Going all in at the Casino

by Anonymous

First a little about me. I'm 45 Male, married for about 25 years now. I had some extra time so I decided to have a little adult fun and head out to the casino on my on. I had been there for about an hour when a hand grabbed my shoulder while I was playing a slot machine. I turned to see my beautiful 21 year old niece staring at me.

Hey Kass I said, what are you doing? She said her and Jenna were just hanging out. I had always suspected Kassidy and Jenna were more than just casual friends, but wasn't sure. She asked if I was having any luck? Just than Jenna came up to us and she hugged me and said haven't seen you in a minute.

I responded not since Kass's 21st birthday. She said yeah, she didn't recall anything about that night. I soon lost all my credits and was considering calling it a day when Kass asked if I wanted to join them for a cocktail? I said yes, that would be great.

We walked towards the bar, but they passed the entrance and continued towards the hotel area. What about the drinks I asked with a bit of confusion? They laughed and said they had a room. We entered the elevator and Jenna selected the 4th floor. They giggled and whispered top each other during the short ride.

We excited the elevator and walked to the room. It was plush with a huge bed, hot tub and mini bar. Kass asked me what I wanted to drink? I said a whiskey with coke be good.. Jenna started mixing the drinks and we started off with small talk.

At some point Jenna stands up without a word and pulls her shirt off, her bra off. Her shorts fall to the floor, followed by her panties. Her young firm body on full display as she steps into the hot tub. I admit my eyes were locked on her. I could feel my cock getting hard when the silence is broken by Kass asking me if I wanted to join?

I turn to speak to her and there she stood stark naked. Her perky tits stood out with hard nipples. Her body was hairless. Before I could speak, she was undoing my button and unzipped my pants. I couldn't speak if I wanted too. I heard my zipper open as I watched Kass stare into my eyes.

Her head lowered in front of me as she fell to her knees. Her fingers grabbed at my swollen cock and she guided it straight into her mouth. It took about ten seconds and she had me in her throat. I've got a decent cock, about 8 inches, but I never been deep throated. It was unbelievable feeling my cock enter her throat.

I stared down at her watching my cock completely disappear in her mouth. I could feel my balls slapping her chin. This was incredible. I glanced up to see Jenna sitting on the edge of the hot tub fingering herself watching Kass swallow my cock.

I announced that I was about to cum expecting Kass to pull away. Instead, she grabbed my ass from either side pulling herself towards me forcing my cock deep into her throat. That's all i could handle! I exploded in her throat. I could feel her throat constricting around my cock as she swallowed me. She held me in her throat until she knew i was done then released me with a gasp for air.

She stood up and walked top Jenna where they started making out. I had to sit down, my legs were shaky.

More in part 2 to come.

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