Girls Night (Eating) Out

by Always Fucking Horny

Not too long ago, i had an experience that rocked my world, to say the least. Before this day, i always considered myself to be straight, until one night, i stayed the night at my lesbian friends house.

It was a late Friday night, and as many teenagers do, my friend (let’s call her Ann) and i decided to get very high.

We spent a good hour or so passing back and forth blunts until we were both pretty fucked up. It was a really good time, but the higher i got, the hornier i got.

I began to notice how wonderful Ann's tits looked, how round her butt was, and i wondered what her pussy tasted like. Every time she bent over, i could see the outline of her pussy, and i wanted to eat it so bad.

I knew Ann was very gay, but i was worried that any moves could ruin our friendship, so i had to figure out a way for it to just ~happen~.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter the more i thought about her, and i almost thought about just masturbating, but again, i couldn’t ruin our friendship.

"Hey Ann," i said, going off a whim, "crazy question, but does weed ever make you horny?" As soon as i asked, she blushed.

"Umm, yea, sometimes..." she said, superly shyly. It was so cute.

"What about now?" I asked, scooting closer to her.

Again, her faced turned red and she looked down in embarrassment.

"Maybe a little," she giggled. Ooh i wanted to fuck her so bad.

"Well, to be honest, i am very turned on. "I said. At this point, i thought, fuck it. I’m going to give this girl a damn good time and we are going to fuck.

"Oh you are??" She said, flirty and excited.

"Yes," i leaned in for a kiss, and she accepted. We made out for ten minutes, and i played with her tits, rubbing her back down her ass, kissed her neck.

"Mmh" she moaned.

I started kissing my way down her body while taking off her clothes. I kissed her neck and her chest. I took each boob in my mouth and flicked her beautiful, yummy nipples with my tongue.

She was softly moaning the whole time, and it felt so good knowing she liked it. I kissed her belly and took off her shorts. She was so wet, and her pussy looked so yummy. I teased her by licking her thighs and kissing below her belly button until she was dripping wet and moaning.

I slowly started to suck on the labia, and she moaned so loud. I made circles around her clit and slow stuck a finger in, feeling for her g-spot. She was so turned on, she was moaning and had her head back, hips up and eyes closed.

I added another finger and started to finger her more rapidly while licking her very large clit. She was going crazy, but she had one hand on my head, pushing me in her pussy, and the another playing with her tits.

I rubbing her gspot until her was screaming in joy then stuck my tongue in her tight, wet pussy. Mmh she tasted so good. I rubbed her clit fast and hard until she was screaming "I’M ABOUT TO CUM" in between long, deep moans.

I rubbed and tongue fucked her until she squirting all over me. I slowly eased up, cleaning up the beautiful messed she made. I kissed her so she could taste her own cum.

"Holy..." she moan "...fuck, you are so good." She wanted to say more, but in between being stoned and her orgasm, she couldn't.

At this point, i was so wet, i had completely soaked my own underwear with cum. I fingered myself, just enough to get my love juices on my fingers, then allowed her to taste me. I wanted her to eat me out so bad. As soon as i did that, she sat up, threw me on the bed, and started kissing me all over.

My shirt was already off, but i was still wearing shorts. In between her kisses, i slowly took off my pants, exposing my dripping wet pussy. She went straight to business, licking my clit and fingering me two fingers at a time. I was having trouble keeping quiet, it felt so good, and she was fast, no messing around.

About two minutes into her doing that, i felt myself getting ready to cum. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face in my pussy.

"Eat me good babe, I’m about to cum," i moaned. I came so much and so fast, i could barely move. She cleaned up every bite on cum, then laid next to me on the bed.

I orgasmed so hard, that i was still dripping when we were done. I felt so good and i knew she did too. We ended up cuddling, with our legs intertwined. I could feel her pussy on my leg and she could feel mine on hers.

We slept like that all night, and woke up still high and horny again. We ate each other out (this time in a 69 position) then went and got breakfast. I still masturbate thinking about Ann and that night, and i hope we can do that again soon.

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