Giving A Hot Black Girl (I thought) A Ride

by Keith Wilson (Myrtle Beach, SC)

I was in my teens and one day going down the road I see this tall black girl walking on the side of the highway just as you were out of the city. There was no sidewalk so it wasn't very safe and as it was in the '70s and in the south and my being white some would not look at my offering her a ride as appropriate.

But I stopped, And I'll have to admit her big tits might have had a part in my decision. She thanked me and told me I could drop her off at a store about five miles up the road. We didn't talk much but as we got to the store she thanked me and said she could walk from there. And I said I could drive her, so she directed me down a road and when we got to a long dirt road with a house at the end she said it was right there.

I pulled in and started going up the road and about halfway up she told me to stop. She started leaning over and said she wanted to thank me and before I knew it she was unbuckling my belt. Soon she had my cock out and was sucking it. I slid the seat back making more room and she was really making me feel good. Licking up and down the shaft and around the head and sucking like a hoover vacuum cleaner.

And the fact she was older than me and black was really making it a lot hotter. At first, I was nervous but finally, I loosened up and reached down to get a handful of those big black tits. But was kind of shocked to find it was all foam rubber. But I knew some women padded their bra's. But then I saw her hair move and realized it was a wig. So I started looking closer at other things and when I looked at those big hands stroking my dick I knew it was a black guy in drag sucking my dick.

I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. But have to admit I had been enjoying the hell out of having him suck me off. So I just sat back and acted like I didn't know. When I was ready to cum I pulled his head down and shoved my cock deep in his throat as I unloaded load after load of hot cum and he swallowed every drop and licked me dry. Infact by time he finished licking my cock I was getting hard again.

And he was all for getting me off again saying that's why she liked young boys. They could bounce right back. But about that time there was a car pulling in behind us. It turned out to be his mother. So he thanked me for the ride. And was still pretending to be a girl an I assume thought I wasn't aware of the truth.

I just kind of passed it off as a one-time thing and certainly wasn't out looking for guys to suck my dick and especially black guys. And I saw him a few times after that and passed on bye. Then one day I saw him and I'd passed and for some reason, I went back and picked " HER" up.

I knew where to go and again we didn't talk much. And when we turned into the dirt road I automatically stopped at the same spot. He got a big smile and went to move over. But this time I slid my pants all the way off and turned sideways in the seat. And told him I wanted him to be able to really be able to get to it good this time.

He started sucking my cock and this time could go down and suck my balls. And at one point even had me roll back real far so he could rim me. I'd never had anyone stick their tongue in my ass. But must say it felt really good. And I swear I thought he was going to drain every single drop of cum out of me. When we were finished he told me again how much he loved sucking of young boys and said If I ever wanted to call and get together or bring some of my friends call and wrote the number and name Sharmane.

I saw him other times but never stopped and never called nor had a desire to. It's one of those things I don't regret but wouldn't do again and would only share somewhere like here. And admittedly it wasn't the only time I let a guy suck my cock. It was the only time they were black or in drag.

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