Graduated By My Grandma

by Anonymous (Bloomsburg, PA)

My grandmother, in her early-60s had been a widow for about ten years. She’s sweet, of course. But, to be honest, she’s also pretty hot looking and maintained her slim figure and looked more of her in mid-40s. Soon after my graduation she invited me to spend a weakened at her place. She told me it would be a ‘graduation gift’. I accepted her invitation and drove to her place, a small duplex house at the outskirt of the town.

She took me to upstairs to the guest bedroom. I slept well in my first night there. After showering feeling very refreshed, I headed downstairs to be greeted by my grandma and smell of breakfast. We talked about her childhood days that often turned around her sex life during her younger age. We had dinner together with a fair amount of red wine. At the end of the meal, I helped grandma do the dishes.

I ran my eyes up and down her body from time to time - the curve of her ass, beautiful big breasts encased in lift bra. Our soapy hands kept making contact and I got a hard-on. She did notice it. At one point, she made some joke about it and I patted playfully on her ass cheeks. Grandma laughed too and patted me back and felt my hard-on over the boxer.

I moved from the kitchen and settled myself on the wide seat of the sofa in the living room. She soon followed me and sat down on my lap with her back to me. I could feel her firm but warm ass close against my crotch. ‘Lean back’, I said, putting one arm around her waist.

Hmmm! grandma leaned back and she threw her head back, and I breathed in the smell of her hair and could see her deep cleavage looking down her shoulder. I watched her massive tits rising and falling with each of her breaths. It was just too much, and by now my cock was starting to get harder and harder.

This didn’t seem to bother grandma. In fact, she gently began rubbing her ass against my crotch. Unable to resist, I leaned my head down and lightly kissed her cheek and neck. Grandma sighed again and leaned her head away from me, giving me full access to the soft, supple skin of her neck. I kissed her there and then nibbled my way up to her earlobe.

As I sucked her earlobe into my mouth, I heard her gasp. I moved my hands to her thighs and started stroking them. I got little bolder as I was looking for her lips to kiss and pushed my hand underneath to feel her crotch area, and with a sudden moan, she turned her head to me. Our lips met in a crushing kiss, and then our tongues met, hot and wet and there was tongue lashing.

This was new to me! I too began moaning, crazy with the passion of our tonguing. My cock felt like it was going to explode out of my boxer. I could now feel her pussy encased in her thin panties. OMG! It felt twice the size of the ex-gf’s pussy!! She raised one of her legs giving an easy access to my prodding fingers – yes, they reached the meaty, warm and wet destination.

Grandma stood up, took off her panties and turned to me. She laid her down on the floor and drew me onto her. Her breasts were heaving and she was too aroused. I began to kiss her on the lips, moving to her neck while kneading her boobs over her bra. The boobs felt firmer in my hands. I circled my arms around her neck and pulled her closer to me, sinking my face into her massive tits. Grandma shrieked in pleasure, pushing my face deeper and deeper into her tits.

Within seconds I almost ripped off her blouse and was sucking and squeezing her tits. As grandma moaned in pleasure, her soft boobs were in my hands now – massaged, squashed, smashed them as I put my mouth on her fat nips. I took one of her tits and began to massage, kiss, lick, nibble, and pinch it.

I then took other one and began to do the same. Grandma wrapped her hand around my cock as we were sucking on each others’ tongues. Granny raised her thighs wide open and guided my dick into her hot, wet pussy. I wrapped my arms around her back, gripped her lower back with my legs.

My hard cock glided into her pussy rather effortlessly – a warm and cushiony passage – not loose or too tight. Soon I was pumping my young hard cock into her with all my energy. It was the moment when I felt my balls tightening, and gave one final push, the tip of my throbbing cock touched the depths of her womb. Her giant tits quivered and shook with each of my thrusts.

Moaning and groaning in pleasure granny reached up to grab my hair and mash my face into her tits. I groaned in pleasure. As I pumped harder, grandma raised her hips to meet my every thrust. I even could feel my cock ramming against her thick swollen lump of the cervix. ‘Oh baby, feels so good . . . fuck me honey, fuck me hard.. Harder’.

After about ten minutes of fucking like animals in heat, I felt my climax boiling up ... 'darling, I grunted. I can hold no more…. Grandma moaned, ‘Yes, baby. Come on. Cum. Give it to me . . . give it deep in to me’. My whole body was shaking in lust as glob after glob of my cum was rushing into her hungry hole.

We were both totally lost in our mind with rhythmic orgasmic pleasure! I groaned and moaned and yelped. Grandma sighed as I emptied myself into her and then rolled off panting and sweating. I turned my head and granny too was panting, sweating, and sighing.

Grandma leaned over me with her tits squashing against my chest, she gave me a long, sweet kiss. She whispered enjoying her wish to fuck after a long l o n g time!! We will do it again, I moaned…

At night she came to my room and asked softly to come over to her room. When I reached her room, she was lying on her back - naked. Her large boobs splayed on both sides of her chest.

I climbed onto her bed and crawled over to her, running my tongue up her calves and her thighs, smelled the mesmerizing aroma of her pussy, then across her soft belly, over her heaving tits, and then up to her lips. We kissed long and deeply, our tongues dancing slowly together and I felt grandma’s smooth hand close around my cock.

She pulled her tongue out of my mouth. “Let’s do it again ….” I brought my mouth to her swollen pussy, shaven, thick brownish lips, and shiny clit head protruding a bit. I never came across such a large pussy with thick lips!! I separated the outer lips to discover the deep pink inner with slightly open slit. I ran my tongue couple of times ending with licking her about one-inch long clit.

She started moaning, I sucked her clit deep, lightly biting on it too. She held her thighs wider and I tried to push in my tongue in but she tried to squeeze her cunt as if trying to get hold of my tongue. She started muttering: ‘let’s do it … d o it please! My cock was dripping precum and I am too ready to do it but in different position!

This time I put her on her four, butt raising high and boobs dangling down … She pulled herself to her knees and resting her head on a cushion with her ass in the air and with her folded arms crosswise, reaching for her boobs to fondle them by ownself. I took position behind her butt. Her ass cheeks were still smooth like a woman in her 30s.

I gasped at the sight of her glistening pussy in between her crotch – darker and about 7 inches long, lips were hanging down between her crotch. I have been familiar with young pussies but not a mature or older one. I felt its warmth and wetness as I ran my fingers along its length. I separated the lips with my fingers to feel its wetness – juices yet to flow as I expected. So I started to play with her engorged clit using some precum from my cock. She opened her ass cheeks allowing me more access to her slit – it got fluffy and engorged by this time.

I knelt behind her for a moment thanking my luck for finding a hot mature woman still alive with sexual urges. Then I leaned forward and then straightened up and brought my hips up to her ass. First I rubbed my cock along her pussy slit giving special attention to the clit. I opened her slit and she gasped as I dragged the glans of my cock across her hot wet slit, her juices now started to flow.

I now slowly started pushing my throbbing cock into it. She gasped and clenched her pillow but slowly relaxed. The glans of my cock entered her slippery pussy at ease and her muscle of the entrance to her cunt seemed to clench the shaft as it began slowly drifted in and she yelped.

Slowly I began working my cock in and out but harder picking up speed of the thrust more. She moaned and gasped ecstatically as I went deeper and deeper into her. It was hot, felt hot deep inside her cunt.

My cock was buried in her pussy to the root. She was breathing heavy and responded my every thrust with her butt pushing back to me. I reached my hands around waist and rubbed her wobbly abdomen trying to reach her hanging boobs. I began fucking her in deep strokes and she grunted low and guttural in time with my thrusts.

‘Fuck me darling, smash my old hungry cunt….! Ram that big cock up my cunt! I’m cumming Ohhhhh – My Goddd….! Damn, you are good, darling’. Her words pushed me over the edge and I groaned loudly as I came shaking my whole body, this time deep into grandma’s vagina.

My cock had softened, but I twitched it from time to time as she kept on clenching her pussy muscles that slowly squeezed out my softening cock from her pussy. She turned on her side to draw me beside her. We relished our sweaty warm body and kissed each other. I thanked grandma softly for graduating me into an unforgettably sensual level!!

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