German Foreign Exchange Student: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Yes I hurt but at the same time it felt wonderful! I had never had anal sex before . . . I mean never had another man fuck me before with his cock!

I finally was moaning so loud I saw Susan across the bed from me watching . . . watching Yana fuck me . . . breeding my ass like I was just that . . . a pussy she could fuck anyway she desired!

I saw Susan holding her phone and yes . . . she too was making her own movie of me being raped . . . yes raped by a young stinky hairy German girl that was using us both!

I felt myself finally cum . . . yes and I did shoot out of my penis! Susan had her hand under my balls and penis and was catching any cum that flowed out!

“Here Bob,” Susan moaned, “Enjoy this love!”

Susan took her hand full of cum and pushed it against my mouth. I began licking it . . . tasting my own cum like it was nothing at all!

“I always wanted to see you eating cum Bob,” Susan exclaimed, “I just never dreamed it would be your own love! I always masturbated thinking about another man fucking you mouth and shooting his cum down your throat . . . you know like in the porn movies!”

Yana finally pulled her black cock out of my ass and climbed up on our bed. She told me to lick and cuck her cock clean . . . very clean! I followed her demands as Susan continued aiming her phone at me. I was amazing just how dirty that cock was! I knew that Susan was filming me licking my own poop off of that cock . . . my own poop right in front of my wife!

Yana was right . . . and not just about me! Susan and both requested her to fuck us both quite often. It was wonderful just how she could make us both cum at her demand!

Of course Yana still enjoyed both Susan and I kissing and licking her hairy body at her demand! Yana actually stopped showering all together . . . as she put it . . . you two keep me perfectly clean with you tongues!

Susan and I had never been as stinky or unclean as Yana remained for that year with us! And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better . . . I mean sex wise . . . Jana shared a surprise with us!

The three of us drove to the airport again . . . but this time to pick up her youngest brother! Yana and her brother slept together once we returned home and she had told her brother all about fucking both Susan and I . . . that became very clear!

Once again I heard Susan moaning but this time it wasn’t Yana fucking Susan . . . it was Hans! My oh my . . . Hans cock was just as big and Yana’s strap on cock! He was fucking Susan just as hard as Yana ever did!

Then I finally saw Yana was laying at the top of our bed . . . legs spread . . . with Susan eating her stinky pussy too! Yana was holding Susan’s head pulling her harder and harder against her hairy pussy!

Once again I was leaking pre-cum all over the place! Hans was really fucking Susan . . . I guess the way she had masturbated too! A real man’s cock filling her pussy as she had so desired!

Hans finally pulled his cock out of my wife’s pussy and WOW his cum was all over the place!

“Bob,” Yana demanded, “Get in there and lick your wife’s freshly fucked pussy all clean . . . now!”

I climbed up between Susan’s legs and pushed my mouth against her hot pussy! I mean it really was hot to the touch as my mouth began to drink in all of Hans cum! I didn’t know if it was flowing out on its own or if Susan was pushing his cum out into my mouth!

I drank and drank this fresh cum . . . this German boy’s cum until there was none left!

The very next day Hans told me to follow him into our bedroom. I knew what was going to happen and sure enough Yana was on the bed . . . this time face down and Susan was lying in a 69 position allowing Yana to finger her pussy all the time while she was holding her phone . . . again for movies!

Hans bent me over and rubbed his spit onto my butthole . . . and then began to push!

“Oh shit,” I moaned, ‘My god Hans . . . yes oh yes please!”

Yana had fucked my butthole enough times that I had really gotten into being her fucking man pussy . . . as she named my butthole! My Hans real man’s cock felt totally different than the black strap on cock! His was so nice and warm and the skin on skin felt very nice too!

Best of all was smelling and licking Yana’s stinky butthole as Hans was having his way with my man pussy!

“Bob,” Hans spoke, “Yana told me how you were getting off having her fuck you and Susan! She told me that you by far had become her own little man whore . . . asking . . . no begging her to rape your man pussy . . . just like our mum rapes our father’s! You good fuck Bob . . . much tighter than Susan’s pussy!” With that Hans pulled me hard against him as I could feel him pumping his hot cum deep into my ass!

Just as Yana had done Hans turned me around and pushed his shit covered cock into my mouth! Both Yana . . . and Susan watched as I ate his nasty cock clean!

Hans began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth . . . actually fucking my mouth . . . holding my head with both hands!

“That’s it Bob,” Susan said, “Suck this real man cock . . . suck it like I have seen you do so many times in my dreams love! I knew we BOTH have missed out on the feeling of a real man’s cock . . . nice and big and long . . . fucking both of us!”

It was at that time I realized that Susan was right! I too had dreamed about being with another man! A man that had a real cock . . . not a tiny penis like I do! As I continued to think about both Susan’s and my sex dreams I felt Hans begin to pump more of his hot cum into my mouth!

“Oh yes Bob,” That’s it my love, “Suck his cock and drink down his cum like you have always wanted to my dear. I’ve seen some of the Web Pages you have Book Marked to the Gay Boys Sites . . . you know the black men fucking white pussy boys . . . I’ve known for some time now that your tiny penis needed a real man’s cock ramming your pussy mouth and your pussy butthole!”

I drank Hans cum down and it was so much better than eating my own cum from Susan! He pumped and pumped . . . oh to be young and able to cum time after time . . . just fucking any hole that is available to his large cock!

Again Susan and I held each other that evening talking about all the sex that was going on! Neither of us had ever thought we would enjoy such sex . . . ever . . . let alone at 65 years old! How is the world did we get so lucky getting Yana assigned to us through the Foreign Exchange Student Programs!

“Bob,” Susan began, “I hope you understand why I am sharing with you about loving Hans’s large cock . . . and well how much I am enjoying him . . . you know . . . fucking me! You also know how much I love you BUT you also know that . . . just how small your penis is! You remember that we were both virgins when we met . . . well this is the first time in my life that I have been filled . . . you know a real man cock filling my pussy!”

“I understand Susan,” I replied, “Susan I get it . . . I do! After feeling his cock in both my mouth and my . . . well my pussy I now understand how a real man’s cock works! When he is fucking my mouth and I am able to drink down his cum . . . well you have watched me . . . I too am enjoying Hans . . . and even Yana and her strap on cock! Having my . . . well my pussy filled is a totally new feeling and I can see that I want to continue to experience this feeling . . . you know real men fucking me too!”

“Do you think we should ask Yana if Hans could stay the rest of the year with her?” I asked Susan.

“I think that would be wonderful Bob!” Susan replied!

So Yana and Hans continued with us for the next 10 months! The sex was great and even getting to see both Yana and Hans naked around us all the time . . . and allowed to watch the two of them having sex was really great too!

I know several of our neighbors have seen us out on our deck . . . all naked in and out of the hot tub and of course the sex and takes places out there also! It could be interesting if a neighbor to two might want to join in some time having sex with Susan and I!

It has gotten so that I can take Hans cock up my man pussy anytime he desires! And getting to suck his cock . . . well let’s just say that my jaws have become much more relaxed . . . along with my throat becoming more relaxed hosting his large cock and draining his balls!

Susan has stopped shaving . . . allowing her body hair to grow out AND has stopped taking showers too . . . so her body is now stinky all the time! Yana is really grooming Susan to be that new sex wife . . . but has informed me that she will continue to need real man cocks . . . so in between Foreign Exchange Students I will have to find men to service her . . . you know . . . fuck her to keep her happy! Ok so a new ad in our St. Louis River Front Times!

Hans enjoys Susan’s new way of life . . . as he was so used to his sister Yana’s body hair and her stinky pits, pussy and butthole! Susan and I have also already started looking at signing up for host MORE Foreign Exchange Students in the future! Yana has shared that she know several other girls and boys that would love to come to American and get to breed a white wife and husband!

Yana has also shared that her mum has talked about coming over from Germany for a visit here! She has shared that she like the idea of getting to not only fuck another man pussy . . . especially one with a micro penis that she loves . . . But also getting to fuck the wife both her mouth and pussy!

Susan and I are totally enjoying our new lives . . . the great sex and all the pleasure of being used . . . you know being fucked and put away wet!

What a great country we live in!!!!!!

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