Gays Bar: Pt 2

by Yani (Bahrain)

His eyes popped out a bit and he smiled. “He couldn’t resist this sweet ass huh? Or was it those sexy eyes.”

My own eyes darted down to his chest as my hand moved to the muscled slabs pressing together in the middle. “I guess you could say that. I guess that’s why I have a thing for older guys.” I smirked up at him.

He pulled me into his body and gave me a squeeze, wrapping his leg over me and trapping me in his grip again. “Lucky for me.”

He gave a little chuckle and rolled over on me again.

His bed felt like feathers under me as he kicked my legs open. I closed my eyes and let him manipulate me. I couldn’t believe he was ready to go again so quickly. What a fucking man, I thought to myself as he lifted my ass up and spit into my hole. I was starting to lose count on how many times he shot a load in me.

He pulled me into him, his big hands wrapped around my ankles, holding me in position for his cock. He angled his cock straight as he sat on his knees and moved my ass to it. Without using his hands, he pointed his cock at my ready and willing opening.

“You ready for it?” He said gruffly as he moved forwards.

I felt it push against me, but after the poundings from last night, and his finger this morning, I opened right up for his cock and he popped right in.

I groaned and grabbed his thighs as he sunk into me, holding my legs straight up as my ass swallowed his cock. He filled me completely, shoving himself slowly into me, as deep as our bodies would allow. He put my feet on either side of his ears, leaned over me so I was literally bent in half as his arms scooped under me to hold me tight. His mouth found mine and he kissed me hard. He stretched his legs out and went up on his toes, pushing me into almost a rounded position and started to thrust into me. I gasped loudly, grabbing his ass as my eyes opened wide at the feeling of this deep penetration.

“Holy fuck!” I yelled in lust as my hands clenched his round ass.

He grinned. “Feel good?” he groaned, his mouth finding mine again, his tongue sliding into me.

I moaned as I heard the slap of his body against mine with every deep thrust. I was completely wrapped against him under his body, completely curled up in his arms, completely under his control. And I felt amazing.

The deep thrusting was hitting my prostrate with each punch. I could barely breath as I was already feeling the sensations of pressure inside, so I relaxed into it, knowing he was going to fuck the cum right out of me.

“Oh my God don’t stop!” I wailed out, digging my hands so hard into his ass as I pulled him into me with every movement of his hips.

I could barely move as he held me so tight, but I could feel myself starting to shake as he brought me nearer to my explosion. He arched up as he continued to slap into me, his neck now at my mouth. I hungrily clamped down on the side of it, sucking his skin and licking his Adam’s apple.

“Oh fuck baby,” he murmured above me. “You feel so fucking good.”

My hands moved up his back and I hung on tight, knowing I was going to cum as he fucked me in this position. “Don’t stop!” I mumbled into his neck. “Fuck please , don’t stop! You’re gonna make me cum!”

He growled softly at this thought and kept up his assault in this position, slamming even harder into me, still up on his toes with me curled under him. He squeezed me tight in his arms and found my mouth again as I started to feel my cum rising in me.

I bit his lower lip and let out a whimper as I felt my cock pulse in between our stomachs.

“Yeah?” he moaned. “You gonna cum? Is my cock in you gonna make you cum?” He added with a snarl.

I kissed him hard and clutched his back hard as I started to convulse. I let out a grunt and clenched my teeth as I started to unload my cum in between us. I started yelling out “oh fuck” over and over again. he didn’t stop, just kept slamming into me, taking my breath away now as I shot my load in between our gyrating bodies.

My hands grabbed his ass again as I finished. “Now you!” I yelled at him. “Cum in me! I want it!”

he pressed his forehead against mine and concentrated, lowering himself from his toes and moving his legs in beside me. He pulled my legs off his shoulder and spread them out to fuck me deep. “Tell me you like me.” He grunted as he pushed his cock into me like a piston.

I wrapped my arms around him letting my legs hang wide in the air. I was surprised at his request but groaned under him. “Fuck yes I love you!” I groaned immediately. “I fucking love you honey !”

He grabbed my shoulders and pressed down on them, pushing me into the mattress and stared down at me. “Keep saying it.” He ordered as he rammed my ass deep.

I was like a rag doll at this point, being used, and loving every minute of it as the giant muscled bear fucked me deep. “I love you!” I grunted. “I love your cock in me. I love the way you fuck me. I love waking up beside you! I fucking LOVE YOU!” I grabbed his triceps and held on as his eyes rolled back and he let out a deep growl and then bucked into me hard and held himself still as he unloaded his seed into me.

“Fuck YES!” He yelled and gave me another hard thrust as more of him spilled into me. His eyes were on mine, staring hard at me. My mouth hung open as I stared back at him.

And then he was kissing me, his tongue was searching deep in my mouth, his arms were under me again and he was scooping me up once again to crush our bodies together. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he flattened himself on the bed on top of me, kissing me with a renewed passion, until he pulled away and let himself slip out of my ass.

I gasped at the sudden feeling of emptiness, and watched him squat backwards on the bed, wiping his forehead and looking down at the sticky cum smeared in his chest hair.

“You shot quite the load.” He chuckled, wiping his pecs.

I lay flat, exhausted, trying to catch my breath. My ass felt well used, and I gingerly sat up to face him. “Holy fuck.” I panted.

He sat back on his feet, his thick thighs looking even more muscular as he did. His cock was still half hard, hanging down. He let a big breath out and rested his hands on his hips. He looked like a fucking Greek God for a man of his age sitting there in front of me.

“I don’t know what you’re doing to me buddy.” he said, looking at me carefully. “But holy fuck is right.” He grinned as he ran his hand over his beard. “I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

I shook my head. “Are you kidding?! If you can make me cum by fucking me like that, you’re not hurting me, trust me.”

his brown eyes remained on mine. He was a handsome man, the thin lines around his eyes only added to his good looks, making him look mature, weathered, and even more hunky. I wondered how many people felt this way in his presence.

“I’ve never made anyone cum like that.” He said quietly. “Not that I’ve fucked a lot of Arab guys, but they’ve never shot a load from just getting fucked.”

I winked at him. “It takes a good cock, the right position,” I paused a bit, and smiled slowly at him, before adding, “and a strong connection for me to cum like that.”

he smiled back, not taking his eyes off me, sitting there completely still in front of me. When he didn’t say anything, I wondered what he was thinking. And if he regretted asking me to tell him I loved him. I had blurted it out while getting fucked the night before. And he didn’t say it back, but obviously, he liked hearing it.

“Good.” He finally said, still staring at me.

I breathed in deeply and then looked over at the clock. It was only 8:00am. I still had a lot of time left before I had to go dental. “I think it’s time I had a shower.” I grinned.

he grinned back. “Mmmm. I still remember the last shower we had together.”

I swung my legs over the bed and moved towards the ensuite bathroom. “So do I.” I flirted back, making sure he was watching my ass as I rounded the corner.

The giggle behind me knew I was in for another round.


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