Girls Night Out

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Girls Night out

My mom Sue and her girlfriend Wanda from work went out to one of those places where the girls drinks, are free. I overheard Mom’s friend say, “Those places are usually packed with men, our chances of getting laid may possibly be very good, especially when Girls Night, is held on Friday.

New club’s grand opening and trying to get the business up and running. Mom’s friend came to pick her up, for our home was closer to the new club, if neither made a connection and too much to drink and have to call a taxi, Mom’s friend could stay the night.

To sleep I’d gone quite early as I am in college and have a part time job. After mid-night I was awakened from the noise of the two, evidently having a good time and their evening party, wasn’t quite over. Coffee and sandwiches Mom was making when I entered the kitchen, wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt.

“That place had more women than men, who’d thought the new club would work out like that,” I heard Wanda say, her words slurred.

“Here, we finally have a man. How old are you Tim,” wiping sleep from my eyes I sat to the table with Wanda.

“Nineteen,” I muttered, Mom asking if I wanted a sandwich and milk.

“He’s legal and the best looking man I have seen all night,” Wanda’s eyes very hungry, looking me up and down.

“Let’s see what you have down in there,” Wanda reached pulling my sweats open, peeking inside.

“Tim has a very nice bush, Sue. Nice and full but I can’t see much else. My arm is tired, is alright, I rest my hand here,” hand filled with cock Wanda began eating with one hand, my cock harding of her warm hand, Mom didn’t look me in the eye.

“Ooh, a nice piece of meat, we have here,” caught like a deer in the headlights, Mom gave a sheepish glance my way, sure Mom quite tipsy herself.

“Shit! Have you seen this thing, Sue,” Mom nodded no.

“Stand up Tim, we girls need a show,” Wanda shoved her sandwich aside, Mom looked me in the eye for the first time.

“Sue, this thing has to be eight inches long and thicker than I can close my fingers around,” Mom looking me in the eye, saying nothing, I stood up.

“Shit,” Wanda announced pulling my sweats down, Mom’s eyes went down and back to my eyes with a smile.

“This thing could make any woman happy,” Wanda looked to Mom wide eyed, tugging me closer to her open mouth.

“Damn Sue, this thing taste good. I haven’t had a cock like this, in forever,” Wanda took as much as she could.

“Move around here, Tim. Let your Mom have a taste,” Wanda guided me between her and Mom without removing my cock from her mouth, until she was able to aim my cock, in Mom’s face.

“Jez! Girl, you just ate eight inches of solid cock, not dick but cock down to the bone!”

Looking down in to Mom’s eyes I felt and saw a sense of wonder, come to us both, my cock in Mom’s mouth, loving my cock. Down to the bone again, Mom held me for a moment, beautiful moment. Heat of my balls I felt, it wouldn’t be long and I’d be cumming. Mom must have sensed, hand cupping my balls, Mom’s eyes never leaving mine. Never had my cock felt so fanatic, felt my orgasm coming. All my cum Mom swallowed and kept loving my cock, eyes ever to mine.

“Damn Girl! I think you just enjoyed his cumming, as much as he did,” Mom kept sucking and loving my cock.

“I’m calling my nephew, he don’t live far, if I catch him home. He’s always wanted this pussy. Fuck incest taboo, I’m going to get me some cock, hoping that boy can stay hard like, Tim,” I slipped my hand down Mom’s low cut blouse, capturing tits and hard nipples.

“Fuck! I told my nephew I’d meet him on the street. Damn Girl! If I was you, I’d lead that cock to my bed, I know your pussy has to be wetter than hell.

In Mom’s bed naked by the time Mom pulled the covers back, it doesn’t take long getting out of sweats and t-shirt, Mom’s eyes locked to mine. Undressing I eagerly watched Mom, as each item was removed, more and more excited I became. Of course I’d peeked at Mom over the years, you don’t live in a house with a woman as beautiful as my Mom and not see the sexy woman, now standing before me.

Gorgeous slim legs, flat across the hips, tits to make mouth water, Mom laid beside me taking into her arms. A word neither of us spoke, feeling Mom’s warm naked body, kissed entwined together. Beautiful kiss, my hand finding Mom’s hairy pussy, wet and warm. Eyes to each other, lying side by side, Mom raised her leg atop my hip and eased my hard cock in.

“You are so beautiful Mom,” the wonder of each other love, my huge thick cock deep inside Mom’s loving pussy. Rolling atop, I began a slow gentle fucking, a power I felt come of my cock. The pleasure I saw in Mom’s eyes, the gentle sweet loving kisses Mom gave, carried more passion than any tongue battle. Eyes to Mom’s, I lasted long, fucked my beautiful Mom through a really big orgasm, Mom quietly moaning with every stroke of my cock, cumming with her.

To my surprise my cock stayed hard and I rose up to watch my huge cock slid in and out of Mom’s, dark, hairy pussy. Thirty minutes or more before I came my third time of the night, learning Mom could cum many times, willed myself to wait another of Mom’s, really huge orgasm. Last far beyond an hour before my fourth cumming and watched tears form of Mom’s eyes, rolling down her lovely face.

“Why are you crying Mom,” questioning and kissing Mom’s tears.

“That was the most beautiful, carrying, love making I have ever known,” understood Mom’s passion completely.

“I love you Mom,” searched for more words, those three little words didn’t say well enough, what I was feeling in my heart.

“I love you, Tim,” Mom quietly whispered.

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