Getting Some Summer Sun

by Tom (Illinois)

Getting Some Sun. At my previous residence which was in town I would lay out in the summer & soak up the sun. Both the north side & south side of my back yard were fenced in by neighbors. I would always lay on the south side in between the neighbors fence & my home.

This was the sunniest side & that fence was a privacy fence. Being a typical horny male I would lay out nude to get an all over tan. I liked laying in a chase lounge & always had a towel or two with me just in case someone dropped by unexpectedly.

I would lay on my back for awhile then roll over on my stomach to toast my buns. After all I wanted an even tan all over. After a couple of hours in the sun just the sight of my own cock & balls would turn me on & I hated to waste a good hard-on.

So I would start edging building up a nice load for a warm creamy afternoon snack. I got in the habit of following this routine every nice warm summer day. At this time I did not know it but the neighbor woman on the south side was watching me through the fence.

After I was out there sunning for about 15 minutes I would hear her storm door open. She would watch me through the small opening between the boards. I saw her one day through the same opening on my side of the fence. Okay a small audience I needed to give her a good show.

The next day I brought out some toys to play with. I raised my ass up in the air lubed up my hole & started finger fucking my puckered butthole. After I got it loosened up I slipped in one of my dildos & started pumping away at my man pussy. I know she could see the silicone prick gliding in &out of my asshole. This made me fuck myself even faster & harder moaning & groaning. I could feel the wetness of my pre-cum forming on the head of my throbbing shaft.

I had better eat that sweet Clear juice before it drips off & is lost. I wiped my yummy fluids away with my fingers & licked & sucked them clean. I left the cock in my ass & rolled over & put some nipple pumps on my swollen nipples lubed up my cock & started stroking it slowly. After my nipples started to ache I removed the pumps & started pulling & twisting them my cock was flailing wildly & slapping my belly wanting to spew my heavy creamy load of man nectar.

Not yet maybe just one little spurt for lube. A shot of white semen was running down the length of my shaft. I smeared it onto my aching ballsack. My bladder was completely full & I needed to empty it. This would delay my cum load shortly. While my dick was sticking straight up in the air & aimed at my face I started releasing a huge load of piss covering my chest cock & balls & filling my open mouth. I was totally piss soaked.

It felt really good pissing on myself & relieved the pressure on my bladder. Now I was really turned on. After pissing on myself & drinking my urine while someone was watching me. I wished I had three hands so I could pump my ass while I was stroking my prick. I would love to have had her pulling on my nipples while I jerked my dick.

All sorts of nasty thoughts were dashing through my filthy mind as I brought myself closer to orgasmic pleasure. I could feel my asshole tighten around the dildo & knew cum time was near. Such a wonderful feeling when the first rope of cum travels from the nuts up the shaft & out through the piss slit. One right after the other spurt after spurt of sticky white cream up in the air then falling & splashing on my belly. I collapsed flat on my back exhausted.

I saw all the yummy cum on my chest & belly & busied my self cleaning up every delicious drop sucking & licking my fingers clean. I heard her storm door open & close gone for now. I got back to soaking up the sun & giving my cock a few tugs to get every last drop of my man juice.

The next day I was getting the mail in the front yard. There she was staring at me. She said you know that you are a really nasty man. I have been watching you everyday sunning in the back yard & jacking off every time. I said so do you want me to stop showing off or would you like to see more? Oh please don’t stop maybe you could invite me in sometime & let me help you. That would be well with me but thats another story.

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