Groped And Raped By Ghosts: Part 4

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I love being groped and raped by all of the ghosts that are still living on the vacant lots where all of those big beautiful apartment buildings once stood.

The ghosts are all former convicts that brutally raped women before their deaths, they lived in the apartment buildings but they had passed away long before the buildings were demolished.

Being that they had passed away while still living in the building the ghosts remained there. these are the ghosts that grope, strip, and rape me every night when I am out for my walks.

The reason I go for my walks late at night is all the neighbors don't need to know what pleasure that I get every night coming home from my long walks and pass all of those empty lots where all of those violent rape ghost still live.

Now lets continue what happens every time I walk by those vacant lots returning home from my late night walks, the last time I went for my walk I was only wearing a bra and panties. t

This time I am also just wearing a bra and a pair of panties, only this time the bra and panties I will be wearing are ones that I made special for the ghosts to remove.

I took large slices of bread for the cups of my bra and large spaghetti as my bra straps, I also took a large piece of French bread forming it into the section of panty covering my pussy and only my pussy.

I also used the large spaghetti as the string part of my panty, I left my house around midnight and went for my walk, after this walk and as I was returning home and I was walking by those vacant lots I could sense the eyes of all the ghosts watching me as I was getting close.

By this time when I started to walk by the lots I felt my panty beginning to get wet, I knew they could sense how wet my pussy was getting. I think that I was making the ghost cocks hard and erect.

This is when they really grabbed my body and took me inside, once inside they began eating my bra off and my panties were also being eaten off me, after they had finished eating both my bra and panties I was now going to enjoy them groping, squeezing, and pulling my big boobs.

I loved my nipples being pulled, tortured and sucked, then they began playing with my pussy, I enjoyed having my clit tickled by these ghosts, their long fingers enter my pussy hole and begin to finger fuck me.

They moved their fingers inside me forcing my pussy to come very wet, then I was tongue fucked until my juices was licked up, doing that my pussy was still very wet, finally they all repeatedly raped me by entering their long cocks up in my pussy hole.

After the ten male ghosts finished raping me repeatedly for six hours I had many very massive orgasms, it is now six am and I walk the one block back to my house completely naked in the dawn of the day as I walk home everyone can see my naked body.

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