Grandpa Gives Me An Enema: Final Chapter

by Steven Montalbano (Elmwood Park, NJ)

Grandpa was right, it started to feel really good. My ass was getting wetter and wetter.

I pushed back against him, "Oooohh! Yeah Grandpa, fuck my ass! FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK NY ASS!! FUCK IT HARD!! OOOOHH!! AAAAHHH! YEAH FUCK ME!! FUCK MY ASS!!!" I screamed.

"I knew you would like this, ever since I used to hump your ass in the pool, I've been wanting to fuck this little ass of yours for years!" He admitted.

Grandpa really started going at it, giving it to me good! Pistoning in and out like a jackhammer. I could feel the wide mushroom head spreading my insides.

Gramps said, "I'm gonna cum, your ass feels so good on my cock! So wet, hot and tight!"

"Oh yes Grandpa, fill me with your hot cum!" He stabbed his rigid cock into me 3 times, really hard and deep. I felt his turgid dick flex and swell. He gripped my ass tight and thrust his huge cock all the way in and held it there as he emptied his balls into my ass.

"I'M CUMMING, OH GOD, YESSS, I'M CUMMING!!! OHHH!! AHHH!! YESSSS!!!" I felt Grandpas hot cream gushing out, rope after rope of his semen scalding the walls of my colon.

His creamy load filled my ass. "Oh yeah, Grandpa, your hot cum feels so good in my ass!" Grandpas dick began to soften, and pop out of my ass with a wet squishy noise.

I immediately felt his hot sperm pouring out on my balls. He got a washcloth and cleaned us both up. He rolled me over, exposing my huge hardon.

"We gotta do something about this." He pointed.

He lay between my legs and started to suck my dick. Running his tongue up and down the shaft. He sucked the head into his lips, swirling his tongue around the rim, sticking it in my peehole, driving me crazy.

I was so horny, so rock hard, I couldn't hold back. I felt my wrinkled, hairless ball sac tighten and rise up, my cock began to twitch.


I felt my teen spunk race up my urethra , and spurt stream after stream of hot jizz into Grandpas mouth. He swallowed quickly, but some leaked out the corner of his mouth.

"That was good" he said, "did you like the ass fucking I gave you?" He asked.

"Oh it was great Grandpa, it hurt at first, but I loved it!"

I continued to see Grandpa on the weekends, and as much as I could. Craving that big hard cock pounding deep in my ass. This went on since I was 18, and all the way into my mid- thirties.

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