Granny Lessons

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Granny Lessons

Coming from the shower, only a towel wrapped about I sat of my computer, bringing up porn, stroking my hard cock. Overheard Mom tell Granny, she may catch me masturbating, just ignore him. In no hurry to finish, watching a hairy pussy getting rammed, I heard Mom’s car crank up and leave. The day before Mom moved Granny in with us, the economy making life on Social Security Recipients so hard. Door to my bedroom I heard open, stroking my eight inch cock, Granny came into my room.

“I love porn,” certainly wasn’t expecting that. Granny came to where I was sitting, not hesitating, lifted the hem of her light weight sundress straggled me in my chair and taking hold of my cock to ease her hairy pussy, down onto.

“Granny!” A little more than taken aback I was, with my mouth hanging open.

“What,” Granny smiled looking me straight in the eyes.

“Your wet Granny!” You could say I was amazed, Granny’s hot, wet pussy felt good.

“Granny pussy got wet the moment your Mom told me I may catch you beating off. I didn’t think she would ever get her shit together and get out of here. Your Granny needs cock. Feels like there’s a good eight inches of thick hard cock, in my pussy right now,” gushing wet noises I heard as Granny’s pussy slid up and down, my cock.

“Fuck, this feels fanatic, Granny hasn’t had cock in forever,” fucking my own grandmother, of course I’ve fantasized fucking my beautiful Mom and peek, anytime I can.

“Granny wants to suck your cock and eat your cum too,” straight into my eyes Granny stared, telling of her plans excited me more.

“Granny has many talents and lesson to teach you,” overweight Granny wasn’t, rather nice body for someone her age, thoughts of my mind.

“Granny, can I see your pussy,” after all my cock was buried deep into Granny’s gushing pussy, Granny may be cumming already sliding her wonderful feeling hot pussy up and down my cock.

“Sure, want to see some tities too,” Gup her dress Granny pulled, unsnapping her bra.

“They ain’t bad for a sixty-seven year old woman,” Granny cupped, hefting up her tities.

“Want one, take two,” Granny smiling fucking up and down my cock, cumming she wasn’t in a hurry, wanting me to last as long as I could, what Granny didn’t know, was I jerk off six to eight times a day, getting release.

“Granny, you have a beautiful pussy,” a really nice bush, very hairy, from watching porn I knew I loved hairy pussy over shaved and Granny tits look very nice with large hard nipples, loving one then the other.

“Thank you kudos. To tell you the truth I keep it touched up, no one wants to look at an old gray haired pussy, not even me,” shivers ran up through Granny, having another huge orgasm.

“How long can you keep this up,” Granny bouncing up and down my cock, all glistening wet from her pussy juices.

“Not sure how to answer that. Are you asking how long Granny can fuck?”

“Sorry Granny, I was asking of your legs, shoving up and down, like you are.”

“Thank you for asking. It does get quite tiring but Granny loves giving fucks as well, as getting fucked, I do my nice legs. Granny loves being on top but loves getting rammed too and you having this huge cock, it’s a great way to exercise. Ever fuck in this position before?”

“Granny, I haven’t fucked anything but my fist, before now,” Granny’s pussy was feeling fanatic, taking my virginity, balls heating up but with jacking off in the shower I was lasting.

“What! In this house you are still a virgin or was a virgin,” not sure what Granny meant, “In this house,” Granny renewing her efforts, fucking up and down my hard cock.

“Granny can you kiss me, while you rape me,” gave Granny a huge smile knowing not much longer and I’d be cumming, inside my first pussy.

“Granny going to love living in this house,” Granny gave me my first passionate, sexy kiss, speeding up atop my cock.

“Granny loves having this huge, virgin cock,” Granny kissed again and my cock exploded, had to hug her crushing her titties into me. Granny fucked and kissed hungrily, cumming with me.

“Oh Lord! That was a huge load. Let’s move over to your bed, Granny wants to taste your cum,” of my back Granny had me lay.

“Oh Lord, your cock is still hard. Granny going to love tasting, this cum,” Granny sucked and licked for a good fifteen minutes.

“We’d better do it doggy style, from behind, Granny pussy needs a good hard ramming,” by time Granny positioned herself I was on my knees, cock in hand.

“Rubbed it all up and down Granny’s pussy, spread my juices all up in my bush. Stick it in and take it out, rubbing the huge head all over Granny’s pussy lips. Take it out and fuck back in. Granny loves those long strokes, the feel of it starting in and going so deep. Fuck that pussy over and over, my baby boy. Grab hold of my tits, my hips and fuck, fuck,” Granny looking back over her shoulder.

“Pull it out and rub all in Granny’s pussy. Long stroke that huge beautiful cock in Granny’s pussy. Use Granny’s pussy with your huge hard cock, we’re fucking now! Never dreamed I’d have a virgin, eight inch thick cock to teach, fucking too. Would never have believed, I’d get fucked coming to live here but Granny is getting a fanatic fuck. By my very own grandson. Incest fucking, is getting Granny off, every time you take it out rubbing that huge thing all in my pussy and fucking, back in.”

“Fuck Granny until you gets close to cumming and fuck Granny’s mouth, cum in Granny’s mouth. Granny wants to love your cock, when you cum, watch your eyes when cock gets all sensitive and biggest. Oh yes, Granny’s cumming again, fuck, baby fuck.”

“Granny,” I called.

“I’m ready,” Granny spun capturing my cock in her mouth as I stood, Granny of her knees. All the way to the bone Granny ate, the tip of her tongue working the underside, my cock exploding, Granny loving and sucking the head. Squirt after squirt, Granny’s eyes large as cock pumped, swallowing cum and deep throating.

“That was fanatic! Quick stick it back in and let’s fucking,” Granny spun her ass toward me, I dropped shoving my cock in, fucking Granny. What to do I knew, my cock wasn’t softening grabbing Granny about the hips ramming it to her, pulled out fucking her clitoris with my hard cock, making Granny scream out.

“Fuck, baby, fuck! You are a quick learner, fucking Granny so fanatic, all day Granny wants to fuck, Baby, Fuck! Most women want to make love, Granny loves to fuck,” Granny on her knees I was giving it to her the fourth time, we’d taken time to clean and eat lunch, when I heard Mom scream.

“Ned, take your cock out of my mother,” normally hear Mom drive up, I jumped back, hard cock poking straight out toward Mom.

“Why, I didn’t deny you, when you were fucking your Daddy,” very sarcastically, Granny shouted back.

“I loved Daddy,” Mom’s eyes were on my hard, jutting cock.

“And you don’t love Ned,” of her back Granny lay staring into Mom’s eyes, Mom’s eyes to Granny and back to my cock.

“Of course I love Ned, he’s just turned eighteen, Mom!” Mom’s hungry eyes, I gained insight, reached down taking my cock in hand stroking.

“How old were you, when you first, fucked your Daddy,” Granny’s sarcasm knew no bounds.

“You were fucking your brothers,” Mom shot back, of knees where I was pounding Granny when Mom came, slowly I stroked.

“That didn’t mean I couldn’t handle all three and needed your help. Your just pissed, cause I popped his cherry,” Mom and Granny glared, at one another.

“He is my son and it’s legal in this state for a girl of seventeen and not, a boy,” Mom’s tone softens as Granny shrugged.

“I’ll make you a deal, Mom. You can have him days and I nights. And my night, start when I get home,” noticed Mom unbuttoning her blouse, Granny nodded as Mom held out her hand to me. By the time we reached Mom’s bedroom, Mom had her bra and blouse in free hand, tossing to the chair sitting beside her bed. Turning to me, Mom kicked off high heels shoving skirt and panty hose down and off, she was wearing no panties.

In awe I stood, naked and cock hard. The woman I’d peeked and fantasized since I first became aware my cock had dual purpose, I’d wanted to fuck my beautiful Mom and now I was learning I may have inherited. Did inherit my cock and sexual drive, I swear my cock became harder, more needful to fuck Mom as her arms came around my broad shoulders and beautiful firm breasts crushed into my chest. Mom kissed as a lover, before pulling back to gaze into my eyes.

“I didn’t intend for it to happen this way. Mommy wanted to wine and dine you, seduce you, telling of our family secrets. Forgive me,” how could I say no to those beautiful eyes. Never said I was the brightest child to come along but have come to learn actions speak louder than words. Picked Mom up to lay upon her bed, Mom ready to receive what I so wanted, to give. Sky Rockets bursting in air, sinking my hard cock deep.

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