Gran comes to the Rescue

by Erin

Gran comes to the Rescue

“So you are telling me, you were so horny, you couldn’t stop yourself from blowing a load in your pants,” Gran stood before me.

“Uh, I guess,” best answer I could come up with, never lied to Gran, had tried that of my younger years and I noticed Gran unbuttoning her blouse. Never had I thought to Gran in any kind of sexual way, though she was a very trim and youthful looking woman with large tits and a very good figure, by the second button, my cock was hardening.

“Get undressed,” Gran demanded reaching behind to unsnap her bra, my mouth gaped open of her magnificent, large tits. Gran’s tits didn’t sag as I would have expected of her age, her large nipples and aureoles, making my mouth water.

“Well go on,” Gran demanded stepping out of her skirt and panties, Gran had the body to wear blouses and skirts, Gran dark hairy pussy showed no graying.

“Well go on, pants first,” Gran stood hands on hips looking directly in the eyes, until my hard cock pop into view.

“You certainly get it up quickly but that really doesn’t prove anything,” Gran came before me kneeling and took my cock into her mouth, within moments I was shooting cum down her throat with Gran swallowing all, my knees weaken with Gran guiding me to sit as she continued sucking.

“That does prove part of your story but I think I should investigate the evidence a bit further,” Gran took my entire cock down her throat. Cock never softening, seeing my gorgeous naked Gran, she was soon satisfied my cock would stay hard and climbed atop sinking my cock to her pussy bone, hunching to fuck me riding my cock.

“Whoa! That feels good, I do have to say,” Gran lifted one of her magnificent tits up to my lips, maybe I lasted five minutes and was blowing up Gran hairy pussy.

“Wow! You are a horny little fucker, aren’t you but you are not so little,” it was Gran’s eyes widening now. Off of me and onto the couch, Gran presented her lovely ass to me for fucking, from behind.

“Now if you can give Gran a good hard fucking.” Gran called and I immediately gained the position she requested, sinking my cock to the hilt. Grabbing Gran by the hips I slammed her cunt, ramming and giving it to her the way she wanted. Lasted much longer and knew when of Gran's orgasms. Very verbal she became shouting to pour it to her, a good thirty minutes I slammed, feeling Gran shudder time after time.

“That was a fanatic fuck but I do believe we do need to examine the evidence further,” with that Gran pulled away turning to her back and pulling her long legs up. Sight of my cum leaking out from Gran dark hairy pussy, my cock was up for another mauling of her cunt.

“How do you like this position,” Gran’s eyes were smiling as she toyed with the muscles of my abs.

“Gran, you are beautiful and your pussy feels as nothing, I’m never known,” pleasure of Gran’s eyes I fucked my Gran, each of us smiling to the other as we couldn’t stop ourselves. I have to be careful around Gran, when Mom is present, for the twinkle of Gran’s eye, can send my cock to rising.

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