me a pleasant smile of appreciation or a simple annoyance.

Men would turn around and see with awe my 40D boobs of mine encased in my fitted bra! The bold ones would get closer to touch them; I allow them while I enjoy the physical pressure of their upper body. If I fancy any of them, I would look at him in the eye and smile to see his reaction more. Some do not waste any time to be closer to mine as our bodies brush against each other seductively.

I can feel their cocks growing hard against my belly. Such a feeling makes me horny in no time and my pussy wet. Unhindered, I move further and push myself hard against them until my large erect nipples rub against their chest and I feel their bulge for some brief moment.

They look down at my deep cleavage while one of my hands hold the bar up the ceiling. I could read their mind, they want to shove their cocks in between my huge meat or in my wet warm thighs and shoot their hot gushing cum. I too want it really bad as my cunt juices dripping out of me.

This evening in particular, this young man was no exception. I reached my station and got down of the train. I gave him a seductive smile. As I was walking to my home I left two of the buttons open of my blouse to feel the touch of fresh air. He quickly got down following me and caught up with me and asked if I would kindly join him for a drink.

We went to a bar nearby. While sipping our drinks he was lovingly gazing my tits. I asked him whether he likes my breasts! He nodded in affirmative and openly expressed that those were the best he ever saw in his life! And that he got rock hard from just looking at them. He hid no shyness to express that those made his cock throb and twitch out of control! That was not unexpected for me as the same happened with a number of men in past with me.

Within half an hour I pulled him out of the bar, took him to the back of the pub passed rows of wash rooms to what was like a small office room I had known earlier. Take it out, I ordered as he started to pull up my blouse as I unclasped my bra. He stood looking at them, and then moved down to suck on them, tweaking my nipples hard.

Making me moan loud, gasping from the pleasurable massage of my tits. Now my cunt was really beginning to throb, and I slid my hands up under my short skirt all the way up to my cunt until my hot juices seeped from between my swollen cunt lips. He quickly slid his hand and found my hot dripping hole.

I lifted a leg on a plastic crate nearby. He pushed his finger quickly in - then another started finger fuck me. My clit was swollen, throbbing for attention. He quickly went down on me, sucking my clit until I came shivering, into his mouth.

I stood up and started to rearrange my skirt and blouse when he grabbed hold of my hands, took away my bra and begged to leave the boobs out telling me how beautiful they were. My tits wobbled and bounced all the way home. The second we were through the door, he was on me, ripping my clothes off.

As I stood naked in front of him, he began removing his clothes, never taking his eyes off my big tits. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed, straddling my stomach, he rubbed his rock-hard cock all over my big tits and teased my nipples with his cut knob, his pre-cum covered my nips.

His cock was so hard and became engorged showing bluish veins all along as he was sliding his dick between my tits that I held closed together by my hands. I caressed his balls and rubbed a finger around his anus. He was beginning to lose control, his cock pumping in and out fast, shooting his hot cum over my mouth, tongue, and huge swollen nipples. I took his cock out and began licking the tip of his knob feeling it going soft slowly!

An end note: The story above happened in New York. I had my first taste of being groped and fondled my body in the office-time rush-hour in the commuter trains in Tokyo when I was on holiday for a week there 10 years ago. The memorable one was in Bombay, India in 2018 in an Indian commuter train.

I was literally molested by a half a dozen hands within half an hour. One of the straps of my bra gone, the side-zipper of my skirt was open and my skirt clang down to my hip – the crowed pushed me out of the train at my destination. There were couples of women who helped me to rearrange my dress. BUT I now enjoy it in a crowded transport of any sort!

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