Glory Hole

by Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

My wife wanted to go to the porn shop in town. She kept talking about the glory holes. So we went into a booth shut the door and within minutes a 6" limp cock was slid into the hole.

She started to suck it and it grew into a 10" hard on. And then it filled her mouth to over flowing. She swallowed it all and asked me if I liked what I saw? Then she said we can share the next one???

Then another dick poked in it was hard and 7" long this time she sucked it for a few and told me to take over. So I sucked it and he came in minutes. I had to swallow it all to keep any from being in my beard.

She asked if it tasted like my cum taste? And it did. So the next cock was small about 3" but it grew to about 5" hard. And he came fast. Then we decided that the next dick was going home with us. It was 8" and hard, and thick. I opened the door and asked him to leave with us.

We ended up going to his house and she sat on his dick as I was licking her. When he started to cum she pulled up and I sucked it all up.

He then told me to get on his dick I was starting to bend over and he grabbed me and shoved it all in I yelled out but it was all in and he pumped me hard for about 5 minutes my dick was spraying cum as he filled my ass hole.

He pulled out and ass fucked my wife. He said he loves tight ass holes. We left but I know we will be there again. I am going to start being a regular there for cum loads.

My Daddy And His Black Friend
Grace (Texas)

I'm 18 year old girl tall 5"11 black hair green eyes 38c breasts big nipples nice plump bubble curved ass. My mom works the overnight shift at the hospital working long hours.

I'm home with my Dad most of the time. I noticed that he has become more interested in me since I turned 18.

He has a card night on Saturday night he asked if I could serve sandwiches and chips drinks. Mom leaves for work now my Dad asked if I could put on something cute. I think that's odd but I put on a push up bra a thong and a short sundress.

So my dad's friends come over. I do what I'm asked. Now it's only my dad and our black neighbor. My dad is 50 our neighbor is 60. I see that my Dad has made me a margarita. I say no thanks. But he tells me he won't tell mom. So I take a sip it's really strong. I drank it all now I'm woozy.

So my dad takes me into the living room bends me over the couch lifts up my dress as he pulls my thong off. Daddy no he breaks my Virginity.

As my dad fucks me our black neighbor is stroking his cock. Now my dad pulls out shoots his load all over my ass.

Then I'm grabbed and taken in my bedroom our neighbor had me across the bed opens my legs puts them on his shoulders I'm opened wide now.

He puts his massive huge cock in me. I'm moaning and calling out oh God I'm cumming. Oh oh oh it's so deep.

Oh baby I’m cumming baby. No no not in me, too late he blows a giant load of cum into me. Now my dad is hard again, he then doggie style and cums in me. He gets me pregnant.

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