Groped And Raped By Ghost

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

There are many ghosts living in many of the buildings, some ghosts stay long after some of the buildings has been demolished and no loner there.

There used to be many old building in the neighborhood where I live, a lot of people don't even believe in ghosts, saying that there are no such thing as ghosts.

I keep telling them that ghosts are real, I know that ghosts are real because one night as I was walking home from going to the store, the store I went to was about ten blocks from my house, as I was walking home and I walk slow, all of these empty lots where there used to be buildings.

There was nothing or anybody around as I walked by all of these empty lots, suddenly I began feeling a hand touching my breasts, even though there was nobody there, I stopped.

when I had stopped I began feeling a hand slide down inside my pants, even though nobody was there, then I felt a finger enter my pussy lips, this finger began rubbing my clit, I felt the hand feeling my breasts from the outside of my blouse and bra, these hands now reached up under my blouse and under my bra and began to really feel my breasts.

After this feeling happened to me, which gave me a wonderful feeling having both my breasts and pussy fondled, now not knowing what all of these ghosts was, ghosts would do next that's when it suddenly happened to me.

There was nobody around me but my blouse was taken off, the next item of my clothing which came off was my pair of pants, I am now standing near these empty lots wearing just my bra and panties, next my bra disappeared, the last of my clothes to disappear was my panties,now I am standing there naked.

Then this feeling to my breasts was becoming rougher and rougher, I had a funny feeling that I was being raped even though nobody was around, now I felt someone was pushing me to the ground, now something was pulling, biting and twisting my nipples, something also began sucking on my nipples.

This funny feeling to my breasts continued for about an hour, after that happened to my breasts I began to feel that I was becoming very wet in my pussy, I felt like I was being held or pinned down to the ground, then I noticed my legs spreading apart.

Now I feel the fingers going extremely deep up in my pussy hole, these fingers even began moving while in my pussy, I was getting even wetter, finally I felt one cock after another enter up in my pussy, this continued for about three hours until I had three orgasms, four hours later I was allowed to get up on my own.

whatever it was had left, all of my clothes had vanished leaving me to walk home naked, when I told others what happened to me, they told me it was ghosts.

I woke up the next morning to realize that last night I was raped by ghosts on my way home from the store, I felt very wonderful last night, this was the very first time that I was ever raped by ghosts, I hope that it is not the last.

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