Granny Liz

by Anon (Canada)

I have been paying monthly visit to my grandma Liz’s place since my grandpa had died two years ago and she lives alone with a maid servant working for her part-time. Grandma in her early 60s look much younger but lately she has been suffering from melancholy and has sleep problems.

But whenever I visited her she loved to spend as much time as possible with me. And I do love her company more than eyeing on the younger maid servant, always sporting her tits and butts.

It was almost midnight when I quietly tiptoed to granny’s room, hoping to see her sleeping well. “Granny” I softly called her, she was not sleeping. Granny turned around at my call and surprisingly asked me whether I could sleep with her.

Yes, no problem, I told her and approached to her bed as granny making way for me to lie down on her side. Neither of us could sleep easily and spent a lot of time tossing and turning in the bed. “You are not feeling sleepy?” Granny asked, leaning over my shoulder. I could feel her ample boobs without bra through her light sleeping dress.

“No granny,” I said and turned around to face her, and she turned around too to hug me and put my head in her warm bosom. I drew closer to granny and hugged her as well. I could feel her panties quite well hugging my thighs. I could now smell her body – boobs and her heavy breathings.

My dick began to grow inside my boxer and was almost touching her thighs as she lifted one of her legs upon my waist. Granny moved forward and pushed herself into me, pressing her body on mine. My growing dick was hard-pressed against granny’s torso and my mouth was unintentionally kissing her soft, smooth cleavage every time she took a breath, looking for her nips.

Slowly granny’s breath became deeper and I started kissing her unabashedly – sucking on each other’s lips, then seeking tongue! My hand started to unbutton her dress. Granny was playing with my hair and was gently pulling down my boxer in order to search for my throbbing cock.

My hands found their way down to her ass and I started to knead her soft ass over her panties. She eased her bottom up so that I could take off her panties – she helped me taking them off. Her thin blouse went off. We now both were naked. In no time, I was sucking on granny’s boobs fully exposing her dark areolas and nipples – alternating licking her two boobs while massaging them all the while.

My cock was throbbing hard and was constantly pushing against granny’s body, Granny was moaning heavily and was breathing heavy. We now both looked deep into each other’s eyes, and she lunged forward to kiss my lips and our tongues were now wrestled with each other in our mouths. Sweet saliva flowed down her boobs.

I lifted granny’s thighs and slipped my hand between her them passed her lose but soft abdomen until my fingers found her mass of hairs on wet pussy. The lips were too large for me to look for the slit. She helped me separating the lips and I slipped two fingers into her pussy at ease and began finger fucking her. Then, I slipped in another finger deep inside her velvety pussy and increased my pace.

“UMMMM Fuck fuck…” granny moaned unashamedly. Soon I felt her pussy lips get firmer and I pulled out my fingers from her pussy and held her on her back and pushed my hard cock into her cunt as she widened her thighs. “Uff… slowly…” granny moaned and giggled.

For the first time in my life, I was looking at those breasts that sagged a bit with some stretch marks and bluish veins. I opened my mouth wide and started sucking one of her tits like a hungry child with my hand played with the free boob. Granny was in real mood for sex being without it for a long time.

I started pounding her pussy as she thrust back my stroke in synch and began kissing me madly at the same time. “Oh, my God.. gran you are so good”, I let out a moan and I involuntarily pushed her deep into her cunt so that the head of my cock pushed against granny’s distended cervix. Soon she picked up her pace, and her sagging tits started shaking to the speed of my thrusting cock. Granny slid her hands on my back for support, while I ravaged her tits.

Whenever she would feel me tense up, as I was on the verge of cumming, I would slow down and then restart. She was fully wet and my 7” cock went deep inside her with each stroke continuing pumping into her juicy pussy, plowing it, ravaging it, as if pulping it …. AT my 24 yrs of age I id have couple of young pussies but Granny’s compares with none in terms of smoothness and warmth!!

Granny raised her knees up, giving me better access into her deeper cervix and dug her nails into my back, often pulling my hair out of horny ecstasy. Soon I came deep inside her pussy, filling her inside with my thick hot cum and I lay on top of her exhausted body as she slowly laid down her legs. Still, inside her, I started to kiss her boobs, neck and mouth.

“Thanks, I needed that,” granny said repeatedly as we parted lips after so many kisses. I just smiled at her and buried my face in between her boobs. For this whole weekend, I was granny’s sex tool. I too satisfied all her needs as an erotic companion. And she taught me many tricks to sexually please women. Yes, older women are the best in the world.

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