Getting Caught by my Brother-in-law

by Mike (Ontario)

My wife was away and when I get the urge I undress and masturbate anywhere in the house. I was in the basement when my cock told me it was time. I took off my clothes and laid on the floor. I always fantasize about cock when I am alone. There I was eyes closed and, fantasizing about cock and just in my own world. I exploded and cum all over my stomach, my cock just kept squirting away.

I opened my eyes and there smiling was my brother-in-law watching me. I did not know what to say.

"You really get off on that don't you?"
"I didn't hear you at all"
"I came over as I needed a tool that I don't have"
"you do masturbate don't you"
"yes but I loved watching you beat your meat"

I got up and went to the shower to clean up. Brad was on the couch smiling at me.

"Doesn't Kathy fuck you enough"
"yes but when she is away I masturbate as well"
"you sure had a big smile on your face as you pounded away, what were you thinking about"
"I fantasize when doing it"
"fantasize about what"
"how is it to think of one?"
"I started by loving my own cock, as I looked at it I really wanted to suck on it"
"never mind where's that tool and I'll be going"

Brad left and I didn't know if he would say anything. When he came over the following week, Kathy had invited him over for supper. At the dinner table he said

"Kathy I have something to tell you when I came over last week and found Mike in the basement doing something"
"Brad please don't"
"Mike you didn't say anything about Brad being here"
"oh Brad come with me I have to show you something downstairs, it's special"

We both got up and went to the basement.

"are you crazy, you can't tell her about what happened"
"Mike touch me here"
"because I'm hard"
"why is that"
"the image of you masturbating that cock of yours was burnt in my mind and now I just think about it"

I touched his cock and he was hard, then he touched mine and I was hard to. Kathy asked if everything was alright and we answered yes and don't worry about us as we will be busy here for a while. We heard her walk away.

Brad was very excited as was I. I dropped my pants and underwear. My cock pointed at Brad, then he dropped his pants and underwear, needless to say he was very hard. I looked at his cock, he was cut nice and thick, it excited me to see one for real. Brad looked at mine and said

"oh my god your cock is so hot man"

We stood there, we started to masturbate, Brad got close to me and had his cock touch mine and I pushed back.

"Mike all I could think about was your cock and how much I wanted it, I wasn't going to tell Kathy anything as I wanted it"

We laid down and masturbated together. Then I reached for his cock and he reached for mine. We masturbate until exploding.

Brad always comes over now when Kathy goes out of town and we have become masturbating buddies ever since.

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