Grandma is the Best

by Anon (TX, US)

My parents decided to bring along my grandmother to live with us as she was alone and my mom also needed a company at home. I was delighted as I often used to feel lonely at my age (23). Although in her mid-70s, my granny was slim with small boobs hiding most of the sagging but had a nice butt – and she looked more of her in 50s!

Within a week I became too close with my granny and shared everything with her – her early years and first love, marriage and even sex. I also watched that she was deep sleeper and starts snoring soon after going to bed at night. We asked her to keep the door unlocked and a dim-light on so that in emergency we could come to her help.

Many times I had to run to my room to stroke masturbate watching her tits with large protruding nips and swaying ass cheeks. Every now and then she would jokingly flirt with me, not knowing my dirty thoughts about her!

Often I opened the door at night to check on her but saw her lying in deep sleep. It was a stormy night and I entered the room and saw her asleep clad in a thin cotton short sleeping dress without bra that had fallen open at the top to expose her boobs. I had now a golden opportunity to have good look of her boobs.

I carefully unbuttoned her shirt to expose a nipple. Granny continued snoring. I gently lifted the other part of the dress and moved it aside to expose the other nip. Working carefully, I found them exquisitely attractive with big round dark areolas around those 1” long nips - ready to be sucked on.

I felt her erect nipples. I was breathing hard, and my cock got so hard and throbbing. I had no choice but to take it out of my boxer and began to stroke in earnest. Suddenly grandma stirred in her sleep. One of her legs shifted aside and her thighs got exposed up to her waist.

WOW! She was not wearing panties. My eyes got glued to her brown bush covering almost all of her pussy, only to show some length of the large lips peeping through.

I stopped pumping my cock faster and I stepped forward and sprayed my cum over her bush. Soon I got scared about if she found it out! ! Cleaning my cum from there might wake her up and catch me.

I decided that the best thing would be to let the cum dry on there. I very carefully covered her dress and after a few minutes I tried to wake her up but no response. I then got closer to her and shook her but she just started snoring.

I did become bolder and lied down next to her assuming that if she woke up, I would tell her about the storm and my purpose there to comfort her.

I rediscovered her body now - a petite with small breasts, somewhat saggy with stretch marks on, and a few blue veins. But her nipples were larger than normal ones. I touched them as they got erect. I gently kissed them and had started sucking lightly on one of them. She seemed to be still in deep sleep. My hands roamed all over her body.

I reached down and rubbed her pussy and I could feel her getting very wet. I took my head down to reach for her pussy area. Her pussy lips were quite fat, moist and swollen exposing the pink hole inside; her hard clit peeked out from underneath her hood and her pussy smelled really good, nice and musky.

I got bolder seeing her exposed pussy and positioned myself between her legs. I pushed my cock-head against her slit and slowly pushed it in. It was much softer than a young cunt and too moist. Her pussy was smooth as silk, and warm. It felt so good to be fucking this mature and ripe pussy of her.

I pushed my throbbing cock into her slowly giving steady but deep and firm strokes. Her pussy was remarkably pliable, swallowing my dick as it slid in and out of her. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter by the moment as I pushed my cock in as far as it would go. Suddenly she stirred herself extending her arms around my waist but still in sleep!! She was in half-sleep and half-awaken!!

She was now able to take a solid, hard fucking from a cock, and I was able to provide it for her. I could feel her juices flowing out signaling her oncoming orgasm… I could feel her cunt having series of spasms for some time.

Usually I could last for a good while when the fucking was as gentle as this but her pussy was too soft, sending me into a dizzying state of ecstasy. I was lost in every inch of her warm cunt. Finally I shot a giant load deep in her cunt almost hitting the cervix…

She just laid there afterwards still in a sleeping state but with a slight smile on her face. I laid there for a few minutes too tired to move. I was exhausted and fell asleep beside her. In the morning I woke up with a cuddling body from my back. I carefully moved out of her warm cuddle to go to bath room. I can really say that it was the best and the most memorable sex I ever had.

Next morning when we were alone, she confronted me openly about what had happened night before. I was scared but she made me comfortable with assured secrecy. This followed many other exciting and erotic moments with her since then.

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