Groped And Raped By Ghost: Part 2 & 3

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

Part 2

I keep telling others who live that there are in fact ghosts remaining where those buildings once stood, they keep telling me that I am crazy and that I should keep it to myself.

Well I have decided to do just that, anything happens in the neighborhood I am not going to say anything to any of them, I still enjoy going for my long walks and I always go by where all of those buildings once stood.

Every night as I am walking past those empty lots I keep wondering what kind of people once lived there, while I am walking past those lots on my way home after I have had my walk I always get my breasts groped and my pussy felt.

Sometimes returning home from my walks I stop and take a rest on one of the lots, the neighbors don't know it but I happened to have purchased three of the lots, I had a tall privacy fence up around the lots so the neighbors don't know what is inside on the lot.

I placed a big tent in the middle and I have a huge bed in the tent, i stop and go inside the fence and rest on the bed in the tent for about six or seven hours, just after I am inside the fence I feel the hands of my ghost friends touching my breasts.

I also feel a hand go down in my pants and feeling my pussy, I enjoy the pleasure of when my clothes are removed by the ghosts, i just love the way they undress me too, they start by taking off my blouse and then my pants, they let me walk around in my bra and panties for a little while.

I think my ghost love seeing me in my underwear too sometimes because I can walk around for thirty minutes in just my bra and panties then they remove my bra and finally my panties.

I enjoy the ghosts placing their hands all over my huge breasts and when they suck my nipples, I love getting my pussy fingered fucked and then they have sex with me again.

This goes on for the entire time I am there resting before I go home, after all of the ghosts have had sex with me I left all of my clothes inside the tent and walk the final block to my house naked.

Part 3

I still believe in ghosts and every week when I go for my walks late at night I get stripped, my breasts groped and raped by the ghosts that are still on the now vacant lots where building once stood.

On this late night walk, I only wore my bra and panties along about one in the morning as I was finishing my walk, just as I was walking by all of those vacant lots I once again felt two hands touching my breasts.

I also felt a hand once again going in my panties and feeling my pussy, being only wearing a bra and a pair of panties the ghosts didn't have much to remove, that's when it happened again.

As I was standing there and while my huge breasts was felt I watched as my bra vanished, now I really began feeling hands all over my breasts, my nipples was pulled extremely hard this time, they were being sucked so hard I became extremely wet in my pussy.

Then I felt as my panties disappeared, it became extremely violent this time, I was getting my pussy fingered, then finger fucked extremely rough and deep to where I was beginning to have one of the extremely most violent and massive orgasms ever.

After two legged ghosts were done animal ghosts now had their turn playing with my huge breasts and sucking my nipples, then I felt a very long cock enter up in my pussy.

Now I was being raped extremely hard and rough by the ghosts of the dogs that was in the buildings, this lasted until 6 am, i was allowed to go home from my walk after being out for 7 hours.

The next time i go for a late night walk i am going completely naked, i really enjoyed this late night walk, i will never forget it, it was wonderful.

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