Girls Holiday

by Katie Lewis (England)

5 of my single girlfriends decided to go on a holiday and asked if I would make the 6 after begging my husband to let me go and a lot of promises I will be faithful he agreed for me to go. So in 6 weeks I was going to be in the sun. We jetted of to the sun and one last promise that I will be faithful. We get to the hotel in pack and decided to go into town for cocktails. After a couple of jugs of cocktails the girls are flirting with any guy’s who show interest in them.

One of my friends said she would sit with me while the others carried on. As we sat drinking another jug of cocktail two black guys come and sat with us chatting and flirting with us I think it was the drink but I started to enjoy the attention my friend could sense this and dragged me off to the toilet when we got there she said if you want to play with them what goes on stays on holiday and knowing it’s a fantasy of mine to have a black cock she said I should go for it.

After a lot of thinking I said yes so she told me to sex myself up a bit so I put more lipstick on she suggested I took my bra off and show my cleavage of as I was doing this she put her hands up my skirt and pulled my knickers off she said your big pants are not sexy so I adjusted my skirt to make it shorter and if we want back to these guys.

The flirting got hotter I got horny then the kissing started with him putting his tongue down my throat while this was going on his hand made it’s way into my blouse and on to my tits his other hand found it’s way up my skirt that when he whispered in my ear and said you little slut so want black. As i put my hand on his crouch and felt a cock that was huge and it wasn’t even hard. I looked over to where my friend was and I could see her on her knees head buried in the other guy’s lap head bobbing up and down, just has the guy I was with pushed a finger into me and a shudder went down my spine as I had my first orgasm.

He said to his friend I think we should take these two sluts to the hotel. As we walk back to the hotel the guy I was with had his hand up the back of my skirt and a finger in my bum crack I haven’t even done my blouse up and my boobs were exposed. When we got to the hotel I realised it was the same hotel that we were staying at.

He took me to his room while my friend went to ours, as soon as we got into the room he pushed me onto my knees and undid his trousers and out popped this huge black cock it was at least 10” long and as thick as my arm as I gasped he pushed it into my mouth as I struggled to get it in, he held my head and eased it down my throat until I was gagging he carried on fucking my throat for what seemed ages.

Then he lifted me onto the bed and stripped my blouse and skirt off pushed my legs over my shoulders and started kissing and licking my very wet pussy his tongue seemed to find every spot as I orgasmed like I never before.

I started to beg for him to make love to me, as I’m not on the pill I asked him to put a condom on which he did as he entered me I thought I’m not going to be able to handle his size he gently pushed into me as I screamed with pain as he stretched my pussy wide once he was in he waited until I was comfortable with his size then he started easing in and out he increased the pace and I could sense he was about to cum he pulled out of me and pulled the condom off and position over my mouth and shot this thick sticky cum into my mouth.

Feeling well satisfied I feel a sleep in his arms. About 8.00 I crept out of his room back to mine as I walk down the passage way I bumped into the guy my friend was with he smiled at me and said good night. I went into our room to find my friend naked on the bed covered in dry cum and love bites around her boobs, as she woke she smiled and said that was the best sex she ever had and I must agree it was mine.

After a couple of hours and cleaned up we decided to get some sun around the pool the other girls came as well and you can guess what the conversation was about and the last comment was you are a married woman. As we laid there I heard a voice asking if I need sunscreen rubbed on my back I looked up and saw this muscular black guy stood over me all I could do was nod after a back massage I was feeling hot when my friend came over and whispers in my ear to go to our room when we get there the two guys were waiting outside we go into the room and we all strip with only my friend and me only having bikini bottoms on.

They pushed us to our knees and start pushing their black cocks into our mouth mirroring each other after about 5 minutes of giving oral they put us together on the bed they part our legs and enter us as if we were looking in a mirror I was getting wetter every time I looked at my friend never seen someone else getting fucked except on porn video. Next I feel a hand on my head pushing it towards my friend the next thing I can feel her warm lips against mine and her working her tongue into my mouth it was the first time I have ever been kissed this way by a female.

The guy I was with asked how dirty I could be I answered as dirty as you want me to be not knowing the guy my friend was with was being asked the same, the guy I was with laid on his back and got me to climb on to him as he entered me I could feel my bum hole being stretched as another cock goes into my back passage I nearly pass out next I look up and my friend has position her pussy in front of my face and begging for me to eat her never been with a female I just want for it kissing and tongue her shaved pussy I knew I must have been doing it right as well she was moaning while all this was going on my pussy and ass was being stretched.

After a few minutes of me being pounded my friend wanted her pussy filled so the guy’s arranged us so our heads were by each other pusses after a little pounding they would pull out and put it in our mouth’s after a while I could sense the guy in me was about to as they wasn’t wearing a condom I begged him not to cum in me with that he pulled out and pushed me unto my back and started to cum over my boobs with the sight of him cumin his friend done the same with that my friend started sucking and licking it off me and spitting in my mouth. This carried on for the next couple of day’s the 4 of us in the afternoon and in his bed at night.

On their last day they said they wanted to take us to a special place they told us to wear these blouse which was see through with no bra and our shortest skirt with no knickers and our makeup as sultry as possible we meet up and they walked us into town and took us into this club as we went in it was semi darkness but I could make out that we were the only white people in there.

We found a both to sit and ordered drinks, with that they started to pull at our tops and pushing our skirts up with all this going on I noticed a small crowd forming and watching after a while the guy’s asked if we wanted to be dirty in which we both said yes thinking it will be with them but our thoughts were gone when they took us to the stage and told all the guy’s to do what they wanted with that were pushed on to our backs with our legs open wide and cocks in our pussy and mouths me begging for them not to cum in me but it was to late the first guy filled me with hot cum and everyone else doing the same after about a couple of hours we were fully used the guy’s had to get us a taxi back to our hotel.

With a kiss and cuddle they left for home only knowing there first name and knowing we will never see them again, the next couple of days dragged by laying round the pool and going into town. When I got home my husband meet us at the airport he kept asking if I had a good time and did I stay faithful as soon as he got into our house he dragged me into the bedroom and stripped me and fucked me like it was the last time.

After a couple of weeks I started to feel sick in the morning I thought I’m pregnant I phoned my friend and told her she suggested I did a test which I did and it was positive I told my friend and she said it could be my husband but to be safe she suggested I abort the baby, as I went home my husband was over the moon with me being pregnant I didn’t know what to say so i kept quiet about the holiday hopping it was my husband 9 months later I give birth with my husband stood at the bottom of the bed I hear him say what the fuck is that as I gave birth to a gorgeous black baby boy my husband left the hospital with the words slut never to be seen again by me. The only thing is how can I tell my son who his dad is. My friend and I decided to get tattooed across the bottom of our backs in Chinese writing black slut.

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