Gay Love - Older and Younger

by Ron (WA)

Cody was twenty-two, average but good looking, with sandy hair that was starting to be longish at the beginning of that summer. He was quiet and somewhat shy, and single. His neighbor, Chuck, was forty-five, and divorced. Over the last few months the two of them had started to become sort of casual friends.

Without even realizing, Cody had found himself staring to have a male affair with Chuck. It was not like he was gay or even felt any sort of attraction toward other guys. And yet, somehow, it did not even seem surprising that he had found this an enticing thing to do with Chuck.

Chuck had said how he was not especially interested in becoming involved in another serious male-female relationship, and without making a big deal out of it, admitted how he had started to find male companionship something that was nice, fun and pleasing.

Perhaps just because he was so straightforward and casual about that, Cody had felt intrigued. Enough that one morning, after he had gone over to Chuck’s place and they were having coffee, that their sharing a rather gentle but romantic kiss had just seemed like a nice thing to do together. That was how it started. And the desire of nakedly enjoying each other’s company had been natural enough.

Lovingly Chuck had mouthed his erection, and not feeling any pressure, and confident that no one would find out of know, Cody had found himself taking Chuck’s thick erection into his mouth to wetly and oral explore.

They had stopped short of giving each other a blow job, though, and had concluded their naked togetherness masturbating each other to a very satisfying ejaculation. They had done this together two more times before they did succeed in actually coming in each other’s mouth.

After that, when Chuck said how much he would like to have his penis in his butt, Cody was okay with the idea and willing. He had found the experience to be unexpectedly sexually wonderful.

That morning as Cody lay naked on the bed, he once more savored the private pleasure of being fucked by a man. There was a wonderful sort of male freedom in that which was so satisfying to be able to experience.

Again and again he felt Chick’s thick, lubricated manhood slipping back and forth through his sensitive butt hole, each time going in deep to fill his anal sheath.

“Oh, man … this feels so good,” Cody breathed as Chuck continued to labor on top of him in an unhurried and loving fashion. It was not like Chuck was just using him as a substitute for a female, but rather that there was a genuine and meaningful exchange of male feelings that felt great to share.

“You’re telling me,” Chucks aid, she he enjoyed plying the younger male’s butt with his thoroughly stiff penis and feeling privileged to be able to do so. “I love fucking you.”

“I love you fucking me,” Cody said back. He laughed. “I never thought that I would telling another guy that. But it’s true. I love it when you fuck me.”

Chuck continued to sexually love Cody, and Cody lay there quite unashamedly allowing that to happen. The discovery that he could use his butt hole like this for sexual purposes was a thrilling one to be sure, as so many guys were often surprised to discover. It was just so meaningful for two guys to use the reproductive act to express their feelings and to be close.

“Oh … I’m going to come in you …” Chuck announced.

“Please do,” Cody said breathlessly, eagerly waiting for this to happen.

“Uh!” Chuck grunted as his hard male organ climaxed deep inside of the younger male, delivering his sperm with a naked satisfaction. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Yeah! Yeah!” he groaned as his penis throbbed repeatedly.

“Ohhh …” Cody moaned, feeling Chuck being manly in him, and impregnating him as another guy with his reproductive liquid. “Ohhh … Ohhhhh …”

Then Chuck felt his ejaculation concluding. He laid there on top of Cody for a long moment, before pulling his penis from his butt.

Cody rolled over and Chuck immediately started to suck on his erection, bringing him to a climax, and taking the young male’s ejaculation fully in his mouth, swallowing several times as he did so.

It was over, they were both happily exhausted and smiling at one another over their successful intimacy.

“You know what would be nice?” Chuck said.

“No. What” Cody questioned.

“If we were roommates.” Chuck smiled thoughtfully.

“You mean … living together?”

“Yeah. I suppose that I do. Not as in having separate rooms, but as in sleeping together every night.”

“I suppose we could try it,” Cody said, finding that he had no objections. Putting their friendship on a more permanent basis was quite appealing.

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