Grandpa Gives Me An Enema

by Steven Montalbano (Elmwood Park, NJ)

I would often stay at grandpas on the weekends whenever my parents would go to the Poconos for a little alone time. They would drop me off on Friday and pick me up on Sunday.

Grandma was sickly, and died when I was younger. Grandpa never remarried. I think he had an eye for my little ass for years. Whenever he would come over for a swim and bbq at my house, I would catch him leering at my hairless, somewhat feminine ass.

Mom had bought me shiny black speedo swim briefs. When wet they really hugged my tiny bubble butt. I noticed Gramps always had a huge bulge in his yellow swim trunks. We would play a game in the pool.

He would come up behind me and pinch my asscheeks really hard, sometimes with his whole hand, and shout, "crabs in the pool!" He would keep his grip on me for a while. Cupping my ass and rubbing his thumb deep and hard in the crack, right on my asshole.

I would just giggle, but even at this early age, it would give me a feeling that made my pee pee stiff. I'm not sure cause I couldn't see, but I think he lifted the leg hole of his trunks, and let his big cock stand straight up.

He would hug me from behind, and rub his dick in my ass crack, til he shuddered and moaned. Then he would quickly swim away. He just gave me a sly smile and a wink, and nobody was the wiser. This happened often when I was 18. Now I'm a senior in high school.

My parents were going away for the weekend, and I could've stayed at home, but I volunteered to stay with Gramps. I got dropped off on Friday night, Gramps and I had burgers on the grill, watched TV, and went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and heard noises from Grandpas room. I snuck down the hall, his door was open a crack, I could see a light blue glow. Gramps was watching porn on the VHS. The video showed older men forcing young men to suck their cocks. Then fucking them roughly up the ass.

My own cock bagan to harden in my titey whiteys. Gramps was stroking his big cock. He started to cum, thick jets of white cream shot up out of his dick. He shut the VCR off, and started to get up, I ran back to my room. Does Grandpa wanna fuck me, I wondered.

I have experimented with my fingers, and the thick rubber handle of a screwdriver, and it felt good. I jacked off thinking about having Grandpas enormous dick in my asshole. I fell back to sleep.

In the morning I had a bellyache, but couldn't go. I tried 3 times. Gramps heard me going back and forth, he came into the guest room, wearing slippers and a robe. His robe was open, and I could see he was wearing black cotton bikini briefs. I was shocked, I always figured him to be a plain white boxer guy.

"What's wrong?", he said. "My belly hurts, and I can’t go." "I don't have any laxatives, but I can give you an enema", he said. "I haven't had an enema since Mom gave me one when I was 11." I remember it gave me my first stiffy.

I thought this might be a good way to get Gramps to fuck me, after I'm all cleaned out, maybe I can seduce him with my sexy, hairless butt. The thought made my cock stir in my titey whiteys. Grandpa said, "Well, what do you think, you'll feel better." "...Well...,ok, I guess so." I replied.

Let's go to my room, there's a bathroom in there. We went to the master bedroom, I could see Pops had a full erection, and mine was starting to swell. "Take off those undies, and I'll get some towels." He said, as he went into the bathroom.

I stepped out of my briefs, and tried to cover my hardon with my hands. He came out of the bathroom and laughed, "Relax, it's quite natural, don't be embarrassed." He put 2 pillows in the middle of the bed, and covered them with 2 towels. "Lay face down there, with your butt up."

I saw him adjust his hard cock, as I layed down. He got some KY out of his night stand, put some on his fingers, and spread my cheeks with his left hand. He began to lube up my ass with the fingers of his right hand.

I was hard as a rock, and groaned as I felt some precum leak out onto the towel. "Oh, did I hurt you?" He asked. "No Gramps, not at all." I said. "You have a great ass, belluva sexy butt!" "Grandpa!", I exclaimed. He patted my rump, and went to fill the enema bag.

End of chapter 1

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