Grandpa Gives Me An Enema: Chapter 2

by Steven Montalbano (Elmwood Park, NJ)

Grandpa returned from the bathroom with the enema bag. It was a 2 qt bag, but he only put 1 qt of hot water in it. He applied KY to the nozzle, and pushed it into my ass.

It was a little thick, "owww, ooooh Gramps, IT HURTS!", I shouted. "Just relax your hole, you can take it.", he said.

I heard the click of the meral clamp, and the hot water rushed into my bowels. I screamed loudly, "AAAAAHHH!! IT'S TOO HOT!, IT BURNS!!" "Nonsense", Grandpa said, "it's body temperature." I started to get cramps, and told him I had to go.

The bag gurgled empty, Gramps reached under me to massage my tummy, and felt my hard cock. He said, "I think you like taking enemas, or just having something in your butt."

He stroked my dick for a few minutes, and said, "I'm going to remove the nozzle, hold your water. Don't shit the bed or I'll spank you hard." I felt the nozzle slide out of my anus, I said, "I really have to go Gramps!"

He put his fingers in my ass, and said, "You have to hold it for a few minutes." I started to cry, he soon let me up, and I dashed to the bathroom and plopped down on the toilet.

Everything rushed out. I felt better, and washed my ass, sprayed air freshener and joined Grandpa in the bedroom.

"Lay face down and let me check you." His robe was open, and I could see the big mushroom head of his cock above the waistband of his black bikini briefs. I laid down and he put KY on his fingers, and began to finger me deeply.

My cock began to stiffen quickly. He then stood up and shucked his robe. He slipped his briefs down and stepped out of them. His throbbing 8 inch cock stood straight out, hard and dripping precum. He moved to the side of the bed, and smeared his precum over my lips.

"Come on, suck it." He said. "No, Gramps, please!." He pinched my nose shut, I opened my mouth to breathe, and in slid his cock. He grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth.

After a few minutes he pulled out and said "I don't wanna cum yet, I just have to fuck that sweet ass of yours." This is what I wanted.

I figured after I was all cleaned out Gramps would be horny enough to fuck my ass, I was ready, but still scared, his cock looked huge. He climbed on the bed between my spread thighs. He leaned forward, I felt the wide head pushing against my rosebud.

"Push out like you have to shit." Grandpa said. As soon as I did the head of his cock popped through my sphincter. "Aaarrrgghh! Oh God, IT HURTS GRANDPA, IT HURTS!!" I exclaimed.

I gripped the sides of the bed, and began to sob uncontrollably, tears pouring down my face.

"Don't worry, it's gonna feel good in a few minutes." Pops said.

He was too horny to stop. He grabbed my smooth asscheeks in both hands, and began to plunge his cock in harder and faster, crazy with lust.

End of chapter 2

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