Gran's Confession

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Gran’s Confession

In very small rural town I grew up, in a time when everyone grew a garden of their own, Mom was always sending me over the my widowed grandmother’s house to help out with chores, which I didn’t mine for Gran would give me a dime or sometimes two dimes, nickels or even pennies. Times were hard and a dollar was hard to come by. Spring of the year and graduated with my senior class of 49 students, I had not the prospect of getting a job, so if Gran offer pennies, I graciously accepted.

Early of May hot but gardens had to get planted, a man with his mule breaking up the soil. Hoeing rows, shoveling out chicken coops, hog pens, seeds in the ground, pulling weeds, all my jobs if I wanted to eat, as Mom put it. Gran called me into her kitchen of noon, my shirt I carried in my hand, hot and sweaty Gran offered a cool drink of sweet tea.

“Did you have a good time of your senior dance,” Gran asked.

“Naw, none of the girls would dance with me,” my grandmother of her sixties wore a surprised look.

“Why,” Gran offered a towel for drying, no one sits to Gran’s table, without a shirt.

“They say I’m too big,” I flushed red.

“What, you are a good looking young man and there’s not an ounce of fat on you,” puzzled was Gran’s expression.

“I overheard some of the girls whispering. Only a slut would go out with someone like me,” I flushed a deeper red when Gran’s eyes went down to my cock before I sat down to eat the sandwich she prepared, Gran in deep thought sitting with me, picking at her sandwich.

“The one you heard say that is the one who wants to fuck you, the most,” spilled my sweet tea all down my front, never heard Gran say anything like that before.

“Stand up,” Gran commanded and I grabbed the towel wiping table and chair.

“Leave that, I want to see it,” my mouth hanging of Gran’s command.

“Go on, I want to see it. Undo those pants,” I couldn’t look Gran in the eye but saw her smile as I followed her instructions.

“Damn! You didn’t get that from your grandfather! Bless his soul,” Gran looked pleased, embarrassed I was, the size of my cock.

“No wonder your mom loved your dad so much. Your cock is bigger than your grandfather’s, when soft. What’s the matter,” Gran looking to my eyes again.

“I’ve never heard you use four letter words before, Mom would box my ears, using such language.

“Well Damn! It ain’t every day you see a cock like this. Come closer,” Gran sitting on the edge of her chair.

“How big is it when it’s hard,” Gran laid a hand to my naked hip, urging me forward.

“I don’t know Gran,” nearly in her face Gran staring at my cock, pulled a cloth messaging tape from her apron pocket.

“Looks like he’s going to need some help standing,” I first felt Gran’s warm breath on my cock and a twinge, when she lifted cock of her hand. Jerk my pants up and run I wanted but then I felt Gran’s mouth on my soft cock. Another deeper twinge and my cock was responding, never anyone but I had ever touched my cock. Down into Gran’s smile eyes I managed, pleased with me getting hard she pulled me closer, both hands to my hips.

“Ever had anyone suck your cock? There’s a four letter word you will come to love,” servals more sucks Gran gave and grinned big up at me and went back to sucking. One hand cupping balls, Gran trying to take as much cock into her mouth as she could, caused her to choke.

“Sorry, I never had that problem with your grandfather. I’ll need both hands to reach around this thing,” and Gran did.

“Ten inches and six and a half inches around. How much cum does this thing shoot,” Gran back to sucking my cock.

“I don’t know, Gran,” the way she was stroking and sucking my cock I was afraid she was about to find out. Nodding her head yes, my cock exploded and Gran swallowed all my cum.

“That was a huge load! Ten times it would take your grandfather to deliver me that much cum. You are about to find out your Gran is a Cum Freak! Gran loves cum,” Gran continued stroking, kissing and sucking continued.

“Gran wants to fuck this thing too,” Gran took off her apron and dress, panties, bra and I saw my first set of naked titties.

“Finish getting undressed and come with Granny,” reaching into the lard bucket, kept of the kitchen counter, Gran lead the way to her bedroom.

“I’m afraid it may hurt until I get use to you,” Gran used the lard stroking my hard cock, climbed upon her bed stuffing a pillow under her butt. My greasy cock in hand I climbed between Gran’s legs rubbing the head of my cock in her hairy pussy, Gran showing me what to do and starting me in.

“Am I hurting you,” this my first time, I had no working knowledge.

“Not so much I want you to stop. Fuck Gran’s old pussy with short strokes, Gran will tell you when she is ready for more cock. Give Gran another inch and you’ll have given Gran more cock than she has ever had and it feels fantastic! How does it feel to you?”

“Like nothing I’ve ever felt before, Gran,” followed all of Gran’s instructions, she was glad to give. Fucking in slowly, taking cock out to show her as requested and easing further in, each time. Gran and I fucked in this manner until Gran took my entire cock and I blew my load far up in her wanting pussy, collapsing atop her tits.

“You enjoy Gran’s old pussy, Gran surely enjoyed your cock,” I didn’t know what to say or do but Gran’s smiling face put me somewhat at ease.

“Gran,” paused a moment, trying to collect my thought.

“Gran, what to or say now, I don’t know,” should I get up and leaving, should I leave without saying anything.

“Gran can help you with that. After all Gran took your cherry, just don’t get up and run out, cause you may be embarrassed now,” evidently Gran knew of the thoughts running, through my brain.

“Lay beside me and Gran will talk to you of what we just did. First Timers have a problem here, not knowing what or how to speak of what they did. Usually two people do it for the first time with each other and the lack of experience causes problems, they never get beyond. This is how it happened with your grandfather and I, on our wedding night. We could never speak openly of how we felt. Each person in my opinion, should be with someone of experience and intelligent enough or carrying enough to help the other through these feelings,” as she spoke Gran took hold of my soft cock.

“A young woman usually doesn’t know what to do and a young man doesn’t what to say. Was it good for you, both want to know,” Gran stroking m y slick cock was having an it’s effect.

“Gran enjoyed your big cock immensely. Though Gran loved your grandfather and wanted to do it with him often, he was never the same as I. I learned if I tried to speak to him of my desires, it made him feel like he wasn’t man enough, he could never speak to me of his desires. Gran doesn’t want that for you. I’ve always wondered what a big cock would feel like,” Gran placed my hand upon her tit, encouraging me to play with her nipples.

“Gran loves sex and the way your grandfather was raised, he thought it was a sin for a woman to want sex or even speaks of such things. He only wanted sex when he was horny and I was horny most all, our married life. I guess I could have divorced him or gone outside our marriage but of our small community much talk would have accrued and where would I have gone. Certainly not back to my parents, divorces of the day were just not done,” cock was beginning to rise again.

“Your cock is beautiful. Most men would die to have a cock as big as yours. Don’t ever let anyone make you think you should be ashamed of your cock. Gran will suck, eat your cum and fuck with you as long as you want to fuck with Gran. Don’t let the incest thing get in your way, family has been fucking with each other since the dawn of time and Gran is not going to get pregnant,” gently Gran toyed with the head of my hard cock, thoughts of escaping gone from my head.

“Beside cumming in Gran’s mouth and pussy, what did you like,” smile of Gran’s eyes seeing I was hard again.

“I liked seeing you eating my cum and watching my cock slid in and out. Taking it out, letting you see me put it back in, made me feel really good too, Gran.”

“Gran likes that very much too, you holding your huge cock of your hand, rubbing up and down my hairy pussy before slipping it back in. You can touch Gran anywhere you want,” straddling over my hard cock, Gran eased down until she had all ten inches.

“Fuck bone to fuck bone,” Gran rubbed her hairy pussy against my pelvis, smiling down to me, gently fucking my cock.

“Gran can’t fuck hard and vigorously, until I’m more use too your cock. Are you coming back to help Gran with the garden tomorrow?”

“Yes Gran,” my smile matched Gran’s.

“The rewards I shall reap,” Gran called out as my cock, blew up her pussy again.

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