Gays Bar: Pt 1

by Yani (Bahrain)

This happened few months ago in Pattaya, Thailand. As usual in the evening I was wandering from bar to bar and I used to sit and drink in every drink bar until I entered a gay bar and the place was full of different nationalities and most of them were men.

Got a table and ordered a beer and there was a gay show striptease, but in this place I stayed longer and drank more till I opened my eyes and lifted my head up in the strange bed. I turned quickly to see his big body, lying on his back next to mine, his face turned away from me, his entire upper body on display as the covers sat below his slightly rounded stomach.

His big solid pecs were rising and falling slowly as he slept, the sound of his breath moving in and out of his nose matched the rhythm. His left hand was splayed flat across his stomach, his thick fingers looking tantalizing tasty as they lay there pointing at me. His other arm was extended under my pillow underneath me.

As I looked over at him, I noticed his big bicep just inches from my lips. I turned to look at the clock on the other side of him and noticed it was only 6:30am. Then I looked down the bed to see his bare left foot was exposed out of the covers at the bottom of the bed. I stared over at his wide foot, completely smooth, the arch of his foot looking soft underneath while the top showed off the veins across it.

I slipped every so quietly out of the bed so I wouldn’t wake him to use the bathroom and grab a drink of water and returned to find him still in the same position.

My eyes went up his body to his lightly hairy pecs, bare and uncovered for me. He was still in amazing shape for his age even with his small round gut moving up and down as he slept. My eyes traced up his neck to his face, eyes closed, lips in a slight smile under his beard as if he was dreaming about something good. I hoped it was me.

I slid back under the covers gently and rolled onto my side as quietly as I could and snuggled into the crook of his arm, my right hand resting on top of his chest so that my fingers lightly touched his. He didn’t even stir. I brought my leg up over his under the covers and immediately my cock swelled at the physical contact and the feel of his hard, muscled body. His flesh was warm under the light covers as my hand started its journey downwards.

His cock was soft when my fingers brushed over it, but it was still one thick piece of meat. he had nice big round nuts that I lightly grabbed, hoping not to wake this sleeping beast beside me. I watched his face as I began to fondle his dick, knowing that I wanted him already.

I could feel him thickening in my hand, his cock growing at my touch. At first his breathing didn’t change, but when he became fully erect, I noticed that he wasn’t deep breathing anymore. I had my hand wrapped around that now hard 8 inches, and I could see it tenting under the covers. I slowly curled my body and moved my head towards it, sliding the covers back to expose his tool. My mouth opened wide and I took his juicy cock deep, making it wet with my saliva and starting a very slow feasting.

I heard him take in a big sigh and he stirred a bit as he awoke. When his legs straightened, and I felt him moving, I increased my intensity, holding his cock up and making sure I was sucking it well. He gave a low growl as he spread his legs out, and I felt his big hand on the back of my head.

“Now that is how I should wake up every morning,” he said, his voice sounding rough and gravelly from sleep. He moved his feet to kick the covers completely off him, flopping his leg down over top of the sheet so he was fully exposed. It was an invitation to move between his open legs and really go tour on his cock.

My hands moved all over his legs as I bobbed up and down on his cock. he eventually let go of my head and spread his arms out on the bed and let out a giant sigh, staring up at the ceiling and enjoying me on his dick.

“That feels so good.” He moaned, spreading his legs wider so he looked like a huge starfish lying on his bed with me slurping on his dick. “You really know how to suck a cock!”

I pulled off his cock and licked it up and down, holding it in my hand and gazing at him. I could see his bearded chin pointing up, his neck thick, his Adam’s apple moving as he swallowed, his solid pecs rising as he breathed in hard. Then he lifted his head and looked down at me, watching me lick his cock.

“Yeah buddy. You really do love my cock don’t you?”

I slapped it against my face, feeling how heavy and solid it was. “I do.” I said, shoving it back in my mouth and sucking it as my eyes remained on his.

He growled as I sucked it hard, bending his legs up and reaching down to put his hands on my head. He didn’t hold my head or force me down on his cock: he let me be in control. Instead his hands just moved around my hair, over my neck and on my shoulders, then down my back and to my ass as he curved his body to sit up over me as I continued to swallow his dick.

And when his finger slid in between my cheeks and found my hole, I groaned on his cock.

“I need to fuck you.” He said gruffly as he brought his finger to his mouth to lick it before returning it to my ass and shoved it in. He grumbled.

I said with a grin, looking up at him. I squirmed in a pleasant surprise as he dug his index finger into me, his cock still buried in my throat. But I wasn’t working on getting stuffed just yet. I wanted to taste him this time. “But not yet,” I groaned, stroking his slick cock fast with my fist as I looked at him. “I’m sucking this load out of you first.”

He grinned and pulled his finger out of me and slapped my ass. “You want my morning load down your throat?”

I answered by going down on him, taking as much of that thick 8 inches as I could, gagging on it as I tried. I gripped the base and started to milk it as he leaned back, his arms holding himself up as I devoured his cock in between his bent legs. “Then it’s all yours buddy.”

I groaned this time and went to heaven.

And I didn’t stop until he gripped the sheets in both fists, his entire body tensed up and he let out a low groan. “Oh fuck man,” he growled. “Here it comes.”

I squeezed the base of his cock and kept at it until he grunted loudly and I was rewarded with the first forceful shot of his semen into the back of my throat. I milked out another gush and another, swallowing it all down and moaning like a bitch as the first spurt spilled out of his cock. I pulled off to swallow and quickly shoved it back in my mouth to make sure I didn’t miss a drop as he convulsed and twitched and grunted, clutching the sheets in his strong hands. But the whole time his cock was mine, in my lips and under my control.

I slowly sucked it clean, making sure there wasn’t an ounce of cum left on him as he groaned over me. His hand came to my head and he ruffled my hair. “Holy shit you are a fucking pro.”

I released his cock and climbed up over his legs, pushing him backwards on the bed and straddling him. I pushed his arms backwards and held them down on the bed as I peered down at him with a smile. “I told you, I fucking love your cock.”

He smiled up at me. “Yeah? Well that felt almost as good as fucking you! And I’m not done with you yet.”

My own cock was rock hard and resting on his stomach under me, and I felt my ass twitch at his comment. “Well, I’ll give you a few minutes to recover.” I winked at him, and then leaned down to kiss that hot bearded smile.

He growled again, like the bear that he was, and rolled me over sideways as we kissed, switching positions so that I was under him and he had my arms pinned to the bed. His body was now on me, crushing me slightly but it felt so good to have him on top of me once again.

“How’d you get to be such a talented cocksucker as a married man?” He said looking down at me.

With my arms pinned to the bed, I adjusted under him a bit so he didn’t feel so heavy and gave a little shrug. “Well, I have had some practice with my partner.” I giggled. “And I started young.”

he let go and rolled beside me, pulling my body against him and holding me close. “Yeah? So did I.”

I propped my head in my hand on my side and faced him. “How young were you?”

“19. My buddy and I started trading blow jobs. We fucked around for a number of years, just us. He was the only one back then. Only oral stuff though.”

There is sequel

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