Getting Caught

by Anonymous

I was just about to go to school when I saw through the crack of the fence, Cedrick sucking this one girls ass off, I sat on the ground trying to be silent while masturbating at the thought of me and him.

My feet went cold when I saw his eyes staring this way, then I realized he was looking at my tight pussy.

He told the girl he was fucking to leave and then he walked in my direction. I kept saying to him I didn’t mean to make it awkward.

He climbed over the fence tearing my pants off while eating my hot ass and making his way to the pussy, I moaned so loud and I started to rub his hair, I spread my leg wide apart and I watched him rip his underwear off.

I was so horny I couldn’t wait. I jumped on him making a loud sound, luckily no one noticed and he only thought about my ass and my hard pussy.

I then said, “Your turn,” and slowly moved down and started to suck his hard as rock cock, it was so juicy and refreshing, I wanted more of it. So I pulled him down and sat my pussy on his dick.

I moaned and he was pushing so hard it almost lifted me off the ground, my pussy started to tingle so I craved more, I wanted all his dick in me but it was too big. Then I stood as he licked my pussy. It felt so good.

Half an hour later, I got to school.

The Best Sex And Day Ever!
JellyDoctor (USA)

So there is this guy I have liked since like... Kindergarten? Well, doesn't really matter. We only hugged like.. a lot. We kissed like 4009 times I threw a party and he came, so I hid in my room.

After a little while of cowering in my room he found me, and we talked for a while. After that we looked at each other for a minute. Then, before I knew it, his lips were in mine, and we were making out really hard.

My lips were starting to hurt once he finally said, "Where are the condoms?" I pointed to a box on my dresser. He ripped open the condom rapper, and undid his belt. He tore off all of my clothes, and his. I look at his cock. It wasn't even hard yet. I asked, "69?".

He gave me a devilish grin, and then put his face to my pussy leaving his cock right next to my face. He started licking my wet pussy. "mmm... yes! oh y-yes! Yes! Oh my god! aghhhh!" I yelled.

I started sucking his dick, and kept sucking until he was hard. When it got hard, holy shit, it must have been a foot long! I spit all over his dick and inserted into me. He moaned, which made me cum.

He started fucking me so damn hard. "Oh my- Oh fuck! YES!! Harder!" I yelled.

He started to slow down ad then gt on top of me and went harder and faster this time. He grabbed my boobs and kept going. I was shaking of how good it felt. He got tired and layed down on his back.

No. We can't be done. I got on top of him and put my pussy on his dick. I started rolling my hips slowly, and after a while after me getting tired, he got on top of me again, and started thrusting more and more.

We went at it all night, until we fell asleep. I fell asleep on him with his dick still in me. When I woke up I started rolling on his dick more. He woke up, and then we had a repeat of last night. This was the best day of my life.

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