Getting My Mom

by Ron (NV)

I was lying there naked on top of my mom, feeling the soft fullness of her bare breasts and the stiff projections of her nipples against my chest. Down below I was savoring the pleasure of my stiff penis being in her soft, warm, wet vagina.

“Oh, honey …” she murmured , as she lay with her arms around behind my back and her eyes squeezed shut, a look of pleasure on her face.

“It feels so good being in you, mom,” I said back as I gently raised and lower my hips, sliding my erect male organ in and of her female depths.

My mom and I had been doing this now for a little over a year, ever since she and my dad had divorced. My mom and I had always been close while I was growing up, and after the divorce we just seemed that much closer.

I know that we both found the idea of our doing some intimate teasing and appealing, so when we finally managed it was quite easy really. We had gotten naked in her bedroom and proceeded to have intercourse.

I think that we were both surprised that we were that daring, and it had been so wonderful. The two of just lying there on the bed making physical love.

My mom had been fixed so there was no concern about me getting he pregnant, so being able to ejaculate my sperm into her vagina had just made it so satisfyingly complete for both of us.

Of course if my father ever found out that my mom and I were fucking like this, or anyone else for that matter, it would have seemed terrible. But to us it was so rewarding to sexually share our feelings.

For that last year we had been enjoying this at least once a week, and often more than that. Neither of us were in the east embarrassed about showing our interest and we would delight in spending the morning having sex.

I really liked how it felt to fuck my mom, to get my enormously stiff erection into the slick interior of her organ, to watch the pleasure this produced on her face. I loved making her climax, and right then she was doing just that.

“UHHHH …” she gasped, arching her back as she endured the intense excitement of both her clitoris and vagina delivering their release. “UHHHHHH!!!”

I smiled. I loved seeing this and giving her such pleasure with my penis.

When she finished I continued to fuck her until I could feel my penis reach the point where there was no holding back. In the next instant I felt the semen surge out, delivering an overabundance of my male-liquid deep inside of her. It was so incredibly gratifying to be giving my own mom my sperm.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” I grunted with each pulse.

I felt my ejaculation ending and I laid there letting the last flow of semen ooze out to add to what was already there.

When I finished I looked weakly down at her and saw my mom looking up, smiling at me.

Once more we had successfully made love as mother and son and it was so terrific.

It was a good thing that she was still on the pill, of course. Although both of found the idea of my getting her pregnant, of my sperm joining with her egg, a pleasing and very appealing one.

“You know …” she remarked, “I could stop taking the pill.”

I grinned back. “Do you want me to get you pregnant?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t mind. I find that idea so exciting,” she confessed.

“So do I,” I replied, still laying there with my penis still in her vaginal depths.

“Mmm … I could stop taking it, and then when you put your sperm in me, I could thoroughly enjoy it.”

“It would feel so good putting sperm into you and doing that as nature intended,” I said.

“Then I’ll stop taking it,” she announced.

I was feeling the excitement of this making my penis hard again.

“Maybe I’d better fuck you some more … just to practice,” I said.

“Oh, yes,” my mom said back. “Definitely fuck some more sperm into me.”

My mom stopped taking the pill and during that next month we started fucking even more. A month later my mom was pregnant. It was so exciting to think that we had just celebrated our intimacy as mother and son like this. It was exciting.

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