Good Friend with Benefits

by Anonymous

I am a married white man. Very straight acting muscular masculine 60 years old happily married but the last 3 years my old addiction has came back and I am not complaining at all.

I have a very good friend a couple years younger than me. He is Hispanic and like I said we have been very good close friends for years. My old addiction is having sex with other men and I really do enjoy getting fucked in the ass.

It all started one day when my friend and I were out at my cabin drinking beer and just talking. HE started telling how his wife didn't want sex anymore and that he still did.

We talked about that for awhile and drank several more beers and just jokingly he laughed and looked at me and said "Be glad you ain`t a woman buddy" I asked him what he meant and he said because I been without any pussy for so long if you were a woman I would fuck you.

We both laughed like hell and continued to drink more beer and about 1:00 in the morning we were both a little tipsy and were about to leave. I opened the gate and he stopped there to say something and being a little drunk I took a chance and just told him "Don`t go maybe we could work something out" He looked at me and I told him "We are good friends! What are friends for?"

He asked what I meant by that and I said we better have another beer if you want me to answer that. He said Ok I`m in no hurry so we drank another beer and I shared with my close friend my past history and he just listened and kept pulling at his crotch drinking his beer.

He didn't believe me at first but understood me as I continued to tell him my life story that I had never shared with anyone. I assured him that if he really needed to I would be available and no one would ever know what we were doing.

3 more beers later we left and in a few days he called and I was out at my cabin so he got some beer and came out to join me. I never mentioned it again but about dark after 10 or 12 beers he asked me if he could talk to me about our private conversation a few nights ago.

He seemed anxious to talk to me and after answering his questions in detail he told me he was horny as hell and asked me to promise to keep it between us if he did this. By then I was excited and very horny and said well no one is around you want to do something.

I went in the cabin and when he came in I was almost naked and he just stood there looking at me until I was naked then my dick was hard and sticking straight up and he walked over to me and said you are serious.

He said I really want to do this but know once I do it will be something I just might like and want again. I said well if you do we can do t again. He said I got to tell you now buddy I have a big dick and it may be too big for you to take but I sure need to fuck.

I told him to get out of his clothes and he wasn`t kidding. A huge thick brown Mexican dick that made my jaw drop. Once it was in my hand and I was stroking it he got excited and pre cum was running out the head of his huge meat. I told him he to take it easy on me but let him know I really wanted him to fuck me.

All I had was some olive oil for lube and he wanted to fuck me from behind so on my hands and knees with my ass full of olive oil he grabbed his huge dick and slowly pushed it in my ass. It was so fat it stung like hell and I had to ask him to go very slow.

It took awhile and I never did get all of it in my ass but before he was thru fucking me it was and his big nuts were banging against mine and I knew my ass was full of pre cum and he was pulling on my hips hard fucking me deep and slamming in to me really hard and I knew he was close and felt that big brown monster swell up in my ass and then he moaned out really loud and with his big bloated nuts pressed to mine he grabbed my shoulders and ground that monster dick around deep in my asshole and was telling me oh shit buddy take my cum!

Damn this feels good I want to fuck you all night! He shot 8 or 10 huge thick shots of cum deep in my asshole and it leaked out all around his thick cock and dripped off my balls and I could feel it trickle down my inner thighs. He is a lot bigger than me about 6 foot 4 275 lbs. real muscular and he was laying on top of me with his dick still very hard balls deep in my ass and he started to slowly fuck me again and this time he gave me a hard deep pounding and with all the cum in my ass it sure felt good and my nuts wouldn't cum any more.

I had came so much and I was laying in my cum with his between my legs and all over my ass and he wasn`t slowing down and after about 30 minutes or so he shot a second huge load up my asshole.

He couldn`t stop talking about it and I asked him to give me some more of that big Mexican dick and told him his cum sure felt good in my ass. He fucked me again and every day for the next week and now we both know when we are together he is going to fuck me and fill my asshole with hot Mexican cum.

After I sucked tat big dick on day on knees out by the storage shed he wanted to try it so now he enjoys sucking my dick and we 69 and swallow each other’s cum and he fucks the hell out of me 2 or 3 times a week if not more. Next weekend we are going out of town to a hunting show and will have a nice hotel room and it is going to get wild. Now after I mentioned it he wants to try a 3 way with another big dick Mexican guy.

I told him to find one and we could do it. He and I are really damn good friends now and I am going to show him how to tie me up and fuck my ass and let him rape me after we get drunk. His dick is huge, fat as hell and very long and the head sure feels good going in and out of my ass. I sure like fucking my good friend and like that hot Mexican cum in my ass.

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