German Foreign Exchange Student: Pt 1 (True Story)

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

When my wife and I were living in St. Louis we found an ad in the paper about Family’s Taking In Exchange Students.

“This might be interesting Bob,” Susan shared. “Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student might be nice . . . you know to add some culture to our lives!”

Within a couple of months our paperwork had been accepted and we have been assigned a German girl to spend her Senior Year with us. Her name was Yana and she was from a small town outside of Berlin, Germany.

We picked Yana up at the airport and as soon as she walked into the Walkway we greeted her and gave her hugs. Wow . . . did she smell!

We waited at the side as Yana retrieved her luggage.

“Bob,” Susan spoke, “Don’t be too hard on Yana. Yes I know she smelled BUT after the long flight AND the fact that most German’s don’t bath but a couple of times a week she was bound to smell a little!”

As soon as we arrived at our house we showed Yana her room and left her to unpack. Susan headed to bed and I was watching the 10pm news when I heard Yana call out.

“Mr. Bob,” She yelled, “Where are the towels please?”

I walked upstairs and grabbed a towel from the hall closet and then to the bathroom to give it to her. WOW there she was dripping wet and standing totally nude in the doorway!

“Here’s the towel Yana,” I spoke.

“Thank you much sir,” She replied, “Sorry I naked but wasn’t sure about how your house rules here in Missouri!”

I just stood there still looking at her not only hairy pussy but her hairy pits and legs! So this is small town Germany for you . . . wow!

“Well Yana,” I began, “Susan and I do go nude quite often BUT with you here we thought we would stop for the next year . . . you know so not to embarrass you!”

Yana just stood there drying her hair which gave me even a greater view of her hairy pits!

“I’ll let you finish so I’ll head back down stairs dear.” I said in parting.

The next morning when I go up Susan and Yana were out in the hot tub . . . naked of course . . . as I walked out with coffee.

“Bob,” Susan shared, “Turns out Yana and her folks also have a hot tub which is out back of their country house! She shared that in Germany nudism is a very common thing and she has asked if you and I would be comfortable with being nude along with her?”

“Please don’t be embarrassed Mr. Bob,” Yana offered, “Besides my father, I have 3 brothers . . . two older and one younger than me. All the men in my family go nude . . . so you see I have seen several male penises so far in my life . . . I mean other than little boys when I baby set them of course!”

Not knowing what else to do I sat my coffee down, slipped off my shorts and climbed into the hot tub . . . naked with the girls! I saw a cute little smile on Yana’s face as she saw my tiny penis and I prayed that she wouldn’t say anything! The longer we sat there I began to see Susan smiling and then begin to moan so what. She was even moving around a little when I felt Yana slip her foot against my balls and penis.

I looked up at her and saw her smiling as it became quite clean that she was rubbing against both Susan and me . . . at the same time! I wasn’t sure what to do but it felt so good I just laid back and allowed her to continue!

Finally I had to pee so I got up and left Susan and Yana in the hot tub.

Once I finished peeing I went to our bedroom window and looked out. Much to my surprise I saw Yana setting next to Susan and they were kissing like . . . well like lovers! I could also see Yana’s arm moving up and down which told me she was rubbing Susan’s pussy!

What had we gotten ourselves into I began to wonder! Since the girls were outside I ran up to Yana’s bedroom and found her panties from last night thrown on the floor. I picked them up and WOW did they ever stink!!!!

Not only was the crotch soaked with piss and pussy juice BUT the back of her panties had the largest poop streak I had ever seen! Then I picked up her tee shirt and again the arm pits were almost still somewhat wet and boy did they stink too!

Over the next few weeks I watched Susan and Yana maintain their friendliness with some mild kissing and even taking a few naps together.

My next encounter with Yana was one afternoon when she called out to me. She asked if I would trim her neck . . . trim the hair growing on her neck.

As I stood behind her she held her hair up with both hands and AGAIN the pit smell was wild! I couldn’t help myself but begin to take in some deeper and deeper breaths!

“Mr. Bob,” Yana asked, “So you do like my stinky armpit smell . . . yes? I saw my panties and my tee shirt moved when I came up from hot tub so I knew you had been in my room . . . enjoying yourself . . . yes?”

“Well I was just checking . . . you know to see if . . . well if you had any dirty clothes you might have wanted washed you see.” I stammered!

At that moment Yana turned around still with her arms up over her head!

“Lick my stinky pits Bob,” Yana instructed, “Lick them good and clean! Besides not to shower but twice a week I choose not to use deodorant so I stay nice and smelly . . . you like yes?”

Once I had licked both hairy arm pits twice I stood up and answered her.

“Yes Yana I love the way you smell! Not only your hairy pits . . . you know just how stinky they are . . . but your panties too! Susan’s pussy has never smelled like your sweetie!”

Then Yana stood up and took my hand bringing me to her bedroom. She stripped and lay back on her bed spreading her legs and offering me her hairy pussy!

“Go ahead Bob,” She said, “Smell and lick my pussy . . . I’m on third day since showering!”

After I had licked my pussy for a while she rolled over and spread her butt cheeks.

“I know you’ll like by hairy butthole Bob!” Yana shared, “That too should be nice an ripe for you! By the way Bob . . . Susan seems to like my stinky body too! She has cleaned my hairy pits . . . my pussy and oh yes . . . my dirty butthole several times since I have gotten here!”

I knew that the two of them had begun to play around some but I had no idea that Susan had gotten off on Yana’s pit, puss and butthole smells . . . TOO!

After I had clean her butthole Yana told me I could beat off if I wanted too! I was so embarrassed! I knew I couldn’t get an erection and that I would be lucky . . . at best . . . if I could get any cum to flow out of my body!

“Don’t be shy Bob,” She said, “I know you have tiny penis and Susan already shared you two don’t fuck anymore . . . how sad for you two! But don’t worry I will help you both while I am here! My Mum helps my dad . . . he too has micro penis . . . so I am used to seeing . . . well I mean . . . not seeing his penis . . . just like I don’t see yours either!”

Our lives went on as our new normal for the next few weeks until I heard Susan morning in our bedroom one afternoon. I left our study and walked over to our bedroom door and saw . . . well Jana was fucking Susan!

Yana had a strap on black cock belted to her and she had Susan on her hands and knees. Yana was holding on her Susan’s hips as she rammed that cock deeper and deeper into my wife!

“Oh god,” moaned Susan, “I have always dreamed about how a real sized man cock would feel! Oh Yana please fuck me good my love . . . please.”

I left the two lovers and went to get my phone. I came back and took several pictures of them and even created a movie of Jana controlling Susan as her sex slave! All the time I could feel pre-cum running out of me . . . down my legs and onto my feet!

Later that evening Susan and I were setting in our living room and she finally spoke up sharing about her and Yana having sex in our bedroom.

“Bob please,” Susan asked, “Please don’t be mad at me love. I know you watched Yana making love to me. I know you had to enjoy seeing her fuck me . . . oh my god . . . rape me with that wonderful black cock!”

“Yes Susan,” I replied, “I watched the two of you having sex! I had no idea that you had wanted a monster cock in your pussy my love! I’m so sorry I have never been able to give you that kind of pleasure.”

Susan began crying and we held each other for quite a while. Susan went on to share that she knew my tiny penis would never fill her the way she had heard many of her girlfriends describing their lover’s large cocks!

That night we have the most sensual sex I kind remember! Susan sucked my tiny penis . . . actually getting some into her mouth! She even pushed several fingerings into my butthole . . . soft at first and then harder and deeper!

Then Susan told me to eat her pussy and I was allowed to kiss and lick her hairy pussy! I couldn’t remember the last time I was allowed between her legs . . . near her sex. Oh the smell and the taste . . . how wonderful! I could even taste some of her left over pee.

Later that week Yana told me to come into our Master Bedroom. She had her strap on cock fastened on and instructed me to stand next to the bed . . . bending over giving her my ass!

“Bob,” Yana spoke, “Trust me I’ve seen my mother fuck my father and I know how to give a man pleasure! You going to enjoy this fucking . . . oh yea . . . you plead for me to fuck your man pussy over and over!”

Yana pushed her black cock into my butthole and yes she began quite gentle . . . but it didn’t take long for her to ram deeper and deeper till I felt her legs pushing up against my legs!

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